Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Master and i hope everyone has a Happy & safe 2007!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

shave date

Master has moved my shave date out to May 15 th. i should be in full bush by then He said. Not sure what a full bush looks like as it has been very long time since i had one. i always trimmed it up some for as long as i can remember.

however there is no triming or shaving at all allowed near the bush now. i did not like it in the begining but it is growing on me, ha ha. i am made to stare at it in the mirror while i am on my knees worshipping my Master. i do anywhere from 10 to 30 mins at a time when told to go look at my hairy cunt.

Master enjoys having me on my knees for Him. that is where slaves belong. He also likes me to enjoy my nakedness by staring at it in a mirror while kneeling for Him. i must also tell Him what parts i liked the best after i stare at it each time. i must agree i enjoy my naked body more now then i ever have with Master's help.

i must go kneel now and enjoy wetness as i finger my hairy cunt for Him this time.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

wind, rain & cool

made for a perfect day last Sunday to wear my new coat for Master. a black knee length coat with black thigh highs and black knee high boots is all i was wearing this day. the coat only has two buttons and a belt that you tie around the waist.

Master would only let me tie the belt at the waist no buttons allowed. so it was off to the grocery store for some things 1st. as i shopped i would need things from bottom shelfs, i would bend at my knees as the coat would fall away at the bottom. there were a few times i was very exposed for all to see if they looked my way. i was nervous and excited at the same time.

we then stopped for gas for my car so i was the one to have to pump. as the wind blew it would blow open the botton flap. a man across from me was enjoying the show very much as he pumped his gas. my top was now more open also and you could see i had no blouse on.

i told Master i was going to go in and pee while we were there He told no hold it for now. we left there and stopped by a park with no one there Master told me i could pee here as He photo's the event. He also needed to get some other pics also like the one above. so it was out of the car standing with coat wide open, legs spread wide and letting it go. it was such a relief to let it go.

Mistress had given me a small gift for xmas and wanted a picture of it. well above is my gift from Her a nutcracker for my mark of the Master ring. the pic also shows week 2 of my hair growth. Master took it at the park before the pee shots. Thank you Mistress for the nice gift i will be wearing it for the holidays. i am sorry that i am not shaved for you Mistress but i will be when we meet.

Master said there are two nutcrackers in that picture :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

annissa (Life as His) MIA

ok just how long does it take to move to Texas? is she coming to Texas via horse and wagon? they must have made a wrong turn on the trail here.

we miss the stories of her and the clan and hope all is well with annisa. would love to know if anyone knows why her blog (Life as His) is still MIA?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

good news bad news

well the good news is Master is back the bad news is my pussy will not be waxed or shaved until Jan. 1, 2007. Master has seen what a weeks growth looks like and He likes what He sees. i hate it and think i look dirty with it.

He took a lot of photos of it and He also enjoyed some pussy pie. i did like that as it has been a long week without Him. now he wants to see me in full bush as he has never seen me with hair there. when we started playing together He told me he liked shaved pussy. well i went home that day and shaved mine smooth so He would have a bare pussy if He ever got to see it. well he seen it two weeks later in a hotel room when he slid my panties down my legs for the 1st time.

wow how things have changed for me. now i never wear panties unless told to and i am growing back the hair i once always had. before Master i would only trim it never shave it bald. Master said change is a good thing and this will be something different for us both. the good news is He does perfer a bald pussy so i am hoping He will let me go bald before 01/01/07.

oh yea and Master wanted me to share my embarrassment with you by posting my picture of my hairy tagged pussy. yes i do wear the tag doing the day i only remove it to sleep. it hangs from the Mark of the Master.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

very cold

Master called me yesterday on my way home from work and ask what i had planed for the night being He is out of town. i said nothing just relaxing and staying warm as it was going down in the 30's here. i am not a big fan of the cold and Master knows it. i really hate it cold, give me the heat.

well Master always has me do things on my own when he is away. like i have kneeled naked for 30 mins in front of the mirror with my slave hood and collar on and told to stare at the hair on my pussy this week. oh yea and with my butt plug in also. Thursday night i was to stand naked in front of it with my legs spread wide and hands on top of head and look at my whole body and think of new ways to pleasure Master with it.

well last night there was no mirror time but i was told to go outside naked with only my collar and filp flops on. at 9:30 pm i was to go outside and stand with my legs apart & hands on my head for 10 mins then text Master and ask for permission to come inside. well being i am a well trained slave (i think) i did as i was told. damm was it COLD! i thought i would freeze to death before my 10 mins was up. i shook like a leaf in a hurricane. i was so cold that a hour later in a heated bed i was still froze.

Master texted me after i was allowed to come back in and ask me why i did it. He said i could just have refused and taken the punishment instead. well as any good slave knows you never refuse a Master's order no matter how much you hate it, and i really hated this one.

Master has made me do things i never thought i would or could but i did them for Him and most times i was very happy i did. i have had more fun in the 2-1/2 years with Him then i have had my whole life.