Saturday, July 30, 2005

a day in the park

The Master and I had a great time together today in the park. Since the park was unusally crowded today
we did not get to play like we normally do. Normally Master takes me for a walk around the park on my leash but today I could only wear my collar for him. He did have my blouse open so anyone could see my breasts if they cared to look.
Just sitting on the park bench with my Master in the
nice cool breeze holding each other and talking made me feel wonderful. It is amazing how great I feel
just to be in his arms and taste his kisses over and over.

my 1st blog

This is all new to me but I am sure I will learn as I go along. I just wanted a place to record & share my life as a submissive woman.
Hope you enjoy it reading it and thanks for taking time from your busy day to stop in and read my stories as I start this new adventure.