Saturday, September 18, 2010


another week of sex play that ends in 10. the week started off with my legs spread wide open for Master just as they always should be. sitting with one foot on the floor and the other foot up on His knees. i was told to spread my cunt lips wide open for Him and hold them open with both hands.

as i sat there all exposed for Him He took the tip of the cane and tickled it inside my wide open cunt. He even slid it in and out a few times. He said He loves a slut with a wide open cunt hole. i am a slut with no shame. He had me worked up into a sexual daze by doing this. He then put the cane down and started rubbing real lite up and down with His finger from my clit down to my opening. this sent the little man in the boat to rocking and than overboard if you know what i mean.

i was cumming like a porn star. i could not control myself from shaking with pleasure and wanted to scream, but could not even catch my breath to do so. this had to be one of the best orgasams i have ever had in my life and i have had a lot of them since Master came along. it was very intense and i was well spent after it was over.

this man just knows what to do with a pussy. the next day we stopped into our favorite place for drinks. well they hired a new young waitress that we had not seen in there before. Master said as we walked over to our favorite table that she just stared at me & my bright pink collar around my neck. when she came to the table with our drinks see just kept her eyes on me.

Master had me unbutton my blouse as He always does so i am exposed for Him. i always sit with one tit exposed for Him to see most of the time. when the waitress comes by she comes up from behind me and Master lets me know to cover it up. i cover up the exposed tit but do not button up and use my arms for cover. well as always Master had me in a daze when she brought out our third round. i finished up the last of my 2nd drink and handed her my empty glass without even thinking of my blouse.

i also cleaned up the wet napkins from the glasses and handed them to her. as i was doing all of this Master watched her eyes that were looking down into my very open shirt. when she left the table He said nice job of showing off for me tonight slave. that is when i remembered my blouse was unbuttoned and i turned red. He told me about the waitress watching as my blouse was wide open for her veiw.

i said oh well glad you enjoyed it i hope she did too. Master was sure she knew what my collar meant by the way she looked at it and me. i am sure by now everyone that works there knows what i am and what i do when i am there. it is not the 1st time i have shown my tits to the wait staff and it won't be the last. they are always happy to see us walk in.

we finished up the week with a 10 minute caning of my naked ass. if you remember back to the counting vs time posting i was up to three minutes last. after watching the movies Master showed me last week i wanted to take more pain for Him. He set the timer on His cell phone and started in on my naked upturned ass. the hits were not hard at first, but very steady. He never stopped as He moved up and down my ass cheeks. He mixed in hard ones at times just to watch me squirm.

it was a steady hitting with no breaks at all. i moved around some butt very little as i tried to be a good slave for Him this time. as the time was winding down i ask how much time was left? He would not tell me and hit me harder for my asking. when the bell rang He stopped and kissed both cheeks over and over. my ass was on fire and a red/purple color. He then stuck His finger deep inside my very wet cunt and said i see you really did enjoy it did't you slave. i said yes Master i did as i always do.

a red ass = a wet cunt.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the tree & me

Master has found yet another way to play with His puppy outdoors. i was told to have my little rubber dog bone with me at all times last weekend. so now i carry it in my purse with me. as you know Master likes to walk His puppy on the weekends and most times on her leash.

but this time the leash was left in the car. this time puppy would carry her little rubber dog bone around in her mouth just like a good puppy should. the bone was used for two purposes

1. to keep me from screaming out
2. something to bite down on for the pain.

Master brought the quirt whip and camera with Him on our walk. as we walked to the end of woods i was told what was going to happen. i was to pick out a nice tree then lift my short skirt up above my naked ass and place both hands on the tree as i bend over and spread my legs.

once in position i wait as He photos me standing here bone in mouth naked ass out waiting for the pain to come. He tells me not to scream out and not to move my position. well i did both once that whip started stinging my ass cheeks. He did not hold back as He had a lot of room to swing.

He said i needed more training. i told Him my ass was just tender as it had been a while since i felt the whip. once home He had me watch two videos online where the slaves were beat with a cane. so hard the ass turned black and blue with each swat. one was chained down the other was not. they took way more than i ever could i know that.

He said now slave see what could happen. i said i will do better now that i seen them do that. so we went back the next day and did it again. this time i held my position and used the bone to absorb the pain as He whipped away on my ass.

i knew i could do it i just needed my mind to be in the right place for it. i love pain, but sometimes i just get too excited about what is going to happen the first time. now i can't wait to get back to the whipping tree.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

marked again

as to what i am. yes it was just another morning getting ready for the office when i was told to mark myself so i would remember who and what i am. Master had been calling my cunt a whores hole lately so that is what i marked it as. i sent Him a picture of it then dressed and left for the office.

when i walked in He handed me a black marker and told me now go mark your tits with i am a whore. so it was off to the restroom down the hall where i removed my shirt and bra and did as told. i snaped another picture and sent it off for Him to see i did as told. just look at how hard my nipples are?

as the day passed i would often look down my blouse and look at what i was to remind myself. every time i went potty i would read my cunt. why am i a whore? because my legs are always spread wide open for Master's use. my mouth is always open for His use as well. my body is to be used for whatever pleases Him. if He tells me to pleasure another i will and i have for Him.

it is fun to be owned and used as one. and yes i was used that night as i sucked on His hardness. i love cock and that is why i am a whore. i felt very proud walking around with my body marked whore.

His whore.