Tuesday, July 10, 2007

help with new ideas

yes Master is asking for help from our readers on how i should be dressed for my next ice run. being i did not like the last outfit He picked out He wants to hear your ideas for outfits.

as you know He likes me to show off my naked body parts in public as much as possible. He also wants others to know i am a slave and serving as such so i should at least have a collar on.

now that you know what He is looking for He wants to hear your ideas. He will take pics and post them for all to see of the best idea given. as you know i have already gone for ice in a see thru robe & heels with my collar on.

He knows mmftoy has gone for ice naked with her ass well marked and said it could happen to me when we have a late night stay but we need early day ideas for now. just waiting to serve you.

please advise.


Sheen V said...

This is a tough one because you want to show as much as you can without being indecent. Perhapse a very mini skirt or chemise and no panties so that if you were to bend over even just a little bit it would show something, that way you have some control if kids or security are around.

A tight blouse unbuttoned so that if you pull back your shoulders more is revealed.

A tank top with large arm holes for side peeks.

Handcuffs cuffed to only one wrist or ankle.

His pet said...

i think you should wear a little skirt (and no panties) and roller blades like an old fashioned car hop. Your shirt should say something like 'ice slut' or 'service slut' over the pocket. Tee hee...i am so mean.

Once i had to go to work dressed in a school girl outfit. Did i write about this on my blog? i can't remember. Anyway, it was halloween and we got to dress up at school, but i felt awful dressing that way at work. It wasn't an indecently short skirt really and my tummy didn't show much. i did have on knee high white socks and pig tails. Anyway, i got sent home from work. Not fun. i cried all day long. i was sooo humilliated. My boss said it wasn't indecent, but the suggestion behind the outfit was. Sigh. i love my job, too. That day really sucked.

i had to wear a puppytail to work too once. That picture is on my blog. That wasn't fun either.

Good luck kk.


Anonymous said...

Jeans & t-shirt, barefoot, but with collar, wrist & ankle cuffs, all chained together with ample slack for the errand, and a ball gag.

Optionally, the handprint of a recent face-slap still visible on one cheek.

- Baron Travis

Anonymous said...

Red fishnets up to your thigh with a little black bow, black high heels, a red very very very tight and small halterneck with in black fancy writing "eat me" or "slaveslut" or somthing else, then on the nipple area, thiner material so if you can look you can see through if you want.

Anonymous said...

Oh and a black mini skirt with no panties