Tuesday, December 29, 2009

baby kk

and no i am not having a baby. they say as we age we go back to infant ways. well hell i am not that damm old yet! my life is just beginning now that i have my Master in it.

i did however find myself doing something baby like during our snow day fun. i was bent over the side of the bed being flogged. when Master took a break in the action i ask Him permission to go pee as i had to go bad. He said no slave stay just as you are

Master then walks to the bathroom as i stay bent over the bed. He comes out with a towel and wraps it up between my spread legs and puts two clamps one on each side just likes safety pins. i am now wearing a make shift diaper around my naked ass.

after He does this He said ok slave pee. i said the towel will not hold it all and it will be all over the floor. so He takes me into the bathroom and tells me to stand with my legs spread over the bowl and pee. as i do this He is taking pictures and a movie of it all.

as i peed i felt the warm wet towel against my cunt and ass. when i was done i thought He would take off my wet diaper, but that did not happen. He marched me back out to the bed and bent me back over it as He hand spanked my ass for wetting myself. He rubbed my cunt and ass with a now cold wet diaper and ask me now i felt being a baby again?

i was then sent back into the bathroom wearing it and told to wash out my dirty diaper and clean my cunt and ass up. He told He is going to buy some real ones to pee in and wear in public. oh some of the crazy things He comes up with sometimes. i just love it!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Master and i would like wish all of you a very Merry Chirstmas and a Happy Spanking New Year.

i hope all of my special friends stockings are filled with kinky good times and naughty sex toys.
Santa's list of my special friends that have been very naughty because they all hang out here ;)

florida dom
mike and eva

i wish i could cum see all of you and eat your cookies & drink all your eggnog just like Santa.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

hot coffee

makes for a hot ass. this is how Master enjoys His morning coffee with His naked ass slave. He likes to sit back with His feet up as i lay there face down with my ass held high in the air. His naked ass is His footstool/coffee table. and yes that cup is full of hot coffee sitting there.

He gets to enjoy hot black coffee as i enjoy getting a hot ass with His crop & cream. the coffee is not the only thing good to the last drop ;)

just not a bad way to start your day.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

the snow

blows as i watch out of the third floor window naked wearing my hood for all to see. and see he did as i stood there bent over the ac/heater unit. if you look close you see a dumpster in the right bottom corner of the picture.

Master was using a cane on my (His) naked ass as i stood there not allowed to move. and while standing there bent over a man walked out of the building next door with a hand full of cardboard to throw away. as he was walking back to the building he looked up at the hotel and saw me standing there in full veiw as Master caned my ass.

i told Master he was looking right at me as i tried to move out of view. i was told to stand still as a nice hard swat landed to enforce His command. i did as i was told letting the man below look me over and watch. he stood there watching for a few minutes before he walked back into the building below.

i was sure he was going in to tell others to come out and see me, but no one did. we did see him come out about three more times later in the day and each time he looked up at our window. it was so much fun to watch a lite snow blow around as my ass was being warmed with a cane. and being seen naked in my hood by a stranger just added to it.

spending a cold snow day naked with Master was very special as we do not see much snow in these parts very often. at one point we just laided in the bed spooning with His hot cock in my ass cheeks and His hand on my tit just watching it snow from under the warm covers. oh how i just love to spoon with this man.

and just wait until i tell you the diaper story, now that is a real wet one.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

wanna watch?

well if you were in the hotel parking lot outside my window yesterday you would have seen me, but i could not see you. i was tied spread eagle to the bed and blindfolded. His main hole was wide open for His pleasure. Master then opened the blind wide open on our ground floor window. my naked body was exposed for all to see if they looked in.

after the blind was opened He put clothes pins on my rock hard nipples and went to work on my cunt with Mr C my rubber cock. as He shoved it deep up inside me He licked on my clit. i was not really sure that the blind was open, i could only hear it being open.

as Master fucked and sucked on me i heard a horn from a car parked outside beep. the car was parked off to the left side of our window. i told Master if the window is really open someone is out there. He said i don't care i hope they enjoy the show as he kept using me.

i heard car doors being closed and then i heard the car start as the sound of it backed away i heard two beeps of its horn like they were saying thanks to us. Master and i do not know if they saw us or not, but if they did they got a real good show.

when Master was done using Mr C on me He whipped on my naked body. one was so hard on my thigh it felt like i was cut with a knife. it did leave a very nice mark on me :) Master removed the clothes pins and my blindfold and that is when i saw how wide open the window really was the whole time. as you know my Master is not shy when it comes to showing off His slave to others.

oh yes did i tell you how much i came and enjoyed it?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

sitting in

my new collar and cuffs tonight writing to you my loyal readers. now i am just His hole. below you read about being o c h and now i am just His hole. holes of pleasure for Him. before i could control what my mouth did when i was on His hardness, now He controls it with this new toy. He can plug it if He does not need this hole just like my others.

Master bought me a new collar and gag this week. after a 35 minute wait at the post office today to get His new toys, He got them. yes the PO is a joke in these days of fast moving get it done now world.

i had no clue as to what He bought me until i was wearing it. the tube gag is huge inside my small mouth, but Master's cock fits right inside the opening of it. i drool all over His cock wearing it, but He loves it as He face fucks His mouth hole.

yes i will wear my new collar in public at our favorite drink spot this coming week so watch out for me there soon.

here i am wearing my toys in photo below.


this past week Master came up with a new name for me. He calls me His o c h now. this came about doing my worship time this week. as you know i worship Him for 10 mins every morning naked before work. i have done many things and in many positions for Him doing worship.

one of the things Master likes for me to do is stare at my naked body in the mirror and chant for Him. i might stand or kneel with my hands on my head and chant i am a owned slave or i am just a slut for His use. Master wants me to enjoy my own body and know my place as His at the same time.

