Thursday, July 19, 2007

the log

Master and both enjoy reading blogs at night and there are a few really good ones that we look at almost every night. sometimes He will ask me slave what do you think if i have you do that after reading a story of what another slave has done.

well you guessed it He read a story about a slave & her syrup bottle. i will not go into the details of what she was made to do with it, but i will tell you what i will be doing with mine.

as you know i serve a Mistress at times and her hubby that we call cam man. he is always taking our pictures when i serve the Mistress. well Master thinks i should give cam man a break for once. cam man is always joining in the fun at the end of our play time.

Master told me the next play time we have together that cam man should get in on the beginning of play time. He wants me to be a good bitch puppy and lick up all the syrup that Mistress pours onto cam mans big log.

i really hope that i am not the only one that gets to lick up syrup this day. i think i want to sample the syrup on all three of them and i hope everyone would like some of my hairless pie with syrup on it.

i am sure it will be a fun sticky time for us all. we always have a good time when were all together. i am looking forward to being a good puppy for Master as always. i guess i will be looking at pancakes with syrup in a whole new way.

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