Saturday, January 21, 2006

ass report

after every spanking i receive i must send Master a ass report to tell him my thoughts of my spanking and how my ass looks hours after it. he wants to know if i have any love marks to look at and to remember how much fun i had getting them.

well the other day after the hawks win i received my 20 points (swats) with our dollar store paddle. i am not sure what it is really called but it is two pcs of bamboo wood tied together at the handle about 1" wide with a slight bow to the pcs making a space between the two pcs. it almost looks like two long paint stirrers tied together except for the slight bow. i will have Master take a picture and post it so you can see it. maybe someone could tell me what it is called and what it is really used for besides spanking my ass.

well in my report to Master i told him that my ass was red but that it was fading and no marks were left. well then i told him that the best instrument for leaving lasting marks on my ass was his riding crop. and if he wanted me to wear his marks i was all for it and very ready for a good marking. i am now thinking that was not such a smart thing to do.

i also teased Master at work this week and put up a wallpaper on my computer that was part of the teasing that made Master unhappy with me. he told me to enjoy myself now because you will not later. i just kept laughing about it thinking he was just kidding me about being mad. wrong..... i paid a heavy price for that with my ass Friday night.

Master said he would do as i had ask in my email and give me something to look at for the next ass report. little did i know what i was in for after the teasing was added into the punishment.

Friday i was told not to wear bra to work so my hard nipples could be seen by all. after work we stopped for a drink after we were done with our drink i was told to leave my shirt on but to remove my pants. Master then put my cuffs on my wrists then told me to get out of the car.

i was then lead to the side of his truck and my cuffs were attached together through a tie down on the side rail of Master's truck. i was then told to bend over and stick that ass out and spread those legs. i knew there was no getting away from this and i knew it was going to hurt. Master kept asking me how funny is it now and are you ready to get what you ask for in your email.

well it was not funny when that crop landed and burned a hole right though me. he was not going to be easy at all tonight and they kept coming hard as i tried to dance around and avoid them but he did not miss. i could not get away and i could not use my hands to block the blows. i begged for mercy and he said what's a matter slave not so funny now as it was at work as he laughed at my begging. he told me i want you to have something to report to me for the next couple of days. i think i got about 15 to 20 good hard swats before he stopped.

i know this was the hardest i have ever been spanked by my Master and it hurt even today. as i walked around i could feel pain. and yes i do have bruises to report. but i must say i would do it all over again because i really do enjoy getting and seeing my love marks.

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Bonnie said...


Thank you for sharing that wonderful story. I too manage to talk my way into spankings that are more intense than I think I want. However, I am usually quite satisfied afterward.

I wouldn't be surprised if you get the opportunity to bask in the afterglow for a while longer. Enjoy!