Thursday i was told to get Mr. C out and lay down in front of the mirror my legs spread wide and fuck myself with my big rubber cock Mr C as i watch it go in & out of my cunt hole. as i did this as i chanted "i am your owned cunt hole Master" over and over. the best part is Master will called me to listen to me chant and talk sexy to me as i did it.

well He really had me going as He told me to pound it harder and deeper among other things. as i watched and listened to Him i pounded my cunt like a mad woman. i was so worked up from it that when He hung up i went and got my little rabbit vibrator and put close pins on my hard nipples. i then pounded away some more with Mr C as i vibrated my clit with the pain from nipples shooting down to my cunt. my nipples are like a light switch to my cunt they just turn it on more.

i came so hard as did all of this as i watched myself in the mirror. i was not sure i could even get up to get dressed for work. i was in a sexual haze and wore out. what a great way to start off a workday with a big O.

we stopped that night for drinks at the little restaurant that we go to. they know us pretty well there now. they all smile when we walk in with me in my collar and short skirts. after the first round of drinks was delivered Master told me to unbutton my blouse all the way this time and sit with it open for Him.

well i did not even have a sip of my 1st drink yet so i begged Him for just doing two for now and let me warm up to doing it with more drinks. He said ok as i opened up my top for His viewing pleasure. the waiter came and went bringing more drinks as we talked. i am sure he saw more tit than he wanted to at times.

after he brought the last one (4th) for the evening to the table Master said now do as you were told slave and unbutton it all the way. i did as i opened it up wide for His pleasure. yes both tits are in full view for Him or anyone walking by the table to see. i drank all of my last drink sitting this way. i am glad it was a slow night for them.

what i did not know is while i was sitting there my skirt was all the way up to my naked cunt and it could be seen by the waiter if he looked. no wonder they smile when we walk in and the service is always great.

Friday morning worship was done in the corner on my knees with my legs spread wide and my finger working over my cunt deep inside as i chanted i am your owned cunt hole Master over & over as He listened.

yes i am His owned cunt hole (o c h for short) and proud of it! what a great week.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

my pleasure spot

is my bald pussy and Master knows just how to make it run like a river out of its banks. this past week the weather has just been great and the moon is full. and i am horny beyond words. i really need fucked BAD!

so this past week Master said He needed to taste me as He has not done that in a while. yes i was out of service for a few while as i had the flu and that shit is nasty, fyi. now that i am back to being His slut again i am needing His hard cock BAD!

i went 7 day without a deep french kiss from Master and that made me crazy. we do that everyday when we kiss. i just love His tounge deep down inside my mouth. kissing is good for you i hear and we do it as much as possible in a day.

now on to the needs of my pussy. after our kissing got back on track now it was time for other things to get back on track. Master has me laid out naked and said i need to taste your pussy pie again slave. so as i lay there for for Him to taste it He starts licking on my bald pussy right on His mark. as He is doing this He sticks His finger in just a little bit and moves it around in a circle inside my cunt.

i am going into a sexual daze as He does this and wanting and needing a lot more of this. as He licks it He sticks his finger deeper inside me and plays with my g-spot. now i use my own fingers to pinch down hard on my rock hard nipples. this is like turning on a light switch to my cunt.

i cum like a mad woman and wanting more! i am soaked in my own cum. i love this feeling of pleasure i get from my cunt. now Master moves His mouth up my belly to my rock hard nipples and bites very easy as He sucks on them. at the very same time His finger rubs my pussy very easy over His mark. i can not take it as He bites down harder on my nipple and rubs my clit at the same time. i shake and shiver as i have multiple orgasms over and over.

i am in slutland now and i love it. i cum so much i can't move. i love what one man and one wet cunt can do together. it is magic with the right combo!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

ideas needed

i have a project to do for my Master and no ideas for it. my project is to come up with some new ways to show off my nakedness in public. Master is always the one to come up with ways to do this and He does a great job of it. now He wants me to come up with 10 new ones for Him on my own.

He said it is time for me to do some of the thinking for once. i don't think well sometimes so i need your help with this. below is a list of things we have already done and i am not to repeat them on my list.

  • my shirt wide open in parking lot as Master rubs my naked tits in front of people leaving
  • wearing only a wife beater t shirt with large arm holes into major hardware/lumber store
  • tied down naked & blindfolded in back of His suv and drove around
  • stripped naked outside of hotel room door before allowed in
  • stand naked in a window of hotel room with hood on
  • sit with blouse unbuttoned or open in restaurants
  • wear very short dresses & skirts into stores shopping and show Master my bald cunt
  • wear just a coat shopping and show Master my naked body
  • walk naked at the park
  • drive home naked in car
  • ride with my pants down at all times in Master's pickup
  • get ice @ hotel in a see thru robe
  • wear thin skin tight white top & shorts into adult stores
  • show off new thong panties to Master in parking lot as i walk all around car in just a thong
  • (no panties owned by slave now, above was in the beginning of ownership)

yes i have done all of the above with Master and loved it. you can read all about the above somewhere here on this blog i am sure. now i need to come up with some new ones to do for us to do. let me know if you have any ideas for us to try.

and no i will not stand on the courthouse steps naked as i do not want to be arrested. we are very careful when and where we do these things. i am not the hooker on the street showing my ass to everyone going by. i am just a whore showing my Master and if you catch me oh well, hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

hair or no hair poll

the other day on the radio a dj had a contest where a guy would ask three women questions and try to guess if she had hair or no hair down there by how they answered him. well he lost the contest as he guessed hair on the 1st two and they where bare. two out of three bare there.

you already know my answer. now the question is what is yours? guys and girls please take a minute and answer the poll to the right. and if you have time leave a comment about why you like what have there.

so what do think more folks with hair or more with no hair?

oh and yes Master has been a smoothie for over 10 years.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

body weight

what woman do you know that is happy with her weight? no matter what it is! i am not very happy at all with mine and that made for a very bad week for me last week. it all started last Sunday as that is my weigh in day. i must report in my weight to Master via email so He has a record of it.

it was a normal Sunday until Master told me to step up on the scale in front of Him so He could check my numbers. He said it better be within two pounds of what i had been reporting to Him. well i knew it was not within that range, as i had been cheating some on my number to Him.

i begged Him like i never have before not to step on that scale in front of Him. i had big tears in my eyes as i broke down in front of Him. He said slave do you have something to tell me? i had no choice but to say yes Master as He ask over and over.

with tears running down my face like a river i told Him the real number. it was seven pounds more than my email reports i had been sending to Him. He hugged me tight as He ask. He than told me to put my hands behind my back as He wrapped a nylon dog leash around them both and then pulled it down and up between my legs pulling it up tight into my ass & cunt.

