Sunday, July 30, 2006


this past work week was a braless one for me. i started off Monday with one on but Master was not happy with my attitude this day. i had a sad week this past week maybe because of the hot and rainy weather who knows.

Master said maybe i should show off some tittie and it might cheer me up. well i showed them off alright but i did not cheer up much until yesterday. i am hoping happy slave is coming back because Master does not like sad slave much. Master is thinking maybe slave needs a good spanking to get her happy jucies flowing back into her brain.

i am sure He is right as i always seem to be a happier slave after a good ass warming. it has been over a week since my last one so i am over due for a good one. maybe today he can put some fire on my ass and bring out the happy in me.

back to being braless at work this week. most of the guys already know that i go braless now and then and they are always checking t0 see what i am wearing. my blouse always has the first two buttons unbuttoned and when i move just right anyone can see all the way to the nipple. but hell they all ready see my hard nipples sticking out though my shirt anyway.

the boys enjoy there little tittie show i do for them and Master enjoys showing me off. this past week i the way i felt i could have worked topless and not cared who saw what. i never knew men enjoyed my titties so much until Master came along. Master did have me bag up all of my bras once and hand them over to him. i was thinking they were going the way panties did, but he gave them back. he tells me it still could happen some day where i will have none to wear.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

lost my ball

thursday night i played with my new toy Master's mark for a while as i set on the recliner. i then got up and did some other things around the house. it came time to clean my new piercing so i got out my rock salt and cup and ran a little water in the tub to sit in.

i get in the tub mix up my salt bath in the cup and go to put it on my pussy only to find my ring in my hand, not in my pussy. i panic! it has not even been a week and i have lost a part of my Master's mark. how could this happen and what will i do now? how do i tell my Master i lost His ball from His marking. i will never find a small silver ball no bigger than the ball point of a pen.

i searched the tub with my hands on my knees looking by the drain nothing. i crawled around the bathroom floor shook out the rug nothing. i crawled down the hallway feeling the floor with my hands and looking to the living room nothing. all hope was lost i would never find it. how could i let Master down like this? how could my piercing stay open without the ring in it. all these thoughts going though my mind. i just wanted to cry i was so upset.

as i got up from the floor i looked over at the recliner seat, it is brown and there in the back at the seam of the seat was this very tiny shiny silver ball. now that i see it how do i pick it up without it falling down into the back? well with much care i reached for it and got it.

now for more fun putting the ring back though the piercing and getting that damm little ball screwed on. i had never done it and did not know if i could, but i did and it was just like a earring. i was so relieved and so drained at the same time i just went to bed. but i went to bed happy knowing i had the Master's mark in it's place where it belonged.

the next day i told Master all about it and he laughed at me he thought it was funny the way i panicked over it. he also said that i would be punished for losing it. last night i was bent over and given 20 nice hard swats with the much hated crop on my ass. then again that is pleasure for me as i enjoy being spanked. i enjoy my crop marks still this morning.

Friday, July 21, 2006

the mark of the Master

sorry for not posting sooner i have been a little busy taking care of my mark of the Master.

last Saturday was one of those days that i would want to live over again. Master and i have always talked about me getting something done that would mark me in some way as being His. like "O" did with her branding. well we decided on getting the hood of my pussy pierced.

i wanted it done but when the day and hour came to do it the more nervous I got. i was determined to do this for Him and to get this done but i was also scared too. we talked it over for a while then He said let's go girl. so it was off to the tattoo parlor. i was never in a tattoo parlor in my life before this day.

we walked into the tattoo parlor and looked around while the guy that did the piercing was taking a smoke break outside. i seemed to relax a lot after i was inside the place as we were waiting and looking around. then when he came in to help us we asked him a lot of questions about piercing the pussy. he was very helpful and told us a lot of older women seem to be getting this done. he said piercing the hood would give me the most pleasure.

he was telling us about how it would not get hung up on my underware when Master told him i was not allowed to wear any. he laughed as he looked at my red face. i think he felt more at ease with us after that. when all the papers were signed it was time to get down to business.

we went into the room with a table and i thought i would just pull up my short skirt and he could do it. oh no he said it would be better if i removed it. i looked at Master hoping he would save me from having to do that but He told take it off now as i whined about how far i could pull it up. so i took my skirt off and handed it to Master and laid down on the table with my legs spread wide like i do for the doctor. as he prepared everything for the piercing Master kept me very calm and relaxed and was taking photos of this event.

Master was holding my hand as the guy told me to take a deep breath and with that deep breath it was over. i couldn't believe it was so quick. there was only about 2 seconds of pain and it was over. he then screwed the balls on the ends as Master took a nice close up picture of it. there i lay on a table naked from the waist down in front of a stranger as Master takes my picture. how crazy can it get. what a slut.

i put my skirt back on and off we were to enjoy my new look. WOW!!! i really do love it and i am very happy that i did it. the pain was nothing like i thought it would be. it looks great on me and Master loves it. i now wear the symbol of my Master 24/7 everywhere i go.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


have you ever gone to a concert or football game and looked at all the people and ask yourself what do they do behind closed doors? i have many times and i am sure that no one would guess the things i do or have done.

i am sure they would not think of me as a person that loves to be spanked and be tied up or that i love to show off my naked body. i am just your everyday working woman that is very normal person in there minds. they would not see me as the slave i really am and like to be to Master & Mistress.

as i look around at others i try see if i can spot the ones that would like a good spanking or that would make love to another woman. i am sure the ones i think would, don't and the ones i think never would, do.

i don't know that before Master came along that i would have called this lifestyle normal but it is now. i really enjoy all the things Master makes me do and does to me. the only down side is i wish i would have started sooner in my life doing them.

i was a submissive woman in a closet and Master came by and opened my door to new adventures. i will never go back into that closet. i am a slave and i am damm proud of it. i will get on my knees for Him anywhere at anytime He commands for i am His.

that sounds normal to me. how about you?

