Tuesday, October 25, 2011

just so you know

i am still here and yes i am still a owned naked ass slave. i know it has been a long while since my last posting. things have been very busy with life and family. i will tell you that i spend most of my computer time at the fet. it is a great place for sluts like me to hang.

i can tell you that my Master heard from toy's Master and some things got out of hand and they have parted ways. Master and i miss toy & dl very much and wish them both the very best. i never met toy in real life, but felt a great connection with her. i have only felt that way with her and puppytails. i guess real sex sluts & slaves connect in ways others don't understand. i love them both even if i only know of them from their blogs.

Master had a birthday was this month and guess who got the b-day spanking? oh no not the birthday boy, but His naked ass slave, me! and it hurt too. not only did my ass cheeks burn butt my hole was on fire. as Master was spanking my ass He grabbed a spray of binaca breath spray and sprayed my a-hole. OUCH!

it burned like a hot fire for about 10 mins. He thought it was funny, i did not. and just to prove i really did enjoy it more than i let on He ask me if i wanted more? i said no at first butt i cannot ever tell Master no for long. so He told me if i really wanted it to spread my ass cheeks apart and hold them open for Him. and like the good pain slut i am i reached back with both hands & opened them wide apart and let Him really coat my hole this time. i still feel it burning in my mind even now as i write this.

He will post my red ass pic later when He reads this posting for all to see :)