i was then told to get down on my knees as He held it tight up in my cunt and tell Him how very sorry i was for not giving Him the correct information. i was to NEVER to that again! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? i said yes Master with the biggest tears rolling down my face.

i was pulled up to my feet by the leash and walked around for a while as He told me how much He loved and cared about me. He loves my body no what my number says and i will love it as much when He is done with my training. and i will step on that scale without fail in front of Him. for now He will just take my word for it.

i was drove to the lowest point i have ever been with Him by this. i now stand naked in front of a mirror every morning with my hands on my head looking at the body He loves so much as i chant over and over: (i am His beautiful naked ass slave) i stare at the body parts that i am told to that morning. today it was my tits and tomorrow it will be my spread wide open pussy.

this is my second week in front of the mirror naked for worship time. i do accept my body just not the number it has, but i will just for HIM!

oh yea i have been spanked and other things since that day for i am His naked ass slave. more to cum.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

the nail salon

last Saturday i had a appointment with my regular girl to have my nails painted as i am required to. Master told me weeks before about how He would call me while i was there and what i was to say.

well as i sat there in the chair with my girl at my feet working away on them my phone rang with Master's call. there were not a lot of people in the shop like most Saturday's so it was real quite in there this day.

i answered hello Master and said yes your slave is getting her nails painted as you require. as we talked on i said yes Master three or four more times. and before i hung up i said yes Master, slave will be ready to serve you tonight at 6.

now my girl just kept working away on my feet as i talked. and there was another customer sitting just two chairs down from me and i know she overheard me. i was not allowed to whisper and talked in a normal voice.

once i hung up my girl looks up at me and said that is so cute when you call Him Master. i smiled back at her and said yes my Master is great. now i am not really sure if she knows what Master really means or not, but the way she smiles when talking about Him makes me think she does.
now i am sure the other customer knew as she shook her head no when i said yes slave will be ready to serve you at 6.

Master ask me later how i felt sitting there calling Him Master and myself slave in front of others? i said it felt great and i felt very proud. He said next time i am to wear my collar in there. i said yes Master. i have no problem wearing it as i have wore it many times in public places. i am very proud to wear His collar and enjoy being seen in it. i am after all His owned slave.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

the answer

thanks to all of my friends that took the time to post a guess at my 2642 question. they were all good guesses. it took me over a day myself to cum up with the correct answer when Master ask me.

well the correct answer is 2642 pictures of me naked in bondage or naked in public, naked on my knees, naked bent over, naked in the car, naked in a truck, naked being whipped or just plain naked. yes that right not the pictures most people would have that many of. it is fun to look back at all we have done together.

i can tell you that Master has more pictures of me than anyone alive. the funny thing is they are pictures that i can not show to most people. and He has some great ones of me too. oh yes i have shown a few to some of my friends that i trust and they loved them, but none of my family has seen any and won't.

you the readers of this blog have seen more of them than my family will unless they read my blog. and if you know where else i hang out you have seen a lot more of them.

i guess you could say Master is crazy about me in the nude. He will even eat off of my naked body. i have never had no one love my naked body as much as He does, that is for sure. and yes as sit here writing this post i am naked and i love it! i think i am a nudist now.

so just how many pictures does someone have of you in the nude? how many of your friends have seen nude pictures of you? six of my friends have seen mine. and yes i did get my nails done this past week by my girl. so stay tuned for that story.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


twenty six hundred and forty two. take a guess at what that number means? could it be the number of swats i am getting or have gotten? just what could that number be?

when Master told me that number i could not believe it. i am sure it is a small number for some people, but it is a big one for me.

go ahead and take a stab at it and i will tell you later who got it right!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

tis the season

yes it is spanking season again. yes it is better known as football season to most of America, butt to me it is spanking season. this past week i could not remember the final score of my game. so Master said fine u will just get 50 with the crop that should cover it slave. well it should have been 68. the 18 will be added to this weeks score.

bent over naked with my ass held high He laid 50 nice hard ones on my ass with that mean ole crop. when He finished He said i could thank Him now. and with that He grabbed my hair and pulled my face into His crotch. i was told to suck it like a good whore would.

as He pounded my face He grabbed my hair brush off of the stand and smacked my ass hard with it. it took my breath away as i did not know it was coming until i felt the sting of it. as i gasp for air i pulled my mouth off of His member. that was not a good thing to do as He pushed me back down on it and held me there as He pounded my face harder now.

as He pounded my mouth on one end He pounded my ass on the other with my brush. He came with force as i drank Him all up not missing a drop. when He pulled my face off i had tears of joy in my eyes. WOW that was a hot one! i love it when He uses me like the whore i am.

He told me i was a good little cum slut and there are alot more games left to play and more cum to come. yes, He is adding the face fuck to my points this year. damm i love this time of year!

ps: i am glad my fans like the new look and picture. thanks

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a new look

for a old blog. i thought it was time to paint the place a new color and hang some new pictures up. hope you enjoy the new look.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


in public as a slave, but not showing my nakedness. i do this often by wearing my collar when shopping or in restaurants. i also wear a slave O ring on my finger and a large locking ankle chain on my ankle at all times. now anyone knowing about the lifestyle would know that i am a slave if they see any of these items.

a while back i did it without even knowing i did it. i am required to keep my nails painted at all times for Master. i have been going to the same girl for years to have them done. i was sitting there as she worked on my toes when Master called me on my cell. i answered as i always do without even thinking about anyone hearing me, hello Master.

we talked for a min or two and i said yes Master once or twice as we talked. not thinking about being heard by anyone. i am always in another world when it comes to Master. when i hung up she said to me so your Master call you today, as she smiled up at me. i said yes He did.

now i was not sure if she knew what Master meant or not, but by the way she looked & smiled at me i am sure she did. i did not think to much about it at the time, but the next time i was back as she finished up she ask no call from your Master today? as she smiled like she knew what she was asking about.

i told Master about what happen each time with her. the other day i told Master i was going to need to get my nails done soon. He said ok when u do we are going to have some fun with your nail girl. i ask Him what kind of fun? He said He was going to call me while i am there getting worked on. i am to answer hello Master as i always do, only this time He will ask me what i am doing?

