Friday, March 20, 2009

yes i am

a very loyal fan of mine called me a name that Master and i love. we never thought of it on our own, but it really is the best description of what i am.

you are just his slutty slave. that is what mike and eva called me in a comment. how very true they are with that. i love being a slut/cunt/whore to my Master and i am a slave to all of His sexual desires.

my naked ass body belongs to Him to use in anyway He likes it to be used. all three of my holes are used for His hardness and pleasure. He can use my body for His pleasure in anyway He wants as He owns it and i just love it.

i am a woman born to please this Man like no other. no one has ever given me the pleasure in my life that He has given me. i know many do not understand this lifestyle, but i have enjoyed things that i never thought possible with Him.

life is way to short not to have fun and i am just having a blast. thank you mike/eva for my new name that really fits what i truly am.

just His slutty slave.

the picture is just for you mike. i hope you like it.

big hugs

Saturday, March 14, 2009

added rule

Master has added a new rule for sitting down with Him. i am still trying to remember to ask permission to sit when we go out for lunch or dinner. when i do forget to ask i must stand back up and ask Him.

well i have been allowed to do it with my hands just behind my back. that is how i am to do it 1st time. now the new rule is if i have to be told to get up and ask that i place my hands on the top of my head. i will remain in this position until permission is granted to sit.

He said maybe it will help me remember better if i am more noticed by others. yesterday was my 1st time out with the new rule in place. i did not forget to ask before sitting down. so i think it has already helped me remember to do it. the last thing i want to do is stand in a public place with my hands on my head and legs spread wide asking permission to sit.

the picture is how i must ride when Master takes me anywhere. it is a cell phone pic He took the other day as we went to lunch. He texted it to His buddy and had me call him and ask if he liked my naked ass picture.
pants down at ankles and legs spread wide as i ride.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

my tits

yes that's right we are going to talk about my tits. Master just loves them and most of all He loves for me to show them off for Him. Friday we had lunch out as we always do. before we left the office i was told to remove my bra for the day for Him.

He really enjoys me showing off my hard nipples to the boys out in the shop as you well know. He has shown my tits to strangers many times so the boys seeing my nips just makes me wet all day.

we went to one of the fast food places for lunch and we sat inside at a table to eat. across from us were three young guys eating lunch. i did not think much of them when we sat down and yes i forgot to ask permission again to sit. so back up i stand with my hands behind my back as i ask permission. i think this is when they noticed me.

i sit back down and start talking to Master when he tells me to unbutton a button on my blouse for Him. no big deal Him asking that and i do it. we keep talking and He said let's do one more button slave. now this means i am about to unbuttom my 4th button down for Him.

now after my standing up asking permission to sit the two guys out of three are watching me pretty close. i said to Master they are looking at me from that table over there. He said NOW! get it open and let them look if they want to look.

i did it without fail and sat there with my blouse open down past my tits. if you looked just right you would see a full naked titty. i was not to try to cover up if others were to walk by.

by now the third guy was turning around to look at me as the other two just kind of stared at me. i know i was turning red with them looking at me, but there was nothing i could do, but let them look.

they all got up to leave and all three came right at our table looking at my tits the whole way. i am sure they enjoyed their lunch time tit show as they walked very slow past our table.

Master made me leave it unbuttoned all the way back to the office as He pulled them out and played with them on the drive back. He really loves it when i am down on my kness with my ass high in the air and my face on the floor the way they just hang there for His pleasure.

and i use to think my tits were to small for anyone to enjoy. now sometimes i feel they are too big when they are all exposed for others to see. i love my tits now and my Master very much. best part is i enjoy not wearing a bra for Him.