Friday, July 07, 2006

a 4th i'll never forget

fireworks came a day early for me this year and with a big bang. Master had a day planned for us in a hotel room since it was a long holiday weekend for us. Master was already in the room when i got there and was watching me through the window. Master had me dress in the mini skirt i had worn the day before when he spanked my ass with the paddle he bought at the adult store.

i was to wear a sleeveless white blouse unbuttoned and tied at the bottom. when i got out of the car the lawn crew was there mowing the grass and i had to walk across the parking lot with my blouse wide open & tits showing. the lawn guy stopped what he was doing and kept his eyes on me until i was out of his view. i was so glad and relieved when i got into the room.

the first thing Master had me do was get naked but i was to keep my white heels on. at this point we were both very hot n could not keep our hands off each other. Master realized the fireworks show must begin & had me lie on the bed while He tied me spread eagle to all four corners of the bed. then the pain n pleasure fun began for me. He flogged me hard on my nipples and on my fresh shaved pussy. at times the pain was almost unbearable but then He would stop and kiss the away the pain.

Master untied me and rolled me over so my ass was all His. then after a few swats with the crop it was time for the cane to make it's mark. my ass was on fire by now but i loved it so much i could not tell Master to stop. the cane left instant whelts as it came down hard on my ass cheeks. after the canning Master freed me from bonds.

now i was free to put my arms around Master and show Him how much i loved the pain n pleasure he gave me. there were so many fireworks going off now the entire room was like a light show and we could not stop it. when did finally did get the fireworks to stop we drifted off into a nice sleep exhausted as ever.

my ass was sore for days just the way i like it. what a great day serving my Master.

p.s. Master pointed out to me that i did not tell you that while i was being caned there was a pc of ginger root in my ass to heat up the inside as well. the fire in and on my ass was burning very hot just the way i like it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

what a great time

Master and i had this weekend. on Sunday we went shopping with me dressed as you see here. this is the mini skirt Master had me buy a week or so ago.

it might not look short in this pic but if you would see me bend any at all you will see my ass. also there is no hiding my hard nipples in this top at all as you can see.

Master made me go into this gas station and get us drinks. the clerk had a big smile on his face as i stood there paying for my purchase as he stared at my tits. next it was off to a adult toy store where Master found a slapper paddle to add to our toy box.

as we walked around the store looking at items Master would raise the back of my skirt and feel my naked ass. damm He was making me wet making me wear this outfit then doing that too.

the best part was as we were about to leave He spotted the little slapper paddle hanging by the checkout. well He ask me if i thought i would like to have one i turned red and said maybe. He picked it up and told me to bend over then picked up the back of skirt and hit my naked ass with it. well the clerk was sitting behind the counter and did not see that happen.

Master said he liked it and said he would take it to the clerk. the clerk then stood up to take the money and give Master back his change. he then put the paddle in a small bag, Master told him he do not need the bag or the tag that was on it. He handed the bag with the tag back to the clerk. as i was walking toward the door Master told me to come back to Him. as i did he said bend over slave as the clerk looked right at me. i did as told and then Master raised my skirt way up this time showing my very naked ass to the clerk and gave me a good swat with our new toy.

the clerk thought it was funny as he watched us and told us to have a good time with it. Master replied back oh we will. as we walked away Master said we made that guys day showing him your naked ass. what he didn't know was he made mine too. my pussy juices felt like they were running down my legs.

then it was on to a major food store to pickup some ginger root for more fun to cum on Monday. i will tell that another day. oh what a Bang we had this weekend. Master just loves seeing me out dressed like this.

have a Happy 4th all. i did.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Ring of The Master

well now for over a year Master has talked about some way to mark me as His. i do wear His collar but not to places like work. he wanted something i could wear 24/7 anywhere and everywhere.

we talked about me getting a tattoo and even being branded as "O" was. i said i would do it for him if that is what He wanted done. well Master said it would be fun to see how felt about it when that red hot iron was coming to my ass:(

i am happy to report there will be no branding or tattoos done on my beautiful body as Master calls it.

Master has bought a very nice ring that i can wear all the time. He calls it "The Ring of The Master" but it will not be on my finger. i will wear His ring in my pussy. yes i am going to be pierced. i am really looking forward to this day to show Master how deep my love for Him really is. i would have never done this for anyone else no matter what they called it.

i feel that by my doing this i am proving to myself and my Master that i take being owned by Him very seriously. it will make me feel closer to Him by wearing His ring and i will wear it and show it with great pride. i am sitting in a wet spot just by writing about it. i can't wait until it happens.

we are hoping we can have it done tomorrow as we are both off. the only problem is most places that do this are closed on Mondays. just our luck. if it does not get done tomorrow then it will be very soon. Master already has the ring and he can't wait to see me wearing it.

Mistress did not sound like she liked the idea very much. i think once she sees it she will like it. She is not into pain for herself maybe that is why.