Sunday, October 04, 2009

the answer

thanks to all of my friends that took the time to post a guess at my 2642 question. they were all good guesses. it took me over a day myself to cum up with the correct answer when Master ask me.

well the correct answer is 2642 pictures of me naked in bondage or naked in public, naked on my knees, naked bent over, naked in the car, naked in a truck, naked being whipped or just plain naked. yes that right not the pictures most people would have that many of. it is fun to look back at all we have done together.

i can tell you that Master has more pictures of me than anyone alive. the funny thing is they are pictures that i can not show to most people. and He has some great ones of me too. oh yes i have shown a few to some of my friends that i trust and they loved them, but none of my family has seen any and won't.

you the readers of this blog have seen more of them than my family will unless they read my blog. and if you know where else i hang out you have seen a lot more of them.

i guess you could say Master is crazy about me in the nude. He will even eat off of my naked body. i have never had no one love my naked body as much as He does, that is for sure. and yes as sit here writing this post i am naked and i love it! i think i am a nudist now.

so just how many pictures does someone have of you in the nude? how many of your friends have seen nude pictures of you? six of my friends have seen mine. and yes i did get my nails done this past week by my girl. so stay tuned for that story.


Anonymous said...

dear slave kk,

that's really a massive number of pictures. and we guess the number increase over time, does it.
we have a lot, but not that many, Master and you are champions...

love, mike & eva xx

Anonymous said...

Well two weeks ago was the first time i have ever taken a i may have taken 4 total since then...but of course with a hot body like yours....i do not doubt the number of pix you have taken for Him, and how much He would adore them!
My Master is the only one that has seen the pix, but i was ordered to send a questionable pic to a cell phone number he gave me via text....i have no idea who's number it is!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is A LOT of pictures. i bet i've only had a few hundred taken. A few friends have seen pictures of me that way and i've seen them, but mostly people would be shocked. i have two very distinct sides of my life and i try to keep them far apart.

i love it when you post pictures. Your pussy is my favorite pussy to look at. i know that sounds weird, but there are some pussies that just ick me out, ya know?

i don't really like posting pictures of myself all that much. i usually just do it when i am ordered to or when i really don't feel like writing so i just use a picture. It's not fun on a blog to post pictures cause i have to hide my face and that's my Master's favorite part of the picture.


Anonymous said...

Soo hawt, My fav is the one with you at the Car wash

Sheen V said...

Beautiful picture!!! And I'd love to see more of those pictures!