Saturday, July 31, 2010


the votes are in and it and all 10 are for getting more rings added to my cunt lips. some of you wanted Master to add four rings to it. Master response to that is He doesn't want a hardware store down there.

in fact as Master was eating away on my pussy last night He was not so sure He even wanted to add two more to it. He really enjoys eating my cunt but when i am sitting up on Him and He is eating it He always thinks about what would happen if the mark fell off in His mouth and choked Him.

He said it would be nice to know that His cunt is locked up and secure. He would enjoy seeing me at work knowing that i am wearing a padlock on my cunt that only He has the key to. and it would be great fun for Him to watch me remove my small dress at the tattoo shop and be totally naked in front of yet another strange man. last time i wore a skirt and top and just removed the skirt. not this time i am to be nude in collar.

as for the control part of it Master already has control of this pussy. He knows everything that goes into His cunt. He has no problem with me playing with it on my own and He has watched me play with every toy i own. as for another mans cock that only happens if i am told to by Master.

it has not happened yet, but there is a very good friend of Master's that lives out of state that can use me if he wishes too. he has seen many of my naked slave pictures and i have talked to him on the phone. Master told me when i do meet this man in person i will be naked in cuffs and collar with my cunt spread open for him. if this man wants my pussy for his pleasure i am to give to him.

even if he don't want my pussy i know i will service his cock with my mouth as Master photos it. Master has told him about my blowjobs and he wants some too. i can not wait to meet him as i know it will make Master proud to show off His property. Master owns this cunt and with or without the rings He will always control it. if it does happen you will see it here first so stay tuned. i think it will.

you want a lime with that? just some of the things that end up in my cunt.


Florida Dom said...

We will stay tuned.


charlie said...

Can't wait for the unveiling.

Anonymous said...

dear slave kk,

guess being given away as slave to another male to serve him is the ultimate for many subs. and at the same time it's a great to the owner of the slave as well. we stay tuned, to read an see the pictures of you sucking and fucking your Masters fact we can't wait. enjoy the both of you, love, mike & eva xx

Sheen V said...

I wish I were that out-of-state friend! ;) And I too can't wait to see the new rings!