Sunday, April 03, 2011

lasting marks

this past week i was caned nice and hard for about five minutes and my ass had some really nice markings on it. the only problem is they were gone the next morning. i love to look at my naked ass and see the markings of my my Master.don't ask me why that is, but i think it is a pride thing for me. yes i take a lot of pride in knowing i took the pain of my Master without fail and i want to see the results for a long time. Master knows i love to wear His marks and i get disappointed when there are none after a while. His marks are my slave badge of courage. the courage to bend over and present my naked ass to Him to do with as He pleases without fail. just today i was taken to the whipping tree at our local park and beat with His leather belt. this was the kickoff of cane pain week for me. this week i will be whipped everyday with the cane nice and hard. the reason for this is to see if at the end of the week i will have His marks to look at for a while. yes there is no other reason for this other than wanting to see His marks on my naked ass for longer then a couple of hours. i am wanting to see a nice black and blue ass for the up coming weekend and do hope to have one. if this does not work then we will try the lexan paddle for the following week. so let's hope this works because i hate that damm paddle. and yes i can still see His marks from the leather belt today as i look now at my naked ass. yes i am naked now just as i always am when i post here. just so you all know. ps for some reason the spacing is not working on this post today. i fixed it 5 times and it still is bunched up.