Saturday, June 23, 2007

groomer time

yes it is time for this kitty to go to the groomers. the hair below is gone as you know, now it's time for a trim on the top. Master would like to see it match my cunt. i told Him he would not like that bald look on me.

i like my hair a lot and do not really want to be a bald headed slave. i am really not sure i would have the nerve to walk around bald. if Master told the groomer to shave it, than i would have no say in the matter and it would be done. having it done is one thing going to work and church bald is another.

He said after everyone got over the shock of seeing it for the 1st time it would be no big deal. i am sure i would adjust over time to being seen, just hope i don't have too. maybe i can just get by having it cut very short for Him.

i have been told i will be wearing my very short white dress to the groomers without a bra & panties on. i am sure everyone there will will get a veiw of my bald pussy as i get in and out of the chair. Master will also be there to watch as i make a slut out of myself in public.

on my knees to please you and beg you for my hair Master.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

proud to be bald

well at least having a bald pussy. not so sure about my head being the same. thanks to toy for bringing that subject up on her blog.

this past weekend i was out and about shopping. i wanted to stop in at the adult shops to look for a new butt plug as the ones i have are either to big or to small or so it seems. so i called Master and ask if i could stop by these shops without Him.

He said fine as long as i wore my SHAVED collar into the stores. He gave it to me on waxin day as my reward. He said they did not have one that said waxed so shaved would have to do.

well being the slut i am i did not care if someone might take a chance and look up at my neck. i snapped it on and walked in like i owned the place. little did i know that i would have to have a clerk take a picture of it with my cell phone camera and send it to Master. He called to tell me that while i was inside the 1st store.

i stopped at two places and they were both packed with people as it was a rainy day and i guess everyone was wanting some love fun this day. the clerks were very busy, so i took my own picture to send when at the 2nd store. just as i snapped my pic a clerk walked up to me and ask if she could help me. i said no as she looked right at my the collar and me. i was red faced now.

i did not find just the right size plug butt i am still on the look out for one. and Master was happy with the picture that i sent Him. He is talking about having me work a full day with one in place if i find just the right size.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

finished product

i waited six long months for this and now i have it. a very smooth cunt. i know some of you might wonder what the big deal is to have hair there?

well if you are a woman that shaves your legs and under arms everyday STOP! let it grow out for 6 months and you will know just how it felt for me to have hair there.

i will always do as my Master wishes but i beg Him on my knees not to let the hair grow there again. this about wraps up my wax job postings. the only part i left out was how Master and cam man joined in with Mistress and i for some really great love for all.

now there are 4 naked people in the room.

a special thanks to Mistress and cam man for there help in making this a real fun adventure. a big naked hug to you both.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


over for some work on my backside. yes the work was done and time for some fun. i was re-hooked to my bonds spread wide and my naked ass at there mercy. Mistress wasted no time in getting Her crop in hand to give my ass a good crop work out. She sat down right in the middle of my back and started in on me.

Master joined Her with His cane and not the kind you walk with. yes the fire that was burning on my pussy was out now and a new one had started on my ass. i only wish i could show my face on this blog so you could really see my enjoyment of this days activity.

i can not tell you how many swats were given to my ass but i do know Mistress did have two crops going at one time for each cheek. i tried my best to thank Her for each one as i am required to do. i must always say "thank you Master/Mistress i deserve that, may i have another" and do my best to do it after each one. sometimes i lose my breath due to the pain and can't and that just brings more swats.

now with a blaze on my ass i forgot about the one on my cunt. Master than told me that it was time for me to give Mistress some attention as i had been getting it all so far. i was released from my bonds and was to go to work with my tongue on Her. it was time for Her to join me being naked as i kissed and licked on Her nipples as i worked my way down to her smooth naked pussy.

i enjoy giving Her pleasure as i hear Her moan and see Her twist as i lick Her wetness. she tastes so sweet and enjoys it so much. it is always fun to make a person feel good with my tongue in the right spot. i know She enjoys what i do to Her by how Her body reacts and if i am doing something wrong She can and will let me know.

i am just a slave after all.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

every chicken

has her day at the pluckers and this was mine. yes there was a lot of hair there as you well know and each one was pulled out by it's roots. cam man did a great job of taking pictures as always but he has a few really outstanding ones. in one picture you can see the hair being removed by the roots.

Mistress pulled about four strips off then had Master pull off a few. Mistress was pulling Hers off slower so i would feel the pain more. i am the first pain slut Mistress has ever had. She enjoys giving out the pain as much as i enjoy receiving it. we are on the same wave length. She can swing a crop like a pro domme and dresses like one.

Master said the best way to wax is pull the strip off very fast. He did and i screamed out but looking back now the pain was less or just over faster not sure which. i do know that no matter who pulled off my strips it had me screaming out and pulling hard against my bonds. i know i had tears in my eyes a few times.

