Tuesday, September 09, 2008

just never know

who is watching you. Master and i were at the park the other day just walking around and enjoying the cooler weather. well as you know Master always has me dress like a $2 whore and this day was no different.

i had my short skirt and thin white shirt with my collar on as always. and as far as Master was concerned i was way over dressed. He likes me to be bare ass naked you know. as we walked & talked He felt me up as always and played with my nipples and naked ass.

the parking lot had 4 cars parked in it when we came in and they seemed to be empty as we only saw one other couple in the park. the other couple saw us and said hello as we walked by them. they sure did give me a look over as we passed. they left shortly after we arrived and we thought we were alone in the park.

we sat on the bench and played with each other and kissed like teenages on there first date. i guess if you saw us you would say they need to get a room the way we were acting. well if you know anything at all about my Master from reading this blog you know He enjoys playing with me in public.

as we were walking back to our car Master pulled my skirt up around my waist so i could enjoy the cool breeze blowing on my naked shaved pussy and ass. i am sure it was a good 50+ yards that i walked with skirt hiked up.

when we got up to our car He pulled me back into His body with His left arm as He spanked my naked ass with His right hand. as He did this i thought i saw something move in one of the cars in the parking lot. i told Master to look over at that red car do you see anyone in it? He looked and said no as He spanked me harder for scaring Him.

as He spanked on me He looked at the car and then saw something move to. He said slave we are being watched by someone as He pulled down my skirt. He said let's leave as the last thing we need is to explain to the cops why you are being spanked on a naked ass in front of this person.

as we drove by we could see a woman sitting in the car watching us go by with a one dirty look on her face. as we drove away Master said i guess you have been spanked in public for real now slave. oh what a rush that was! gave me one wet pussy for my ride home.

oh yea someone asked about seeing me with Master's new flogger. and yes i do love it.