Saturday, August 11, 2012

harder please

i know it has been a long time since you have heard from me, but i am still serving as a slut & slave to Master. you know when i started this blog i was just finding out what bdsm and being a slave was all about. i had zero experince and was never spanked as a grown woman not even in a playful way.

well as you all know that has changed for the better. i now have a great deal of experince being spanked and now i need it in my life. i crave it now and what i really crave is seeing how hard i can take them. i want nothing more than to make Master proud of me as His slave. i know He likes to test me on how many i can take & how hard.

just the other day i was taken to the whipping tree. it is just a tree that we use to whip me at. i am to raise my short skirt up over my naked ass and place my hands above my head on the tree and stick my ass out for Him.

now i was ready to feel the heat of the whip and feel it i did. Master laid three nice hard ones on me. i moved  just a little butt never took my hands off of the tree. as He rubbed my cheeks He ask if i  wanted more and i said yes & harder too please with a smile. well i got what i ask for and the marks from it where there the next day as well. Master told me i am just a true pain slut and i said yes i am & i love it.

never in my life did i think i would enjoy a man whipping my naked ass but now i can't think of Him not doing it. my how He has changed my life forever : )        

Sunday, March 04, 2012

the pits

well is it true love or true submission that is the question? i think it has to be both for me. back on Dec 11th last year Master sent me a s&M video clip to watch that He liked a lot. it had a nice looking slave in it being well used by her master in many ways.

my Master really liked the part where she stood naked before her master with her hands on her head spinning slowly around for him to look her over. yes i have done this many of times for Master as He loves to look over my naked body. as she spun around my Master noticed she had hair on her arm pits.

now you know what is coming next. Master had sent me the link and instructions to stop shaving my arm pits. gross i hate having hair anywhere on my body but my head. the order had been given and being the submissive i am i followed it. the first few days was very hard not to shave there when doing my morning shaving. i always shaved my pits, pussy and legs smooth everyday without fail.

after a full week i had some long hairs and thought this would be the end and i could shave again. boy was i wrong Master said it needed to grow out a lot more than that. and it did i had hair there like a man would. i was made to look at it each morning in the mirror as i put on my deodorant.

each day Master would have me put my hands on my head as i stood naked before Him to show Him my hair growth. He would pet it and pull on it and tell me how much He loved it on me and how much it meant to Him that i would do this for Him. He told me it proved i was a true 110% slave to Him.

He told me it would be a special day when i would be allowed to shave it off. each day i dressed for work i had to pick out my shirts very carefully. did not want co workers to see my man hair there. the 14th day of Feb was coming up and i was sure that would be the special shave day for me as it is also our anniversary date. well that came and went without the permission to shave.

i was really hoping it would not go into the summer months. then it happened leap year the day that only comes around once every 4 years. Feb 29th i was told i was to shave on that day and if i didn't next shave day would be May 14th our anniversary. it was my call, but Master really liked the hair look.

i gave it a lot of thought, but i wanted my smooth pits back again very bad. now i stand before Him hands on head showing off my smooth shaved naked ass and body to Him. He said he loves that too :) He said i earned my shave day being it was 77 days later since my last pit shave.

yes He does own me and i would not have it no other way. how else would i do something like that? i love being owned by Him very much.