my answer to Him will be "slave is getting her nails done for you Master". before we hang up He will ask if i will be ready to serve Him tonight? my answer is to be "yes Master slave will be ready to serve you at 6 pm". all of this is to be said loud enough for her to over hear me. no whispering allowed.

now she will know for sure i am His slave, but i think she already does so this will just confirm it for her. i am very proud to be a slave to Him and proud to show it! and yes i wear this collar in public places for all to see.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

pt 2

we opened up more with each other after our day of love making. Master told me about how He played with some of His toys by himself. and how much He enjoyed bondage. He ask if i had ever been tied up while having sex? i said no i never had. He said we should try it the next time we get together.

i had no clue as to what a Master and slave relationship was all about. i did not know about whips and how good they felt when they hit your skin. i did not know i was about to become a submissive slave woman to this man. what i did know is i loved and trusted Him with my mind and body.

the first time i was told to do something by Him, i was told to go shopping at VS and buy three pair of thong panties in different colors. i never wore or owned any thongs before. i did and i called Him once i bought them. He told me on the phone to find a quite parking lot so i could model them for Him. i was to get out of my car and walk around it wearing nothing but my new thong panties.

He would watch from His as i was to show Him all three pair this way. i was very nervous and scared as i had never done nothing like this before. i told Him i was scared and He ask me if i was going to be a bad slave and i said no i want to be a good slave for you. it was the 1st time He called me a slave.

i found a empty warehouse parking lot next to a Home Depot store. i called Him and said i found a place and told Him where. He pulled in behind me and sat there waiting for me to get out. i was sitting there hoping i would not have to get out of my car and walk around for Him. He called me and ask me what the hold up was? i told Him i was too scared to do it. He said get out and show me NOW!

i opened my door and stepped out in nothing but a thong pantie and walked around my car as He watched me. i got back in and changed into the next one and did the walk again. i showed Him all three pair this way. He got in my car and told me how proud He was of me for doing that. as we sat there talking three guys walked across the parking lot from Home Depot where i had just walked around almost naked. WOW that was a close call!

from that day forward He started telling me little things to do for Him. i did them all without fail. i guess this was my training period to see if i was really submissive. than the day came in June we got another room only this time He bought His toy bag along.

He put me in the bathroom and told me to strip naked and shut the door. when He opened the door again He told me to get down on my hands and knees and to grab the pen on the floor outside the door with my mouth. i was then to crawl to Him where He sat in a big chair at the other end of the room holding a crop.

on the night stand was my slave contract He had typed up for me. i was told to read it out loud to to Him it was two pages long. i read it and then He ask if i agreeded to everything in it? i said i do, He said sign it then. so i did.

He said very good now turn around and stay on your knees. He put a blindfold over my eyes and a collar around my neck. He pulled my hands behind my back and handcuffed them together. i was told to stand up and was bend over the bed. cuffs where then placed on my ankles and my legs spread wide and tied. next i felt cold lube on my ass as a butt plug was pushed deep into it.

next came a cold 3/8" steel chain that was wrapped around my waist and down my front and up the crack of my ass and locked. it held my plug in place. i was now in bondage for the first time in my life. next i heard a camera clicking away. He was taking photos of me naked in bondage. than came the sting of the crop on my naked ass. it felt great. i loved all of it. i was now His slave and He was my Master. the rest they say is history and it is all here on this blog.

i am now His slut, cum slut, pain slut, sex slave, whore, bitch, and most of all Master's naked ass slave. i will never go back to the vanilla life now for i love being His!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

how it started

mr bill ask how my slave relationship started? how did i go from being June Cleaver to Master's naked ass slave? well i guess i could answer that by saying it all started with meeting the right person at the right time in my life.

my life as June Cleaver was very very vanilla. you could have set the clock to my daily routine and a very boring one for me. that was my life with Mr no fun, no love Cleaver. and at the time i really did not know any better. i just thought that is how everyone lived.

as i grew older and wiser i learned more about how others lived as a couple. one couple i came to know were swingers. i would hear all about the things they would do on the weekends and think that sounds like fun. i would never do anything like that myself then. oh hell no not me.

i was never naked outside of my own bedroom or bathroom. i was told at times that i was fat and to cover that shit up if i showed too much of a tit. no one wants to see those little things. i thought this was love, ha ha. i did not know what real love and happiness was then. i damm sure do now!

i always had a courious mind, but no one to share my wild dreams with. i met my Master in the work place and came to enjoy his humor and enjoyed talking with Him. we stopped one night for a after work drink. it was the best night of my life. we talked about work and the people there and about life. when we finished our drink, yes it was just one, we parted ways and i gave Him a small kiss goodbye.

that kiss started it all. that was 63 months ago yesterday. there have been many more drinks and a lot more kisses since that day. we always stop after work and have just one and talk about life. mostly about mine and how great it was not!

two weeks later we met in a mall parking lot on a long weekend and He asked me if i want to go get a room. i said sure why not. i was very nervous, but i felt wanted, loved and safe at the same time. the first time in a room we just kissed, hugged and made love like two teenages.

He still talks about that day and sliding off my panties (yes i wore them then) and seeing my bald pussy for the first time. i shaved it smooth just for Him as He told me that is how He liked it. He ate me to my first orgasam being ate by a man. i was hooked, i would never let this man go.

becoming His slutty slave came later down the road a ways. that's another post for another day.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

three days later

and i still see His marks here and i love it! they have faded some since Thursday.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

inside & out

well it has been long over do and was needed very bad. to be used as the slave i am for Master's sadistic ways. this past week started off with just a nice hard spanking on Monday. when i showed Master on Tuesday that i had a very small bruise on my ass and said i loved it He ask me if i wanted to add more color to it?

i said yes u know i would love more color Sir. He said fine we will add more color with some heat this time slave. and thanks to my friend subbrooke's comment about toothpaste on the ass you know what is coming up next!

i was in position for my spanking when Master said slave reach around and hold your cheeks wide apart for me. i just hate it when i am told to do this as i feel so exposed and embarrassed. so here i lay holding my ass cheeks wide open as He rubs a cinnamon flavored toothpaste on my hole and just a little bit inside it. WOW!

now that He has the fire lit He added the logs to it with a nice 40 swat spanking. now my ass is red hot ass inside and out. well this was a just warm up for what was to come later in the week.

