Sunday, June 12, 2011

cover up

hello all. i know it has been a while since my last post. i guess i just think you are tired of reading about me serving Master on my knees and getting my ass beat so i just don't post as much as i use to.

yes Master is still doing all those nasty things to me that you all love so much. and i love doing them more and more. just the other day he force feed me His hardness and pulled my head up and down by my hair. as He came He held me down tight on His member as i gagged on it. He loves to make me gag with Him deep inside my mouth. He calls it a down to the balls bitch bj. i just love it too.

the other thing that He did was to buy me a very nice beach cover up to wear around. the only thing is it does not cover up anything. i am nude when i do get to wear it and it is see thru. i am very exposed to anyone that is close by, but from a distance it looks like i am dressed but up close i am not.

so far i have only been made to wear it for our walks in the park. Master really wants to make me wear it on the beach, but at the same time does not want me to go to the irons hotel. (jail) so maybe when the crowds thin out in the winter it might happen.

as we walked the park the day i did wear it we had a mother and daughter show up in the parking lot and drive around. the daugher was learning to drive so they drove around a lot as we walked. not sure if they could tell i was nude or not, but there was nothing i could do about it anyway if they did. i was being walked with my hands held tight behind my back by Master's hand and exposed for all to see.

i just love to be at His side and be showed off as His naked ass slave. oh yes and i was also in collar that i know they could see without problem.