Thursday, January 05, 2006

gift from Mistress

tuesday my 1st day back to work my co-worker had a gift for me from his wife. he gave it to me at break time in the office of all places. it was in a white box with a note attached to it from his wife.

the note told me that i was to wear the gift outdoors while naked and to send her a picture of me wearing it to her by friday. if she did not have the picture by friday my punishment was that i was to eat her for lunch. well when i opened the box i saw it was a collar/cuff set. i closed it faster then i opened it and put it away in my desk drawer as i turned red in the face. it is was a collar with a strap attached to it that runs down the middle of your back with two cuffs attached to it that holds your hands/arms in the middle of your back. well i was going to need help from Master for this project.

after work Master and i did as i was instructed. he had me get bare ass naked in the car then he attached the collar around my neck then put one arm around my back then the other and locked them in the cuffs. then it was out of the car into the parking lot for picture taking. Master took a few snaps then had me put tits on the hood for a pic. he then thought he might as well get in some swats with the riding crop to add some color to my ass.

lets just say i have lots of color on my ass still today. 14 pics later i was allowed back in the car. Master printed up the pics when he got home and had me write a thank you note to Mistress to put with the pics. here is my thank you note to Mistress.

Mistress J,

I want to thank you for the new toy you bought me this weekend. It gave my Master and I very much pleasure tonight. Master has taken several photos of me with the new toy on my naked body outside in a public parking lot. I was also whipped by Master as you can see in the photos while wearing it. I hope that you enjoy the pics of me wearing it as much as i enjoyed doing as you instructed. I am sending you these naked pics of me wearing your gift but I still would like to receive your punishment. I would love to eat you for lunch and dinner very soon. I wish I could have joined you on the sex swing it looked like a GREAT time. I just love having a Master & Mistress to serve with my naked body.

on her knees,
slave kk


Sheen V said...

Dear slave KK, I stumbled on to your blog and I'm quite happy that I did! I've read all of the posts and think that your relationship with Master is truly remarkable. I wish I could be a slave to a Mistress similar to Master. I've fantasized many times about doing the things that he had you do and that he did to you. I look forward to reading more. And I love the photo with the stockings - lovely ass!

kk said...

sheen v,
thanks for your comment and i must ask just how did you stumble by my blog?
i know just how you feel about wanting to serve someone as a slave. i felt the same way for a very long time before Master came into my life. and out of all places to find a Master. work. just keep looking and you will live your dream.
thanks for stopping by and writing.

Anonymous said...

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