Sunday, January 29, 2006

switched teams

well for last weeks game i picked the panthers for my NFC team. i guess in a way that made me somewhat of a winner because if my team loses i only get the points (swats) they lose by. if my team wins then the points are double what they win by. so i could have had 40 points if i stayed with the hawks.

so Master switched from the dollar store paddle to the crop for my whipping. now don't get me wrong i love a nice red ass butt the crop is mean to my cheeks. Master is also testing my limits this year as he thinks he has been to soft on me in my punishments.

he made 06 the year of pain and that is what i must worship this year. last year was the year of the cock. i really enjoyed 05.

being i was getting 20 hard ones with the crop Master let me take them in two sessions of 10 each after much begging on my knees in front of him on my part. i will let your mind picture what kind of begging i did.

Master enjoys giving me my punishment outdoors in the cool night air. it also adds to the excitement of me being seen by someone. so the 1st session was on tuesday night after work in a office parking lot. i was again cuffed to the side rail of Master's truck (his whipping post as he calls it) wearing only my cuffs and collar.

i always hate the first one and when it came it was like a bolt of lighting went though me. the pain to the brain was searing and my legs went to dancing as the breath left my body. as i tried to catch my breath the next one landed and so it went me trying to avoid it by dancing around trying to get my breathing back and Master telling me to hold still and stick that ass out for him. was i ever glad i begged for mercy before we started and i was just getting 10 tonight.

ass tender and bruised friday night was set for the next 10. he told me he wanted me to hold still tonight and do less dancing and stick that ass out to meet the whip. i told Master that i needed time between the swats to catch my breath so please go slower and i would try. he also said being i did so much dancing the 1st time he could not get in good hits. tonight he wanted good solid hits and they were to be harder for the dancing last time.

i did get a harder whipping on friday with less dancing and i enjoyed it more as he did give me time to breath between them. he would ask me if i had my breath yet between swats then would put a good one on me. Master said i was taking them like a good slave would tonight. it almost seems the harder he spanks me the harder i want it. Master said we will be getting a cane soon and then maybe i will not want it as much as i do now.

as i tell him i like it, i love it, i want some more of it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

what a difference

the right person in your life can make. i have done things in the last 20 months with Master that i thought i would never do. like this past Friday at work with no bra on and a thin blouse. i watched the guys as they talked to me and almost every time there eyes would be looking down at my tits. i could feel my nipples get hard and i knew they could be seen very easy. i was very proud to show them and see them looking. i felt good about it and not ashamed of it.

before Master came into my life i would NEVER go to work without a bra on. i always had a bra and pantie on without fail. i would not even think of leaving the house without them on. now as you know i do not even own a pair of panties they were turned over to Master and disposed of a long time ago.

Master has made me feel great about myself and my body and to be proud of it. he tells me all the time to show off what have because it is beautiful. that is big change from my life before when i would be asked why are you wearing that or why do you shave that is ugly grow some hair.

i can tell you Master requires my pussy to be very smooth. never is there to be hair there again it is in my slave contract. and he loves everything i wear or do not wear is more like it. if the world would let us do it i would be naked 24/7.

the right person in your life can change your life and he HAS changed mine. i love him more each passing day and feel closer to him then anyone alive.

p.s. profile pic taken in park with hands cuffed behind me.

what is it called?

this is the dollar store paddle as we call it because i bought it there for a dollar. but does anyone know what its really called and really to be used for?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

ass report

after every spanking i receive i must send Master a ass report to tell him my thoughts of my spanking and how my ass looks hours after it. he wants to know if i have any love marks to look at and to remember how much fun i had getting them.

well the other day after the hawks win i received my 20 points (swats) with our dollar store paddle. i am not sure what it is really called but it is two pcs of bamboo wood tied together at the handle about 1" wide with a slight bow to the pcs making a space between the two pcs. it almost looks like two long paint stirrers tied together except for the slight bow. i will have Master take a picture and post it so you can see it. maybe someone could tell me what it is called and what it is really used for besides spanking my ass.

well in my report to Master i told him that my ass was red but that it was fading and no marks were left. well then i told him that the best instrument for leaving lasting marks on my ass was his riding crop. and if he wanted me to wear his marks i was all for it and very ready for a good marking. i am now thinking that was not such a smart thing to do.

i also teased Master at work this week and put up a wallpaper on my computer that was part of the teasing that made Master unhappy with me. he told me to enjoy myself now because you will not later. i just kept laughing about it thinking he was just kidding me about being mad. wrong..... i paid a heavy price for that with my ass Friday night.

