Saturday, April 18, 2009

take off

your shoes slave, now your socks, now your pants, now your blouse and now your bra. this is just what Master told me to do as we left the the office for lunch Friday. what a rush i had being told to get naked as He drove down the road.

as you already know and can see from my pic posted below i must ride bare ass naked to lunch. well this past Friday was different, i was just plain naked! that's right nothing at all on my body. oh yes and this is on very busy city streets for all to see.

i had no clue that this is what was going to happen when He said take off your shoes slave when i got in His truck. i just thought He wanted He wanted to see my bare feet or suck on my painted toes as Master is a slave to my painted toes. He can suck the polish right off of them. He has a very bad female foot fetish.

this man lives to suck on my toes and kiss/lick my feet. He can swing one mean whip on my naked ass, but my toes in His face makes Him melt like soft butter and hard as a rock. that is why we love each other so much, we know what makes each one of us happy and not scared to do it.

p.s. and you already know i don't wear panties so that is why i was told to remove them.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

a fun day

today was a fun one for Master & i as we got to play showoff the cunt. Master took me to over the local mall in my short black skirt and white blouse with no undies of course.

i was told to sit on some of the many benches they have inside the mall and spread my legs for Master to see my naked bald cunt. i did this a few times for Him and anyone else looking as well as i played inside my purse.

one fellow stopped dead in his tracks as he was walking and just stared at me up and down. i saw him looking at me and my pussy as i saw Master right behind him smiling at me. i am sure he saw all he wanted because he would not leave until i stood up and walked away.

Master and i then went into a somewhat of a darken clothing store that had seats all around it to sit in. Master and i sat by the checkout with my bald pussy out for anyone to see if they looked my way.

we then stopped by our park as it was a very nice day cool with little wind and sunshine. my blouse was unbuttoned as i was walked with Master holding my hands tight behind me. there was one girl there reading and i think see enjoyed our kissing and my tit showing. yes i was also wearing my collar, but no leash this time as Master took it out of His truck to have some work done.

i am one hot wet juicy cunt now after being so exposed in public. i just love what i am made to do for this man called MASTER.