Saturday, June 02, 2007

a rainy day in May

but a very sunny one for me. last weekend was three days off with heavy rain everyday. you get a good veiw of the rain when you are on the third floor of a nice hotel looking out at it.

my day started off with me walking into a very busy hotel in a very short skirt and blouse with hi heels and my collar on. no underware is allowed as you know. a few women looked at me like i was the town whore and i was. but with Master at my side i felt very proud of how i looked, knowing Master was as proud to show me off like this.

once we made it into the room on the third floor it was time to lose the blouse & skirt and kneel at Master's feet. they were replaced with cuffs. i was now dressed for a day of pain and pleasure. this is all i would be wearing for the rest of the day.

i called Mistress to give Her the room number and let Her know i was on my knees waiting for Her. i was not to stand or walk at anytime while i waited. She said they would be there in about a hour or so. this gave Master & i some play time alone.

i crawled over to a post so my collar could be attached to it. my hands were attached to my ankles behind my back. i was at Master's service in anyway He wanted. i am sure you know what service He wanted with a slave on her knees and bound at her Master's feet.

a nice cropping was my reward for doing a good job on Him. i was than made to crawl around the room like a puppy while Master attached the tie downs to the bed. i was to crawl around until i was told to stop. my knees where getting sore but the time He had me stop in front of His chair. i was told to put my face to the floor and my ass high in the air as He needed a foot stool for His feet.

with His feet on my raised naked ass He enjoyed drinking His bottle of water. next it was over to the bed to adjust the tie downs for my waxing. i was tied spread eagle in three places on each side. my legs were spread as far as they would go tied at the ankle and at my thighs just below my pussy as my arms where pulled tight to each side. there was no getting out of this.

more fun to cum as we wait for Mistress & cam man to show up. oh yes there are lots of pictures. cam man took over 200 and Master took 80 plus a video.


Sheen V said...

Now you are teasing us saying that there are 200 pictures & video! lol

iwingsub said...
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kk said...


i will be in your mail box very soon.