Saturday, June 09, 2007

every chicken

has her day at the pluckers and this was mine. yes there was a lot of hair there as you well know and each one was pulled out by it's roots. cam man did a great job of taking pictures as always but he has a few really outstanding ones. in one picture you can see the hair being removed by the roots.

Mistress pulled about four strips off then had Master pull off a few. Mistress was pulling Hers off slower so i would feel the pain more. i am the first pain slut Mistress has ever had. She enjoys giving out the pain as much as i enjoy receiving it. we are on the same wave length. She can swing a crop like a pro domme and dresses like one.

Master said the best way to wax is pull the strip off very fast. He did and i screamed out but looking back now the pain was less or just over faster not sure which. i do know that no matter who pulled off my strips it had me screaming out and pulling hard against my bonds. i know i had tears in my eyes a few times.

Mistress did soothe my pain once by licking on my clit for a while after a good pull. that felt great. Master was trying to take my mind off the pain at my cunt by flogging my tits at the same time Mistress would pull off a strip. so they both where having a lot fun with there slave.

not sure just how long the waxing took but i am sure it was a good hour or more before i was smooth and bald. my cunt was very red and sore, Mistress did rub it with bikini zone cream to help ease the pain. it felt like it was on fire when they finished it.

Master wanted some smooth pussy pie now and went to work on getting some. Mistress kissed me and played with my nipples while He ate pie. cam man did what what does best and took pictures of it all. when Master was done eating Mistress whispered to Him it was time to turn the slave over.

She wanted to take my mind off the pain of the waxing by whipping my ass with Her crop. i was unhooked, rolled over and re hooked in my very spread position only now to be whipped hard.

and i was still the only naked one in the room. and there's more fun to cum.


DL's toy said...

i am shocked (personally) that you weren't begging (or doubting) yourself.

We all know i fucking love pain (or maybe it's just Owner induced pain?) but the first time i was waxed, whew

i wanted to quit

It gets easier every month, trust me.

Thank you for sharing and how intimate for Master & Mistress to share this delight by instituting your pain!


A smooth cunt is nice, no?

[Ps- get some sacrylic lotion to prevent ingrown hairs which are very frequent...ugh]

iwingsub said...
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