Saturday, June 23, 2007

groomer time

yes it is time for this kitty to go to the groomers. the hair below is gone as you know, now it's time for a trim on the top. Master would like to see it match my cunt. i told Him he would not like that bald look on me.

i like my hair a lot and do not really want to be a bald headed slave. i am really not sure i would have the nerve to walk around bald. if Master told the groomer to shave it, than i would have no say in the matter and it would be done. having it done is one thing going to work and church bald is another.

He said after everyone got over the shock of seeing it for the 1st time it would be no big deal. i am sure i would adjust over time to being seen, just hope i don't have too. maybe i can just get by having it cut very short for Him.

i have been told i will be wearing my very short white dress to the groomers without a bra & panties on. i am sure everyone there will will get a veiw of my bald pussy as i get in and out of the chair. Master will also be there to watch as i make a slut out of myself in public.

on my knees to please you and beg you for my hair Master.


Optima said...

I really do not think I could be comfortable with a bald head again. I had it shaved for surgery and I do NOT have a pretty head at all. Some people do, just not me. I hope that your Master allowed you to keep your hair and that you had a wonderful weekend!

Sheen V said...

I also vote for not shaving your head. In fact, I'd vote for not allowing you to get a hair cut. I love long hair on women. Too many women think long hair (down past the shoulders) is only for young women. Not me. The longer the better. This probably came from a crush I had on a nurse when I was a boy - she had hair down past her waist. Yummy!

DL's toy said...

Will be interesting to see how it turned out for you... hopefully, if it's all gone, it won't set any "fads" with anyone else we know *snicker*

i do fantasize about DL doing that himself, though.

Anonymous said...

kk you cant leave us in suspense. What has happened to your pretty hair? Shavng you would be dramatic but i dont think your Master would want that long term a risk of your exposure. But its a lovely head f**k. I love all his short term exposures of you like your short dress and no undies at the groomers. So go on sweetie let us all know how you got on