Master said he would do as i had ask in my email and give me something to look at for the next ass report. little did i know what i was in for after the teasing was added into the punishment.

Friday i was told not to wear bra to work so my hard nipples could be seen by all. after work we stopped for a drink after we were done with our drink i was told to leave my shirt on but to remove my pants. Master then put my cuffs on my wrists then told me to get out of the car.

i was then lead to the side of his truck and my cuffs were attached together through a tie down on the side rail of Master's truck. i was then told to bend over and stick that ass out and spread those legs. i knew there was no getting away from this and i knew it was going to hurt. Master kept asking me how funny is it now and are you ready to get what you ask for in your email.

well it was not funny when that crop landed and burned a hole right though me. he was not going to be easy at all tonight and they kept coming hard as i tried to dance around and avoid them but he did not miss. i could not get away and i could not use my hands to block the blows. i begged for mercy and he said what's a matter slave not so funny now as it was at work as he laughed at my begging. he told me i want you to have something to report to me for the next couple of days. i think i got about 15 to 20 good hard swats before he stopped.

i know this was the hardest i have ever been spanked by my Master and it hurt even today. as i walked around i could feel pain. and yes i do have bruises to report. but i must say i would do it all over again because i really do enjoy getting and seeing my love marks.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Master's marks

well after the whipping from our joy toy adventure my ass was very sore for the next couple of days and very black & blue. i love wearing my Master's marks very much. they lasted for about two weeks longest yet. i was also spanked again with my hairbrush (that i hate) after the Redskins win last week.

Master told me that would be my team being my boys are sitting at home during the playoffs. damm i hate that. this week he let me have the seahawks being i hate the redskins and as he thinks the hawks will win anyway giving me more points for my ass. not sure how we are going to pick swat numbers after football maybe the lottery.

on to another subject i really enjoy knowing that people are reading about my life as a slave but what i really enjoy is when they leave a comment for me. if you are reading this blog please don't be shy stop by and just say hi. and i hope you enjoy my posts as much as i enjoy living them.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

gift from Mistress

tuesday my 1st day back to work my co-worker had a gift for me from his wife. he gave it to me at break time in the office of all places. it was in a white box with a note attached to it from his wife.

the note told me that i was to wear the gift outdoors while naked and to send her a picture of me wearing it to her by friday. if she did not have the picture by friday my punishment was that i was to eat her for lunch. well when i opened the box i saw it was a collar/cuff set. i closed it faster then i opened it and put it away in my desk drawer as i turned red in the face. it is was a collar with a strap attached to it that runs down the middle of your back with two cuffs attached to it that holds your hands/arms in the middle of your back. well i was going to need help from Master for this project.

after work Master and i did as i was instructed. he had me get bare ass naked in the car then he attached the collar around my neck then put one arm around my back then the other and locked them in the cuffs. then it was out of the car into the parking lot for picture taking. Master took a few snaps then had me put tits on the hood for a pic. he then thought he might as well get in some swats with the riding crop to add some color to my ass.

lets just say i have lots of color on my ass still today. 14 pics later i was allowed back in the car. Master printed up the pics when he got home and had me write a thank you note to Mistress to put with the pics. here is my thank you note to Mistress.

Mistress J,

I want to thank you for the new toy you bought me this weekend. It gave my Master and I very much pleasure tonight. Master has taken several photos of me with the new toy on my naked body outside in a public parking lot. I was also whipped by Master as you can see in the photos while wearing it. I hope that you enjoy the pics of me wearing it as much as i enjoyed doing as you instructed. I am sending you these naked pics of me wearing your gift but I still would like to receive your punishment. I would love to eat you for lunch and dinner very soon. I wish I could have joined you on the sex swing it looked like a GREAT time. I just love having a Master & Mistress to serve with my naked body.

on her knees,
slave kk