Monday, September 26, 2005

still on my knees

at Master's feet waiting to see what would happen next now that i had signed away my body, mind and sole. he then placed a blindfold down over my head down to my eyes covering my sight. a collar was then attached and locked around my neck.

next i felt leather cuffs being put on each of my ankles. my arms were then pulled behind me and handcuffs locked on to my wrists. next a nylon strap was pulled up my arms past my elbows and pulled tight to bring my elbows closer together as my breasts were pushed out. i was then told to stand up as i did i was lead to the bed and told to spread my legs wide and keep my feet flat on the floor.

my ankle cuffs were than attached to ropes tied to each side of the very wide king size bed. it hurt to have my legs spread so far apart but nothing like it did the next day. my thighs were sore for two days after that. i was then pushed down on the bed bent at my waist my legs spread wide my ass and pussy exposed as never before to anyone let alone a co-worker.

Master played with my naked shaved pussy with his fingers and tongue for a long time then he stopped. i wanted more but that did not come. then i heard the sound of a camera as he took pics of my naked ass. no one ever taken my picture when i was naked now he was taking lots of them. i was very exposed in them. the next thing i know i feel him lube up my ass then something being pushed up inside of it. as it was pushed in slow and easy and deep i learned it was a small but long butt plug.

i now have a plug in my very exposed ass when i hear the sound of something rattling together. i now feel the coldness of a 3/8" steel chain being wrapped around my waist and locked in front of my belly. it was long enough to be pulled between my legs and up the crack of my ass and locked on the back side also. i now had a butt plug locked inside me and cold chain bitting at my pussy lips. more pics were taken of my ass with the plug inside when i feel the pain of a whip burning into my ass cheeks.

i was whipped with a cat of nine tails until my ass glowed red for my Master. all of this had my head spinning very fast and my pussy very wet. i have never done anything even close this before in my life of 50+ years.

more to cum if you want to hear of how he scared the life out of me after all of this.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Contract

the day i signed my life away. Master and i had worked together for about two years before he gave in and stopped for that 1st beer with me. we went to a hotel for the 1st time 1 1/2 week after that beer. that day we just played naked for about two hours just getting to know each other in a sexual way.

the next trip to the hotel was the day i became his slave. this was only our second time of sex play and we got a room with the hot tub in it. Master had me go into the bathroom and strip naked and wait for him to call me out into the main area as he got things ready. i had no idea what he was doing out there as i sat and waited for his call.

we had talked about s&m before and i said i was game if he was. little did i know than what i know now about my co-worker. when he was ready he opened the door to the bathroom and said to get down on my knees and crawl when i came to the carpet outside of the bathroom. i was to pick up a pen that was on the floor with my mouth and crawl to him across the room with the pen. it was a large room and a long crawl.

he sat on the other side of the room and waited for me to crawl to him. when i got to his feet there was a agreement of service laying at his feet. i was to read it out loud to him and if i agreeded to everything it i was to sign it with the pen i had carried across the floor. i read it out loud to him and when i was done i was asked if i agreed to it all of it. i said YES he said then sign it slave and i did then he signed it.

now i belonged to him. more to cum of what happened next.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


i do not know who reads my blog but i am sure there are a few women that do. i am always telling you about my spankings that Master gives me but i never tell you about the orgasms that he also gives me.

i call it the Master's touch. he really knows how to make me cum & cum & cum. he can do it many ways like with his tongue, fingers, a toy or just his hard cock. like last night he spanked me then he kissed the pain away as he played with my wet pussy with his fingers. he then allowed me to roll over so he could taste my wetness with his tongue. as he licked me he inserted his fingers and rubbed on my g spot for a while.

i had a few mini orgasms as he did this. next he moved his mouth up to my nipples leaving his fingers to play in my wet pussy. as he bit down on my very hard nipple i could feel the intensifying in my pussy as he bit hard and rubbed his fingers in and around my pussy. i was on the edge of the world when he told me to climb up on his very hard cock.

but i needed to taste it before getting on top of it so i went down on him like it was the last thing i would ever get to eat in life. he stopped me from making him shoot his cum so he could put his hardness in my wet pussy. i was told to get on a ride the white horse.

ladies, girls, women, all females that read this let me tell you that until you ride a hard cock to a shaking orgasm like i did last night you have not lived your life to the fullest. i shook as he came inside me like i was naked in snow storm with a cold blowing wind. i could not stop.

i must tell you that all the sex i had before Master was just for the mans pleasure now it is for both of our pleasure. i have never had a man do what Master does. Master puts me first even though i am his slave he always makes sure that i am taken care of sometimes even before him.

this is why i love him so much and everything he does to me. it not all pain as i post here the most but also pleasure for us both.

i love you Master. kk

Monday, September 12, 2005

the punishment

yes today was my day of punishment for my boys winning yesterday. and i must add not only did i receive the eight i also received more swats for not sending my Master "the number" on Sunday. the number is how much i weigh and my
Master wants it sent to him in an email. This is just one of my weekly duties as his slave.
Since i did not send it to him that brought the number to "24" and Master picks the amount I will get for punishment. When it came time for my punishment he noticed that i had put one of those antenna balls on my car and you can guess what that was? That added another 5 to the "24". To make my Master even more upset about that i told him that someone told me that they liked the antenna ball in kind of a smart way. So another 5 was added.

