Saturday, July 28, 2007

need is filled

be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. my ass got just what it needed last night spanked hard with the much hated hair brush. Master told me at work to be naked and in position with hair brush close at hand after work.

i did as i was told and my reward was a nice hot 26 swats with the brush. it took my breath away with each swat, but when it was over i felt great. nothing like a good hot spanking to perk me up.

than He rolled me over and started biting and sucking on my nipple as He fingered my very wet pussy. He than reaches into His pocket and pulls out two 3/4" stainless steel balls and put them up inside my cunt. now he wanted me to walk around with them in and not drop them.

well i was way too wet to hold two in, but i did manage to keep one in there as i walked around a bit. He knew i needed to go the store to get a few things so He sent out with my ball inside my cunt and told me to call Him when i got inside the store.

i was nervous as a cat at the dog pound. i just knew that damm ball would fall out and roll down a aisle with everyone looking right at me. i squeezed my cunt and legs together very tight as i walked and talked to Him. He said if it fell out just say where did that come from if someone was around.

well it stayed in the whole time i was in the store and on the drive home. once i was home it was naked again and two balls to walk around with the rest of the evening. they fell out twice and that will bring me 20 swats with the cane.

i have one week to work on keeping them inside me as i walk before i am sent shopping again this time with two. each time they fall out i get 10 swats to help train me on pussy muscle control.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

feel the need

for a really good ass warming coming on. i can only go so long without my pain fix. i am like a drunk that needs a drink. sometimes life gets busy and Master's toy bag does not get opened.

it is time for this slave to feel the fire from the pain of the cane or whatever He cares to use to start the warming process. i just need it and want it BAD! sometimes i just crave it i want it so bad.

i am sure if the fire gets to hot Mistress would be glad to cum over and cool it down. Mistress has been know to workout with the fire department before.

does anyone else feel this way when they have a spanking dry spell?

Master, slave will be waiting with her naked pluged ass bent over the arm of the sofa as i do every morning just to worship you.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

the face

Master & i have been talking about posting pics with my hair color and face showing. tell us if you have done this and what has happened after. i don't think anyone reads my blog that knows me beside my Mistress & her hubby that i work with everyday.

but than again who knows what people read when alone at a computer?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the log

Master and both enjoy reading blogs at night and there are a few really good ones that we look at almost every night. sometimes He will ask me slave what do you think if i have you do that after reading a story of what another slave has done.

well you guessed it He read a story about a slave & her syrup bottle. i will not go into the details of what she was made to do with it, but i will tell you what i will be doing with mine.

as you know i serve a Mistress at times and her hubby that we call cam man. he is always taking our pictures when i serve the Mistress. well Master thinks i should give cam man a break for once. cam man is always joining in the fun at the end of our play time.

Master told me the next play time we have together that cam man should get in on the beginning of play time. He wants me to be a good bitch puppy and lick up all the syrup that Mistress pours onto cam mans big log.

i really hope that i am not the only one that gets to lick up syrup this day. i think i want to sample the syrup on all three of them and i hope everyone would like some of my hairless pie with syrup on it.

i am sure it will be a fun sticky time for us all. we always have a good time when were all together. i am looking forward to being a good puppy for Master as always. i guess i will be looking at pancakes with syrup in a whole new way.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


what does it mean to you?

1. yielding, or readiness to yield: a willingness to yield or surrender to somebody, or the act of doing so.

demanded nothing less than total submission to his authority.

submission to me is giving my mind & body to another to do with as they please. i enjoy doing this and do not do it because i am forced by someone to do it. i do it of my own free will. there are times i am told to do things i do not care to do, but do them anyway as that is what a good slave or submissive does. (well there was one time i didn't get ice.)

i may not be proud of some of the things i have done in the past, but i am proud that i was a good submissive/slave and pleased my Master or Mistress. i am sure there are other slaves that will say the samething.

i am very proud to be owned as a slave and have told some close friends about it on my very own. i ran into a old freind once that i used to work with and he ask how i was doing. i told him great and that i am doing all those kinky things we once laughed about at work. he wanted to know all about it, so i told him how i now have a Master and i am His slave. Master even sent him pictures of me naked in bondage, full body shots. i never thought i would like someone seeing pictures of me like that, but now i love it.

i use this blog as my way to show & tell the world i enjoy being who and what i am. the day will come when Master will post my naked body in bondage with my face showing here and i will be very proud to be exposed. there are times i just want to scream out that i am this mans slave i love it so much. i feel i was born to submit to this man.

i enjoy being a slave, cunt, whore, cum slut, slut puppy, cock hound, and any other name Master might cum up with. that is my submission for today.

i know there is one slave out there in blog land that did not really enjoy what she was told to do, but she did it to please her Master as part of her submission to Him. she did have one nice big orgasm in the end though ;)that is why i ask the question.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

help with new ideas

yes Master is asking for help from our readers on how i should be dressed for my next ice run. being i did not like the last outfit He picked out He wants to hear your ideas for outfits.

as you know He likes me to show off my naked body parts in public as much as possible. He also wants others to know i am a slave and serving as such so i should at least have a collar on.

now that you know what He is looking for He wants to hear your ideas. He will take pics and post them for all to see of the best idea given. as you know i have already gone for ice in a see thru robe & heels with my collar on.

He knows mmftoy has gone for ice naked with her ass well marked and said it could happen to me when we have a late night stay but we need early day ideas for now. just waiting to serve you.

please advise.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

now the pleasure

as i lay there bent over with my sore whipped tits on the hard table Master unlocked the chain from around my waist. He than pulled my head up by my hood & hair and removed the hood, my bra and the panties. He said now crawl over to bed slave and get up on it. i did as i was told i crawled like a whipped puppy.

as i lay there He came to me and kissed away my tears as He rubbed the pain from my tits. we talked about what had just happen as He held me tight in His arms. i told Him how sad it made me to disappoint Him by not doing as i was told. He laughed and told me it was about time i did not obey Him for once.