we stopped in for drinks on Wednesday to show off my tits in my new very low cut blouse while wearing my chain collar. i was so excited that i sat down without asking Him permission to do so. Master said I think you forgot to do something slave, butt you will not forget again once I am done with you.

i was told you earned yourself a punishment spanking this time slave. 40 more intense ones should help you remember to ask permission to sit down next time, if you can. Thursday found me back in position naked with my ass cheeks held wide open again. only this time a lot more paste was used and rubbed up deep inside my ass as His finger went all the way in and around it.

as He finger fucked my ass He told me how He liked to do it as my ass is so tight around His finger. He also ask me if i thought i would ever be letting a man do this to my ass. i said no, but there He was doing it. He said it is very special to touch inside a woman this way. not many women would let a man do this to them as they hold their own cheeks open.

the 1st swat set the tone for the next 39 and it was brutal and hard. i took all 40 with little jumping around as this always brings on more swats. i have learned to endure the pain and accept it better then i did in the past. i almost crave it now. i know for sure that i need it in my life as it makes me feel great. six years ago i would have told you that no way would someone spank my ass. that has all changed now as i am a very submissive woman to this Man.

my ass was very sore, burning and red hot all night long. this was the hardest one ever given to me and given with the lexan paddle made it way more intense. oh yes and did i tell you that between swats Master wet down my ass cheeks with water to give it more sting. i just love the way He thinks up ways to make a spanking different.

on Friday my cunt hole was filled with His cum just like a whore to end a perfect week. i love all the things we do together as Master & slave. WOW the fun we have!

may i sit down with you Master?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

minty fresh

clean and very wet. that is how toothpaste makes you feel right? nothing like a good clean mouth, but i am not talking about my mouth. i am talking about my bald cunt.

as we ran errands yesterday Master picked up some toothpaste. as we shopped He ask if i was ready for a burning hole. i was not sure what He was talking about, but knew He was up to something. i was thinking He was going to pickup some ginger root for my ass.

at our next stop Master told me to get out and come around to His side of the truck. His door was open, but He was not getting out. He told me to spread my legs open for Him i did as i was told. standing there in my short skirt with no panties (not allowed to own any) and my legs spread wide open gave Him what He needed, access to my cunt hole.

with His left hand He reached down and pulls up the front of my skirt. with the right one He sticks His middle finger deep inside me. He is finger fucking me right there in the middle of the parking lot for anyone to see. i even raised one foot up on the door edge so He could reach deeper inside my cunt with His finger.

what i found out was His middle finger had a glob of toothpaste on it and He was washing it off deep up inside my cunt. oh yes if felt great to be finger fucked in public, but the toothpaste was making my cunt burn with fire and cool at the same time. almost like icy hot feels when you first rub it on your arm or leg.

He rubbed His finger all over the outside of my lips and on my clit as my pussy came alive with wetness. i kid you not my cunt was so wet it dripped down on my legs as i stood there. i was soaked with wetness between the toothpaste and my cumming.

He said He is going to lay me down on the seat next time so He can lick up my juices and taste my minty fresh cunt. if you want a really wet pussy just add some mint toothpaste to it and it will be soaked girls. i love it and Him.

thank you Master may i have another ;)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

2 out of 3

holes were filled on this three hole whore. no they were not filled with the hardness of my Master and a friend like i really wanted. Master had me do myself and take pictures for Him.

for my worship time i was told to put in my butt plug and then fuck myself with Mr. C (my rubber cock). his picture is below on this blog. and as i do it take pictures for Him. it has been a long time since my ass has had a plug in it. there was a time when i had it plugged everyday for worship time, but it has been a while since then.

it took longer to get the plug in as it hurt going in. i ended up sitting on it to get in over the hump. if you ever had a butt plug in you know what the hump is. it is the widest part of the plug just before it gets to the little groove that holds it in.

it feels great once you get it into the groove, it's getting to the groove that is the hard part. once i had my plug in place Mr C was next sliding into my warm wet cunt. he felt great as i pushed him in and out of my very wet hole. now all i needed was Master to fill my mouth with His hard cock and all three holes on this whore would be filled at once.
that will have to cum later as He was not here to fill my last hole this time. i came like the good slutty sex slave i am all over Mr C. i then took him from my cunt to my mouth and licked him clean of my cunt juice. oh did that taste good.

out with the plug, washed it up in the sink. with the toys put away i dressed and left for a day at the office knowing i had just been filled in two of my three holes and came already. what a great way to start off the work day. what would my co-workers think if they knew i always start my days with worship for a man that beats my ass and makes me His three hole whore?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mom day

yes i know it is not what you are thinking. it was three years ago this very day that my bald cunt was marked as His! mom stands for Mark of Master.

yes, i laid there bare ass naked with my legs spread wide open on a table in front of a very young strange man as i waited to feel the pain of His mark. what a great day this was for both of us.

both of us nervous as cats in a dog pound, but yet brave as troops at war, we did it. together we placed His Mark of ownership in my cunt with one BIG kiss as the needle passed it's way through my tender hood cover.

i wear His mark today with a lot of pride as i do His collar. tonight we celebrated His marking by stopping for drinks. me dressed as the slut i am. in only two pcs of clothing a low cut pink tank top with my pink collar and my very short blue denim skirt. yes i was the whore for all to see and look at.

i had more stares from the women than i did the men as i set there. my nipples very hard & showing, my cunt soaked as Master told me how much He liked me sitting there in His collar and almost naked for all to see.

yes i am owned and very well marked by Him.

i am His forever....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what we don't

like to talk about. yes girls it is true we don't blog much or talk about it much. we just go get it done and hope it is all over fast. we walk in dressed and act so cool in the waiting room around each other, but very nervous.

then our name is called and we stand up and walk. as we pass through the doors and the very 1st stop is at the scale, we step up on it. not wanting to, but we do. next we walk to the room. the one with that table with the paper on it. we sit as they ask us questions about our life. then they take our temp and blood pressure as we sit there.

once that is done they tell us to strip and put this thing around you. He will be with you in a few. you do as told, then you sit there bare ass naked in a paper gown. there is a knock at the door. you say ok.

he enters the room and looks you over as you do him. he makes small talk with you about what he knows about you and how you are doing. then he gets her to come in with him. his nurse has just entered the room. now he opens your gown on the right top side and feels your naked breast. same with the left side.

