Tuesday, May 30, 2006

red thong & red ass

to match it. i am not allowed to wear panties or thongs as you know. but i did have a coupon for a free pair from VS. Master said to go ahead and get them as they were free. i was told i would be wearing them to work today and i must let the boys see them by bending over a lot.

well the boys seen them ok one even ask if it was red panty day today as i turned red and said yes it is. well what i did not know is after work my ass cheeks was going to match my thong.

you see i sometimes turn my cell phone to vibrate and forget that i do it. well guess who calls when i do that? MASTER! and He does not like it when it goes to my voice mail. i missed a total of 4 calls this weekend from Him and He was not amused.

he told me today that my ass would be the color of my thong for missing the calls. i also did not answer a question that was sent via text today. 10 for each missed call and 5 for the text. grand total 45 very hard swats with the leather paddle.

my ass has had a long vacation from the paddle and was not ready at all for 45 very hard ones. i have been on a cane & crop diet for a long while. i begged and pleaded for mercy but did not receive any at all. they came hard and sometimes fast but i took each one with joy and pleasure. because i know it is His ass to do with what he pleases and he would never damage it. much.

i must say after it was over i was glad and it did match my thong. i have also turned over the thong to Master so i will not be allowed it to wear again until he allows it. and i will be turning up that damm phone ringer way up!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

1 week ago today

and i still wear the mark of the Master on my ass cheeks from my cropping. i love to look at my marks and remember how they were placed there. and last Saturday was a lot of fun for me. it puts a smile on face every time i see a mark there.

i know to many it might seem strange that i enjoy my spankings so much. i would have never thought i would let a man do the things my Master has done to me. i guess i have always been a submissive i just needed someone to really bring that side of me out of the closet. i remember watching tv and seeing women tied up and wondered how it would feel to be her. those were just dreams locked away in my mind that i would never let out.

well those are not dreams no more and the lock is used on me. i know how it feels to be restrained, whipped, cropped, spanked or just plain kissed all over. and it is GREATTTTTT like Tony the Tiger would say. i have never had so much fun in the sex department as i am now.

Master did add some redness to ass twice this week. one was punishment for missing a sales order and one was just because my ass was there & bare for him just the way he likes it. i can not speak for others but for me a red ass means a very wet pussy and rock hard nipples.

talking about a wet pussy Master is getting pressure from Mistress to let me cum play with her. he is talking about doing it very soon. i can not wait to tell you that story.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

i hope all of my readers that are mother's and grandmothers like me are having a very happy day today. i am enjoying my mother's day with a very bruised ass and that makes it a great day for me.

Master spent about two hours yesterday working on my ass and other body parts with a flogger and the much hated crop. i was tied up & tied down, i ball gaged and blindfolded. at one point i was laying on my back with my hands tied above my head while Master took the spreader bar that was attached to my ankles and pulled my legs up to my head and tied them to the same rope that held my hands. my bald pussy and naked ass was all his as i laid there in a V shape. my legs high in the sky as he croped my ass and thighs.

i must say i was spread very open for his tounge also to do its thing. he really enjoyed having me be so open to his desires. i really enjoyed serving Master as his slave yesterday. it is two years today since Master and i kissed for the 1st time. little did we know we would have had this much fun together. what a ride it has been for us both. i hope this ride never ends.

on my knees forever.

p.s. pic in profile is bent over tailgate and tied to bed waiting for the cane beside me.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday afternoon

Master and I love to go to the park on Sunday afternoons. It feels good just to relax and enjoy nature for awhile and forget the hectic world we all live in.

I enjoy the walks and quiet time with Master very much. This Sunday we had most of the time alone since there wasn't but a couple of other people there. And they did not stay very long. As always Master took several pics of me in different types of clothing. With no one there I was able to change in the car. Master took advantage of our time alone and had me bend over while he put a few good marks of the cane on my ass.

We had a wonderful time today in the park. I am hoping that we will get more Sundays with the park to ourselves. I'm sure we will but it does not happen as often as we would like it to.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


yes that is what i am and my Master is the one that showed me how to enjoy it. before Master came into my little world i would never dream of going out without my bra and panties on. now i never wear my bra on weekends and when told not even to work. i own no panties as you know.

sunday was a beautiful day here and Master and i stopped by our quite little park for our walk. well as it turned out it was not so quite as there were some guys working on the parking lot this day. Master and I sat in the truck and watched them for a while as he played with me. then he said lets take a walk. now i am dressed in a very loose short skirt and white blouse that Master had unbuttoned down past my tits along with my collar that says slave on it.

as we get out of the the truck one of guys stares at me. Master takes my hand and said come on and we walk right past them as they look me over. i was very nervous and was holding Master's body very close to mine hoping i would not be seen.

as we walked i could feel there eyes all over my body. we would stop and sit for a while kiss and play with each other then move on. the more we did with each other the more turned on i got. when we returned to the truck we sat on the tailgate and watched the workers work. then Master had me stand up and bend over his knee as he swatted my ass with his hand as we watched the guys.

during one of the swats one of the guys turned and looked over at us i think he heard it. i was getting more turned on with every swat. Master then had me stand up and he unbuttoned my shirt all the way to show my naked breasts. i know for sure the one guy had to have seen them as he had walked over and was getting out some tools from his truck. he looked over at us and there i stood with my shirt wide open tits to the world.

my pussy was soaked by now and i could not get enough of my Master. i even bent down and tried to suck on him for a while but he would not allow me to pleasure him right then. the crew moved to where they could see us better behind our truck and Master raised my skirt and spanked my ass a time or two while kissing me deep as they watched. i just wanted to rape him so bad as they watched.

i told him how wet i was and told him to stick his finger in me and feel it. so he did as the guys watched and tried to work. i was so hot i though i would melt right there in the parking lot. i would have never though i would get so turned on by showing my body off to strange men but damm it felt good.

i never enjoyed going to Dr for the once a year check up either. but this year i did after Master worked me all up to be just BPP. even the Dr said i very easy and he wished all of his patients were as easy. for the very 1st time in my life i enjoyed spreading my legs for him.

Master has changed this slave way of thinking about her body. for the good.