He said when i slipped on the panties it just came to Him to send me for the ice. He really just wanted to see what i would do and how i would react to such a demand. when i said no way i can not do it, He said it flipped His Master switch to on. it was the first time i had ever said no to Him and would not give into doing something. He liked the fact i stood up to Him and resisted a order for once. now he could punish me for not doing as told. we kissed hard and held each other tight.

He was bringing me back up from my down. He kissed & sucked on my hard sore nipples as He played with my hood ring and His cunt. the next thing i know i am sitting on top of Him with His hardness deep inside my wetness. i love when we are joined together like this and wish we could always stay this way.

i do not think or know of a love greater than that of a Master and His slave after a session of pain & dominance. i love my Master with all my heart as i know He loves me. i would walk to the end of the world for Him, i just won't go for His ice ;)

P.S. He did tell me later that He would have stopped me if i would have said ok and started out the door. me going to jail is not in His playbook at all.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

ice run part 2

yes when it goes bad it really goes bad. i was on my hands and knees with the ice bucket sitting in middle of back as i thought of what i just had done. my mind was racing with all kind of thoughts. what i looked like, how far the ice machine was from the room, my pink plug and chain being visible, what was going to happen if i did not go. i was just overwhelmed and i just wanted to bury my face into the floor and when i moved the ice bucket fell off my back.
Master was coming out from the bathroom when He heard it hit the floor. He saw me with my face on the floor and my ass high in the air. He ask me how i could let that happen and than put his foot in the middle of my back and pushed me down to the floor flat. He said i make a better rug than a table. He went on about how disappointed He was in me as a slave as he stood with His foot on my back.

this went on for a while as i cried hearing his words. He then pulled me up to my knees by hood & hair and said you can go for ice or you can ball the wall for 60 mins, your choice. i just looked at Him with my tear filled eyes i could not do it for 60 mins in my current state. i begged for His mercy, there was none. make up your mind slave one or the other.

i could not give Him a answer as i hung my head in shame. i was a mess and He knew it. i wanted to please Him so bad but could not do as He ask. He sat on a coffee table in front of me asking for my answer, there was none, just my shame. He picked up a small leather whip and pulled my bra down to expose my naked tits.

He said I am going to tittie whip you hard slave as that is what you need right now don't you? i looked into His eyes and said yes Master please whip them hard. He told me to keep my hands behind my back and keep my back straight & my tits out. He whipped them hard just like He said he would as i fought to keep my hands behind me. it really hurt the most when the whip would hit my hard nipples.

i was tittie whippped like never before and they really hurt. when He finished He pulled me over to the table He had been sitting on and bent me over it and smashed my tits into the hard table. He unlocked the chain and started pulling the plug in and out of my ass asking me how it felt to have this done. telling me how i was just a ass to Him. now He told me to get the ginger root for Him, i screamed out OH shit!

yea that's right i forgot to buy it. like i said when it goes bad it goes way bad. so He goes over all that has happened, i won't go for the ice, i dropped the ice bucket and now i forgot the ginger root for my ass. He got up and just left me bent over the table and grabbed His cane and gave me a nice hard one on my ass and said don't ever forget the ginger root again or this day cunt.

i won't, i will promise you all that. i keep asking myself now why i just didn't go for the damm ice. i had gone for it before in a just a sheer robe and heels with my collar, why not this time? if i am a slave why not show off the real me.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Wishing you all a Happy 4th that ends with a Bang!
kk & Master

Sunday, July 01, 2007

ice run

i know that being a slave means that i must obey my Master and always do as told. i have always done that without fail. yesterday i failed! i felt so hurt that i let Him down i cried big tears and was in a very down mood for a while.

i was told to go for ice and i did not do as i was told for the 1st time ever with Master. the problem was not going to get the ice, it was how i was dressed.

Master and i had been playing for a while in the room. He had me wear my low cut very sheer black bra today and when told to strip to leave it on. He caned my naked ass as i bent over the ac unit in front of the open window looking out into the parking lot. He pulled the bra down so my tits hung out for all to see. after i had some nice stripes on my ass He made me crawl over to my bag and get out my butt plug. i than put the plug in where it belongs.

Master than placed a small chain around my waist and ran it between my legs and padlocked the plug in place. He cuffed my hands behind my back to a strap that attached to my neck that held them up the middle of my back to keep them out of the way of the cane/crop.

than we played ballin the wall. He read about this on a another blog but does not remember who's. (sorry) He placed a small ball against the wall and i was to hold it there with my nose. i was to hold it there for 15 mins without fail as He caned and cropped on my ass. if the ball where to fall we would start the clock over along with the whippings. i said there was no way i could keep it from falling. He said than we will just spend all day ballin the wall. He also put my hood over my head to make it more fun.

i did the 15 mins without dropping it, but it was not easy and those 15 mins felt like forever. my hands where released from behind me and that felt great to stretch them out. next He had me put my black waist cincher and then He handed me the black sheer panties that matched my bra.

now picture me in the following items: black hood, sheer black bra & panties, black waist chiner and chained up pink butt plug. now do you have the picture in your mind? now He handed me the ice bucket and told me to go for ice.

now tell me what you would say seeing a woman dressed like this walking thur a hotel hallway on her way to the ice machine as you check in with your family?

i refused to go for ice dressed like this. Master had me down on my knees begging and crying not to be made to do this for a good while. at one point i was on my hands and knees with the ice bucket placed in the middle of my back.

Master than gave me a choice of going for the ice or.........

more to cum.

P.S. i forgot i also had my ankle cuffs on that cling when i walk and my collar for my ice run.