and now he tells you to lay back as he pulls out the stirrups. now you place a foot into each one on the sides of the table. now you lay with your legs spread wide open. he lifts the bottom of your gown/sheet to see your naked bald pussy with your Master's mark in it.

next you feel that cold lubed finger reach deep inside of you as he feels inside your cunt. you lay there and let this man finger fuck you just so he can tell you all is well. you turn deep red in the face as he looks at you and talks about it. he pulls his finger out and tells you can dress now as he turns and walks out.

and that is just a day at the vet for this puppy to get her kitty checked out for her Master. don't we all just love these days? i would rather be tied naked in the street and be whipped hard for all to see.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

the 1st one

is done outside just like a good little puppy girl. what a way to start off your day and a three day weekend. you know how it is when you first wake up in the morning and don't want to get out of bed, but you have to pee? knowing you don't have to go to work and just want enjoy the warm bed and fall back asleep.

well that is just how i felt friday morning. now it is no big deal as i pee every morning when i get up. what made this morning different is i was told to get out of bed and crawl into the backyard and pee out there like the dog i am.

so it was out of my nice warm bed to the floor on my hands and knees as i crawled out of the bedroom down the long hardwood floor hallway across the living room to the backdoor. than out the door into the wet morning grass to the middle of the yard where i lifted my leg on the tree and had my 1st morning pee.

ohhh did it feel good as i let it go, as i had to go bad and was not sure i could make it that far. when i was done i crawled back into the house down the hallway and back into the bedroom where i jumped back into bed to curl up and sleep some more just like a good little puppy would.

Master said i need to do this every morning this weekend so i remember who and what i am. HIS! so if you look out your window and see a naked woman on her hands and knees peeing on a tree it will not be bad coffee in your cup just me. oh and yes i just back in from my morning pee on the tree.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

new toys

for my bald cunt & naked ass. yes Master bought me some new toys a while back and i have been having some great fun with the one and a burning ass with the other one. the one i am having so much fun with is my slender dong with suction cup base.
i call him Mr. C. short for cock. i have stuck him on a wood chair, bath tub, & a mirror so far. yes i like to see him slide deep inside me in the mirror. my first time was on the wood chair in my dinning room. i was naked with clothes pins on my hard nipples as i used my rabbit vibrater on my clit riding up and down on Mr. C.

WOW! what a ride that was. with him deep inside me and pain in my nips as the rabbit did its job on my clit. i had a orgasm overdose. i could not stop cumming or riding. i came so hard my legs shook like i was having a seizure. how do i know this you ask? well i filmed it so i could watch it over and over.

Master just loves it when i play with my cunt for Him. He enjoys watching slut play with her own cunt. He said it makes me more of a slut to play with it myself. and as we all know i am His slut and damm proud of it!

the next time Mr C. cums to see my cunt i am to have my butt plug in also, so i can dp myself for Master. that should be fun to pound both my cunt and my ass at the very same time as i bounce up & down on the wood chair.

the other toy is a hard lexan paddle with holes drilled into it. OUCH! that damm thing packs a nasty sting on my soft ass. my ass burns like a fire long after Master has stopped with that nasty toy. i received 36 nice hard ones the other day.

then it was off to do some shopping at the wally. it was fun to walk around that big store knowing i had a red hot burning naked ass under my very short skirt. Master said maybe next time Mr C should go shopping with me deep inside of me. more fun to cum later for this slut with these two toys.
p.s. yes i ride Mr C down to his balls and than try to put them in too. fyi

Friday, May 29, 2009

when Master is away

puppy will play. yes i know my slave name is kk and that is short for kinky kitten, but i am more of a puppy than a kitten. with my collars, leash and bones i think that makes more puppy like.

Master has been out of town on business and i always get lonely when He is gone. He knows this so He always comes up with ways to dom me from afar. well this one is the best one so far as He is concerned.

He knew that i was at home and ask if i was naked as required. i was and told Him so. He than told me to grab the camera and my white dog bone. yes it is a real dog bone. i did as i was told, He than told me to go out in the backyard and play with your bone for a while puppy and film it for me.

so here i go out the back door bare ass naked with my bone and camera in hand. i sit the camera down and turned it on. i then put the bone in my mouth and got down on all fours and crawled around the yard in front of the camera. i then lifted my leg and peed right there in the backyard in broad daylight. now i know female dogs squat to pee, but it felt more doggy like to lift my leg.

Master came home and ask if i did as i was told and i said and you got a puppy bonus too. that was the pee shot. He loved it and played it over and over. He said next time i will be on my leash with Him walking me and i better pee for Him as well.

i never in my life thought i would or could do such things as i have done as His slave. oh the fun we have doing crazy things like this. i would not trade it for the world. it sure beats my old vanilla life.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mr. crop

pays a visit to Master's naked ass slave. well as you all well know it has been a while since i have posted anything about my punishment. well that is not because i have been the perfect slave. it is because there has not been too much time for it.
Master and i have been very busy at work and very tired when we get home. well things have calmed down a little on the work front and Master said i was way over due on my spankings.

so the other day i was told Mr. crop would be coming to vist my ass and to be ready for him when he arrives. that means i am to be naked and in position. so i did as i was told as always, but being it had been so long between visits i was a lot on the jumpy side when Mr. crop landed on my naked ass.

now the more i jump around the harder Master swings. i was told over and over not to move slave, but could not help myself. i received 50 very nice hard ones on the on the 1st night. Master said i needed to do better with the jumping around so the very next night i was in position for another 75.

i made my Master very proud this night as i held my position for all 75 without jumping around. He can always tie me down in place, but He likes to make me hold position without His bonds. it is part of my being a well trained slave for Him.

the pics posted above are when He was done with His naked ass slave. i just love that color on my ass.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

new skirt for slut

yes Master took His cunt to the mall today to shop for a new mini skirt. the plan was for me to try them on in the store and model them for Him and anyone else in the store.

