Tuesday, February 14, 2006

tonight a night of sweet love

tomorrow the pain i crave so much. Master and i have already made wild sweet mine blowing love tonight. this is not just Valentines day for us but also our 21 month anniversary. so this makes the day even more special for us. love is in the air tonight not a crop headed for my ass cheeks.

the crop will be in the air tomorrow night. we have not made it to the s&m shop yet to get that cane he wants so bad. it has been a while since my last spanking and i am way past due. i have two game scores for points the super bowl and the pro bowl to take for punishment. i am sure my ass will have many love marks for me to look at after it is over. i just love my ass to have the marks of the Master on it all day for me to look at.

hope all are having a Happy Valentine tonight as i know i have with more to cum.

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Anonymous said...

I look forwarrd to your next post with great anticipation. I hope the master administers what you need and takes a picture of your ass with you bent over for all to enjoy.