Saturday, December 31, 2005

thigh high spanking

well as you all know Master enjoys his slave dressed in thigh highs and heels and collar. this is all that i wore for my team punishment this last week. being the boys only won by 4 that meant i would only get 8 swats. Master thought to make it more exciting it would be done wearing only thigh highs, heels & collar bent over car hood at the office parking lot.

there was some light from the parking lot lights but the flash of the camera made it real bright. anyone that might be driving by or in one of the many offices would see a very naked woman bent over a car hood. Master did take many photos of me in position before and after my punishment. see pic in profile. i must say Master can get a good swing with the crop when he has lots of room to work with. i received 8 very intense swats that evening and enjoyed each and everyone after it was all over. they took my breath away at the time but seeing my love marks later always puts a big smile on my face.

love marks is what i call the stripes left behind by the crop on my ass because i love wearing the marks of my Master. i feel it is a honor to wear his markings. it fills me with pride to know i have served my Master well by taking my punishment as he see fit to give it.


runr53 said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed reading through the archives. Wanted to ask if you are into other things, such as figging. Seems as though you two are happy, thats good, take care! P.S. How about more pics, hehe?

kk said...

well runr Master & i never heard of frigging until now so no we were not into it.
butt thanks to you Master said we are going to be soon. Master read about it and said it looks like fun for me.
thanks but no thanks runr for giving Master the idea. we really enjoys trying new things but i am not sure about this one.

Leesa said...

You have a wonderful fantasy life, sweets!