Mistress did soothe my pain once by licking on my clit for a while after a good pull. that felt great. Master was trying to take my mind off the pain at my cunt by flogging my tits at the same time Mistress would pull off a strip. so they both where having a lot fun with there slave.

not sure just how long the waxing took but i am sure it was a good hour or more before i was smooth and bald. my cunt was very red and sore, Mistress did rub it with bikini zone cream to help ease the pain. it felt like it was on fire when they finished it.

Master wanted some smooth pussy pie now and went to work on getting some. Mistress kissed me and played with my nipples while He ate pie. cam man did what what does best and took pictures of it all. when Master was done eating Mistress whispered to Him it was time to turn the slave over.

She wanted to take my mind off the pain of the waxing by whipping my ass with Her crop. i was unhooked, rolled over and re hooked in my very spread position only now to be whipped hard.

and i was still the only naked one in the room. and there's more fun to cum.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

screams in 318

or plucked like a chicken. not sure what title to use here but they both fit the bill.

Master adjusted the bonds on the bed so i was stretched out wide and tight. once He had the six ropes adjusted He ate the last of my hair pie. damm did His tongue felt good as i pulled against my tight bonds. i lost track of time as He ate His pie. when He was done eating He kissed me hard & deep so i could also taste the pie.

now it was just about time for Mistress and cam man to arrive. Master unhooked my bonds and had me get back down on the floor, as He looked out the window to see Mistress & cam man pull in and park. He watched as they made there way into the hotel.

He unlocked our door and left it ajar so they could just walk into the room. the only worry i had was the maids where in the room next door i was really hoping they did not come in the door first.

Master had me kneeling with my ass high in the air, my face on the floor, dog bone in my mouth and with His feet resting on the top of my naked ass as He sat there waiting. this is what they saw when they walked into our room.

they came in and talked with Master as i remained in the position. cam man started with the photo taking as Mistress talked with Master. Mistress told me i could get up but first Master wanted me to show them what i like to do with the bone that was in my mouth.

so it was up on my knees as they sat around me dressed and watched a naked slave play with herself with a dog bone. all i could do was look at my Master as i stuck the bone in & out of my cunt. never in my life have i masturbated while three people watched me. Master said i did a nice job but my face was very red.

Master said i could stop but that i should crawl over and kiss the feet of my Mistress and thank Her for coming out to help with my waxing. i did as i was told then it was a crawl to the bed where i was laid in the middle and strapped down.

Master heated up the wax as Mistress dusted my cunt hair with cornstarch. (see pic) a friend told Her it would keep the wax from sticking to the skin. She told her friend She would be waxing Her slave and ask for ideas. how nice of Her.

the wax was heated and the slave bound down tight. it was time for the hair to leave my body. i will say the wax felt nice and warm going on but coming off OOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUCCCCHHH! i was not sure the ropes could hold me down for all of that hair to come off. now i know how a plucked chicken feels.

more hair to go stay tuned. that was just the first strip.

p.s. and i am still the only naked person in the room.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

a rainy day in May

but a very sunny one for me. last weekend was three days off with heavy rain everyday. you get a good veiw of the rain when you are on the third floor of a nice hotel looking out at it.

my day started off with me walking into a very busy hotel in a very short skirt and blouse with hi heels and my collar on. no underware is allowed as you know. a few women looked at me like i was the town whore and i was. but with Master at my side i felt very proud of how i looked, knowing Master was as proud to show me off like this.

once we made it into the room on the third floor it was time to lose the blouse & skirt and kneel at Master's feet. they were replaced with cuffs. i was now dressed for a day of pain and pleasure. this is all i would be wearing for the rest of the day.

i called Mistress to give Her the room number and let Her know i was on my knees waiting for Her. i was not to stand or walk at anytime while i waited. She said they would be there in about a hour or so. this gave Master & i some play time alone.

i crawled over to a post so my collar could be attached to it. my hands were attached to my ankles behind my back. i was at Master's service in anyway He wanted. i am sure you know what service He wanted with a slave on her knees and bound at her Master's feet.

a nice cropping was my reward for doing a good job on Him. i was than made to crawl around the room like a puppy while Master attached the tie downs to the bed. i was to crawl around until i was told to stop. my knees where getting sore but the time He had me stop in front of His chair. i was told to put my face to the floor and my ass high in the air as He needed a foot stool for His feet.

with His feet on my raised naked ass He enjoyed drinking His bottle of water. next it was over to the bed to adjust the tie downs for my waxing. i was tied spread eagle in three places on each side. my legs were spread as far as they would go tied at the ankle and at my thighs just below my pussy as my arms where pulled tight to each side. there was no getting out of this.

more fun to cum as we wait for Mistress & cam man to show up. oh yes there are lots of pictures. cam man took over 200 and Master took 80 plus a video.