He picked out three of them for me to try on two were denim one was white with ruffules. i put on the white one first and came out of the dressing room for Master to see it and anyone one else as well. Master had me turn around for Him and He liked it. i was told to go put on the denim one now.

the first denim one i put on i knew Master would love as it was right at the bottom of my ass cheeks. i was nervous to open the door and walk out in it for Him, but like a good slut i did it. i knew when i saw Master's face that He loved it. again i turned around for Him and others than i was told to bend over a little for Him. He loved it so much He said get both of them slave.

it was back to the dressing room to put on my short black skirt i wore there on. Master said no need to put on the third skirt as it was the same as the other one only in a smaller size. now i had to go pay for them.

i was told that when i checked out i was to put on my collar that reads "shaved" on it around my neck. so i put on the collar and walked out to the checkout. there was a girl standing behind the counter folding a shirt when i walked up. she ask me if i was ready to checkout and i said yes. she said i will get someone for you as she could not do it.

this young guy walks up to check me out. he was nice and all, but i think he really checked me out once he saw what i was buying and was wearing around my neck. i was hoping he would not ask me if i was shaved, but if he did i was ready to tell yes and very smooth too. i know i was some what red faced as i stood there, but i would have died if he would have ask.

Master made me put it on in the mall parking lot and had me get out to take the picture you see posted. i hope you like it as much as my Master does. He said now we need to go get some shoes for it. and yes i am to wear it shoe shopping.

He is always wanting to show off His cunt. oh and i forgot to tell you that on the way out of the mall i was made to sit down and spread my legs and show my bald cunt off to Him and anyone else looking my way. i just love what He makes me do.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

take off

your shoes slave, now your socks, now your pants, now your blouse and now your bra. this is just what Master told me to do as we left the the office for lunch Friday. what a rush i had being told to get naked as He drove down the road.

as you already know and can see from my pic posted below i must ride bare ass naked to lunch. well this past Friday was different, i was just plain naked! that's right nothing at all on my body. oh yes and this is on very busy city streets for all to see.

i had no clue that this is what was going to happen when He said take off your shoes slave when i got in His truck. i just thought He wanted He wanted to see my bare feet or suck on my painted toes as Master is a slave to my painted toes. He can suck the polish right off of them. He has a very bad female foot fetish.

this man lives to suck on my toes and kiss/lick my feet. He can swing one mean whip on my naked ass, but my toes in His face makes Him melt like soft butter and hard as a rock. that is why we love each other so much, we know what makes each one of us happy and not scared to do it.

p.s. and you already know i don't wear panties so that is why i was told to remove them.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

a fun day

today was a fun one for Master & i as we got to play showoff the cunt. Master took me to over the local mall in my short black skirt and white blouse with no undies of course.

i was told to sit on some of the many benches they have inside the mall and spread my legs for Master to see my naked bald cunt. i did this a few times for Him and anyone else looking as well as i played inside my purse.

one fellow stopped dead in his tracks as he was walking and just stared at me up and down. i saw him looking at me and my pussy as i saw Master right behind him smiling at me. i am sure he saw all he wanted because he would not leave until i stood up and walked away.

Master and i then went into a somewhat of a darken clothing store that had seats all around it to sit in. Master and i sat by the checkout with my bald pussy out for anyone to see if they looked my way.

we then stopped by our park as it was a very nice day cool with little wind and sunshine. my blouse was unbuttoned as i was walked with Master holding my hands tight behind me. there was one girl there reading and i think see enjoyed our kissing and my tit showing. yes i was also wearing my collar, but no leash this time as Master took it out of His truck to have some work done.

i am one hot wet juicy cunt now after being so exposed in public. i just love what i am made to do for this man called MASTER.

Friday, March 20, 2009

yes i am

a very loyal fan of mine called me a name that Master and i love. we never thought of it on our own, but it really is the best description of what i am.

you are just his slutty slave. that is what mike and eva called me in a comment. how very true they are with that. i love being a slut/cunt/whore to my Master and i am a slave to all of His sexual desires.

my naked ass body belongs to Him to use in anyway He likes it to be used. all three of my holes are used for His hardness and pleasure. He can use my body for His pleasure in anyway He wants as He owns it and i just love it.

i am a woman born to please this Man like no other. no one has ever given me the pleasure in my life that He has given me. i know many do not understand this lifestyle, but i have enjoyed things that i never thought possible with Him.

life is way to short not to have fun and i am just having a blast. thank you mike/eva for my new name that really fits what i truly am.

just His slutty slave.

the picture is just for you mike. i hope you like it.

big hugs

Saturday, March 14, 2009

added rule

Master has added a new rule for sitting down with Him. i am still trying to remember to ask permission to sit when we go out for lunch or dinner. when i do forget to ask i must stand back up and ask Him.

well i have been allowed to do it with my hands just behind my back. that is how i am to do it 1st time. now the new rule is if i have to be told to get up and ask that i place my hands on the top of my head. i will remain in this position until permission is granted to sit.

He said maybe it will help me remember better if i am more noticed by others. yesterday was my 1st time out with the new rule in place. i did not forget to ask before sitting down. so i think it has already helped me remember to do it. the last thing i want to do is stand in a public place with my hands on my head and legs spread wide asking permission to sit.

the picture is how i must ride when Master takes me anywhere. it is a cell phone pic He took the other day as we went to lunch. He texted it to His buddy and had me call him and ask if he liked my naked ass picture.
pants down at ankles and legs spread wide as i ride.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

my tits

yes that's right we are going to talk about my tits. Master just loves them and most of all He loves for me to show them off for Him. Friday we had lunch out as we always do. before we left the office i was told to remove my bra for the day for Him.

He really enjoys me showing off my hard nipples to the boys out in the shop as you well know. He has shown my tits to strangers many times so the boys seeing my nips just makes me wet all day.

we went to one of the fast food places for lunch and we sat inside at a table to eat. across from us were three young guys eating lunch. i did not think much of them when we sat down and yes i forgot to ask permission again to sit. so back up i stand with my hands behind my back as i ask permission. i think this is when they noticed me.

i sit back down and start talking to Master when he tells me to unbutton a button on my blouse for Him. no big deal Him asking that and i do it. we keep talking and He said let's do one more button slave. now this means i am about to unbuttom my 4th button down for Him.

now after my standing up asking permission to sit the two guys out of three are watching me pretty close. i said to Master they are looking at me from that table over there. He said NOW! get it open and let them look if they want to look.

i did it without fail and sat there with my blouse open down past my tits. if you looked just right you would see a full naked titty. i was not to try to cover up if others were to walk by.

by now the third guy was turning around to look at me as the other two just kind of stared at me. i know i was turning red with them looking at me, but there was nothing i could do, but let them look.

they all got up to leave and all three came right at our table looking at my tits the whole way. i am sure they enjoyed their lunch time tit show as they walked very slow past our table.

