Tuesday, February 28, 2006

our new toy

My new pain toy.

Mistress J

well i know there are lots of folks that read my blog but i did not know that someone reads it that knows me. she knows me really better then the rest. her and i have made love once in the back of a limo while her husband took photos of us. if you follow my blog then you know the story and the beautiful woman i am talking about. she is my Mistress J.

Mistress has not seen me in as a slave to Master yet. i know that Master has told me some of the things he will make me do in front of her and to my Mistress but we have not yet had a chance to get together with them and make it happen yet. i know that when i get to thinking about serving the three of them my pussy is soaked.

she has only seen pictures of me serving Master and heard stories of it. now they are reading about my life as a slave right here. that makes me wet to know my co-worker and his wife are reading about my life as a slave. her hubby is a smart guy to find my blog.

i hope everyone enjoys reading about the things Master and i do together but i really hope she enjoys reading just how submissive i really am. what you read on this blog has really happened to me and i try to show the pics to go along with what happens.

Master does the picture postings here and there are over 350+ of me in a naked or bondage state. Master does not like to have a lot of my pics posted here because there is no control of who may see them (kids) he does post some on a adult web site now and then.

enough about the pics i am really glad to know Mistress J is reading this and i can not wait till i am on my knees at her mercy serving her with Master and her hubby e watching and filming me. i love my new world of sexual fun i never thought this would happen in my lifetime.

just tonight i was tied to the whipping post and flogged with Master's new toy. he worked on Saturday for a while then he slipped off to the s&m store without me and picked up a new cat. damm it felt good on my naked ass as it has been a while since he put a little color back there for me.

last time he did it he used my hairbrush and i hate that damm brush as it hurts. well funny thing is the brush was cracked in half when he was done. he broke my brush on my ass and he said i must have a tough ass to do that. did i tell you he is also very funny also?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

crop in the air

well as promised Master came though with my cropping. this time there was no dancing allowed my legs were not free to run from the sting of the crop. most times Master just cuffs my hands to the whipping post and lets me dance away but not this time.

this time he handcuffed my hands and put on my leather ankle cuffs. then he had me bend over the side of the bed with feet on floor as he attached a spreader bar to the ankle cuffs. the spreader bar was then tied off to the bed rail and my handcuffed hands were pulled above my head and tied off to the other rail on the other side of the bed. my naked ass was exposed and all his to do as he pleased. my whole body was naked but my ass was out there front and center just waiting on its friend the crop.

a gag was placed in my mouth to keep the noise down and the tv was turned up to keep the noise of the crop from being heard by anyone. as i laid there & waited knowing it was coming i wondered in my mind how i was going to get though this. would he start off easy at first or not. Master was taking pictures of me while i laid there waiting as we like to look back on our fun.

well the answer to that question was answered quick when the first one landed hard on my poor cheek. the pain to the brain was intense as was the fire on my ass. i raised up on my tiptoes as that was all i could do then the next one came just as hard or harder. i tried to count them but i could not as they came the pain would blank out my brain. Master would take breaks after a set of 8 or 10 and rub my burning ass and play with my very wet pussy. then get back to it.

after my ass was red and on fire he poured cold water on it and rubbed it in. he then went back to swatting on it. Master had heard that a wet ass makes for a more intense spanking. i could not tell as it all felt the same in my screaming brain and on my sore ass.

when he stopped he rubbed me all over as he kissed my back and my burning cheeks as he played with my wetness. now it was time for the pleasure and let me tell you i got more pleasure than pain as he is a better lover. three hours playing in bed after the punishment will tell you that. my Master enjoys my body very much as i do his. the pleasure we have together is out of this world. it was a great time and i can not wait for the next one.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

tonight a night of sweet love

tomorrow the pain i crave so much. Master and i have already made wild sweet mine blowing love tonight. this is not just Valentines day for us but also our 21 month anniversary. so this makes the day even more special for us. love is in the air tonight not a crop headed for my ass cheeks.

the crop will be in the air tomorrow night. we have not made it to the s&m shop yet to get that cane he wants so bad. it has been a while since my last spanking and i am way past due. i have two game scores for points the super bowl and the pro bowl to take for punishment. i am sure my ass will have many love marks for me to look at after it is over. i just love my ass to have the marks of the Master on it all day for me to look at.

hope all are having a Happy Valentine tonight as i know i have with more to cum.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ass in need

well i am not sure what Master is up to but i have not been spanked or whipped since last Friday 02/03. i have yet to get my Super Bowl spanking. i do know that Master did stop buy the hardware store and buy some snaps to add to my spreader bar he made for me so this makes me wonder what he might be up to.

i was told Friday morning via a text message that i would be having a Master milkshake after work. now this is not one you can get at the dairy queen. this is one that only i get to enjoy and i am the one who makes it. it is made with one Master body part and my wet warm mouth. it is very white and creamy when i do it right. Master says i am very good at making them and enjoys seeing me work them up.

i do enjoy them because they taste so good and they make my Master very happy. i have not had one in a while and there was a story on the web a while back that it reduced your chances of breast cancer. not so sure about that but Master likes to tell me that it is time for my tittie juice. he is always so helpful that way.

well i hope to have a spanking report for you very soon because my ass has no markings on it for me to look at and you know how i enjoy my love marks. i think Master is bored with his crop and wants to see how well i can take a cane so maybe this is why is waiting and working on the spreader bar. he is always wanting to try something new that his why i love him so much. he is always exciting in trying different ideas for my punishments.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

the big day

well it is here Super Bowl Sunday as you know Master & i are football fans and Master's team is playing today while my team is sitting at the house watching like me.

as you know though out the playoffs i took a NFC team as mine being the cowboys stayed home for the playoffs. today i must say i will be rooting for the boys from the burgh being that is my Master's team and i really want to see them win.

the big reason i want them to win is my punishment will be whatever points they win by. if they lose then i get double the points of the win plus the total score of both teams, ouch. so if the burgh wins by 14 that is what i get 14 swats but if the score is hawks 24 burgh 21 then i get 24+8+21=53 so you see why i am a AFC fan today.

the pro bowl will bring a end to our points for punishment game that we enjoy so much. not sure what Master has in mine for me to earn my swat count after the pro bowl but i am sure he will cum up with something to get us though to pre season kickoff.

i do know that he is looking forward to showing off his slave in her new crocheted shirt she was told to buy yesterday. it is hot pink and very open so seeing my tits & nipples will not be a problem for anyone that cares to look. Master has told me that i will be wearing out for dinner or maybe just drinks sometime. he loves to watch waiters look at me as they serve us.

i think the first place i will wear out to is our local s&m store. Master wants to buy a cane and a new collar for me there. i have already been told that i am to wear my short black skirt with heels and now my new pink top with no bra of course. i am to keep my hands together behind my back as we walk though the store and must ask permission to see or hold anything on my own.

i will also be bent over as Master tries out canes on my naked ass. i also will wear the new collar around the store and out of the store. i am also to thank Master for my new toys and collar as we check out so as the cashier hears me. Master has a way to speed up my heart rate and make me wet. i am sure my pussy will be soaked and heart racing when this day comes.