Now that I was up to 34 swats Master was very anxious to get started swatting. He had the wooden paddle with holes in it ready to go when i showed
him a large wooden paddle i had gotten with a game called paddle ball. So he used it for half of the swats and i must say that it covered my entire ass with each swat.
It was a long and very HOT road to finish the "34". But when Master was through he made me feel so good with his sweet kisses on my red hot ass.

In the end we made love like two teenages in heat and it made the punishment well worth it. I would do it all over again just to have that wonderful feeling again.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

let the games begin--week 1

I love this time of the year with the weather changing and the football
season beginning. I really love it when my Cowboys are winners because
the only means that I am a winner too. And a winner I am today. The boys
won by 4 points so that means that I will get 8 swats on my ass very soon.
Monday is usually the day for my football swats and I must say that I am very
excited about it. So with todays results my ass will be in position and ready
tomorrow for my winning swats.

Friday, September 09, 2005

now i wait

after i read what Master wrote i knew i was in for it big time. i did as told and assumed the position and waited for what was coming only nothing came. Master said just spanking me would not expose me the way i exposed him as a ass kissing Master. he did say that spanking me in front of others might do it though.

so now i wait to see how and who will be seeing this and where. Master said he is thinking in a parking lot bend over the car hood would do the trick. this has been done many times before in the fall and winter when it is dark early. the riding crop is always used when he does it over the hood. i do not think i have ever been seen by anyone when we have done this but there is always a chance someone did.

Master enjoys having me bent over the hood naked and having my tits mashed onto the cold metal of the hood. once we did it in a light cold rain so my tits were cold and wet that night along with my ass butt that warmed up fast.
one of the best spanking i have ever received from Master was done this way. he really can swing that crop in the great outdoors and that night he laid some real good ones on my ass.

i enjoy the thrill of being caught naked bent over legs spread wide and being spanked. what a rush it is for me when i think of someone catching me like this. Master has talked about others seeing me being punished like some friends of his. i think this is what he might have in mine for this spanking.

it will make me crazy thinking of who Master has in mine to watch this. that is punishment its self for me.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Master checks in on blog

This is kk's Master. I see that she tells everything here and I do not mind her telling you about the fun we have together but the kiss ass part should not have been posted.

Her ass will now suffer the punishment without the kissing to ease the pain. slave does very well taking her punishment and I am very proud of her. I would spank her side by side with any slave and know she would come out on top as most punishment taken. She is a true pain slut.

slave when you read this I want you to assume the position and be ready for punishment without the kiss. DO IT NOW slave!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

punishment is given

i did not tell you that i did receive my 14 swats on friday with the wood paddle. some were very hard at first then Master eased up for few then finished up with some really good hard ones.

he then fingered my wet pussy though my spread legs as he kissed my very red hot spanked ass. i remained in position after he stopped playing and kissing as he set back and drank his beer. i am always to remain in position until i am told it is ok to get out of position. the position is always hands behind head with fingers laced together and legs spread wide laying on my stomach or bent over something like a car hood. Master likes that one best. and i must always be naked the only thing i have on is Master's collar. Master has only seen me two or three times without my collar on in all our time together.

Master also enjoys the tits, toes and nose pose. that is were i am made to stand against the wall with my tits, toes and nose touching the wall with hands cuffed behind me or behind my head and legs spread wide. i may stand there for minutes or hours as plays with me or spanks me or does nothing but take photos of me. but through it all i must not let any of the three items move off the wall.

all positions no matter what it is or where it is done are with me naked my collar and maybe leash is all that is allowed.

i am his slave and i try my best to serve him well.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

i win again

boys 7 slave 14 as you know by now my team played Thursday night and won. their winning brings joy to heart and my ass. i really hope that everyone reading this blog understands that Master is NOT abusing me. i enjoy my spankings very much and he is a very caring and loving person.

sometimes he will even say that he thinks i enjoy my punishment too much and maybe it is not punishment no more. well i can tell you that when i am in position and those swats he gives take my breath away at times it is punishment. i do enjoy the feel and look of a red hot burning ass after it is over. some swats are easy and some are very hard and he knows just how to mix them so i do not know what is coming next.

what really gets me moving is when they come hard & fast and Master knows it. i have yet to say our safeword to make him stop butt sometimes i do move my hands from position and try to block the swats. my hands are joined together behind my head and not to be moved doing punishment but sometimes i forget that when there coming fast & hard. moving from position also adds to the number given.

now i should not be telling you this butt when Master is done spanking my ass he always kisses my ass many times to take away the pain as he plays with my pussy. that is why my legs are to be spread during punishment so he can check my wettness. he always ask me who else would kiss your ass. sometimes i am made to assume the position just so he can kiss my ass and play with my pussy. he is always telling me he loves my ass.

see i told you he is very caring

Thursday, September 01, 2005

not obeying the Master

This has been one crazy week at work. But then it is always crazy to some extent. Well yesterday
someone's overlook on a job just made me lose it. I guess I let a little too much steam off because my
Master got upset when a friend of his told him that I was very mad. Today he wanted me to "kiss n make up"
with his friend, but I refused. So after work he took out the much hated hair brush and gave me several
swats with it on my naked ass. The pain from the brush is much more intense than the pain from the
wooden paddle. I want to say that this taught me a lesson, but then maybe I don't. I just may want to
feel this pain on my ass again.