Master made me leave it unbuttoned all the way back to the office as He pulled them out and played with them on the drive back. He really loves it when i am down on my kness with my ass high in the air and my face on the floor the way they just hang there for His pleasure.

and i use to think my tits were to small for anyone to enjoy. now sometimes i feel they are too big when they are all exposed for others to see. i love my tits now and my Master very much. best part is i enjoy not wearing a bra for Him.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Master may i

sit with you? this is not a easy thing for me to remember to ask. Master enjoys taking me out for lunch or dinner. and one of my new rules is to stand beside the table with my hands behind my back as if i was cuffed and ask Him permission to sit down.

i must say (Master may i sit with you today?) loud enough so anyone may hear. even if there is someone standing there seating us. let me just say i am not very good at this new rule yet. and today at lunch i was so excited at where we went i forgot to ask.

He did not make me get back up and ask today, as it was just a lunch, but i will be made to suffer for it. i have forgot to ask before and made to get right back up and stand there until permission was granted to sit.

but He did make me unbutton my blouse two more buttons and put my arms behind me as my meal was being served so my tits where exposed for all to see.

i am just a slave after all that needs more training.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

hot red ass day

what says love better than a nice hot red ass on this day? everything is red this day everywhere you look. my Valentine told me that being today is a day of love and red seems to be the color of love my naked ass should match the day.

i just love it when He talks so sweet to me. i have been naked for most of the day and not sure how many total swats i have got so far. when the color fades and Master sees no red i am made to bend over and get back my color. i spread my legs grab my ankles and enjoy the coloring as He whips me red again.

oh what better way to spend a day of love.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

my naked ass

now weights in at a whopping 13* lbs today Master.

every Sunday this slave must without fail stand naked on a scale and record her weight in a email to her Master. the email reads just as you see it above everytime. the only thing that changes is the number.

the reason for email is so Master can have it on record as He has a file there for it. He has it recorded back to 05. i know that most women won't tell a soul about there weight, but i can have no secrets with my Master.

He knows all of the details of my body. every now & then He will have me stand naked before Him as He takes a measuring tape and measures me from top to bottom. He has no problem with my weight, He just likes to know all He can about His naked ass slave.

i was not wild about telling Him every week at first and i did cheat a little in the beginning, but when He found out He had me step on a scale in a public place for all to see. that ended all of my cheating on the numbers.

i was told to post it on my blog so all my fans would know also. well i did i just hit the shift key on that last number by mistake ; - )

Sunday, February 01, 2009

c & c = p

i like to start my mornings off with a good hot cup of coffee and most weekend mornings mean 3 or 4 cups as i have the time for it. yesterday was no different and once i get out and get going i might grab a large coke to suck on. i like to suck on things u know;)

as i was out running my errands i felt a light urge to pee. i thought i will go at my next stop being there was not a restroom in the small store i was in. well off i go in my car still sucking on my big coke. so now as i drive down the road to the next stop i see a lot of traffic piled up at the light. so it takes longer for me to get to my store.

now after all of my coffee / coke drinking and sitting at a long stop light i need to pee really bad by now. as i pull into the parking lot i am telling myself i won't make it to the restroom in the back of the store. i need relief right now.

as you well know i have spread my legs wide & peed in public parking lots before for my Master, but this was way to public to do that in. so i looked at my big coke cup and said give it a try. i opened the window & dumped out the ice, dropped my shorts to the floor raised my naked ass up off of the seat spread my legs and shot for the cup.

WOW! did that feel great to let it go and i did not miss a drop. all of it made it in the cup. now i did park out away from the store, but anyone could have drove by or parked next to me and they would have seen it all. i would have let them watch as there was no stopping the flow once i let it go.

i told Master what i done later and He said good girl, but now we need to take some pictures of you doing it. so now i have to do it for Him as He films it. He has many photos of me doing it in bathtubs, toilets, parks, parking lots and even on Him as we both enjoy a warm golden shower now and then.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


went and did some shopping this afternoon with Master. and i did not have much to wear. i had a great time being made to show off my body to Him and the security cameras. i am not sure if they saw me, but if they did they got a show.

Master told me after we left that it would have been great if security would have stopped me and ask to see what i had under my coat. i did not think He was very funny as i would have died if they would have done that.

on the other hand i know Master would have enjoyed seeing me take off my coat for a search of items. what do you think they would have said when i dropped it to the floor?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ass spanked

yes it has been a while butt this ass has been cropped and cropped hard. and it has been way over due. Master gave the command this weekend "assume the position slave" i was never so happy to hear those words as i was this time.

my naked ass was bend over and raised high in the air for Him. wanting and needing to feel the pain it longed for so long. the crop was the one to come calling on this tender ass. after being stuck in a dry spell i was not sure how it would go on my tender bottom.

it went great. Master started out hard and never let up. i moved once or twice and that added to my punishment. when it was all said and done i had 100 good hard crop swats on my very tender naked ass as i did hold it high in the air for Him as i wanted it bad.

it also made for some great markings the next day as i always look forward to that. if i do not have no Maaster marks to see the next day it was not a good spanking, if you know what i mean:) how many woman do you know that want to look at their naked ass in the mirror?

oh and how we both needed it. He loves doing it to me and i love getting it. i just enjoy being a submissive pain slut and feeling the pain of the Man that loves me like no other.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

1st post in 2009

well i hope everyone had a great New Years. i know my postings are few and far between as of late. we have been very busy at work and i am very tied when i get home. i guess the holidays didn't that help much. glad they are over.

i am still a slave to Master we just have not been getting our play time in as much as we should be. i guess i really need a good tied up tight whipping to get me back on track in the s&m arena.

i did do some shopping this past month wearing just my collar and coat. most people don't even notice the collar and the ones that do really just don't care. it is such a rush for me to be standing in line with all of these people and know i am a naked ass slave under my coat. i get wet just thinking about it.

well that's about all i have for this posting. i hope to cum back soon and give you the dirty details of a good hard spanking while i am tied up tight.