Sunday, July 15, 2007


what does it mean to you?

1. yielding, or readiness to yield: a willingness to yield or surrender to somebody, or the act of doing so.

demanded nothing less than total submission to his authority.

submission to me is giving my mind & body to another to do with as they please. i enjoy doing this and do not do it because i am forced by someone to do it. i do it of my own free will. there are times i am told to do things i do not care to do, but do them anyway as that is what a good slave or submissive does. (well there was one time i didn't get ice.)

i may not be proud of some of the things i have done in the past, but i am proud that i was a good submissive/slave and pleased my Master or Mistress. i am sure there are other slaves that will say the samething.

i am very proud to be owned as a slave and have told some close friends about it on my very own. i ran into a old freind once that i used to work with and he ask how i was doing. i told him great and that i am doing all those kinky things we once laughed about at work. he wanted to know all about it, so i told him how i now have a Master and i am His slave. Master even sent him pictures of me naked in bondage, full body shots. i never thought i would like someone seeing pictures of me like that, but now i love it.

i use this blog as my way to show & tell the world i enjoy being who and what i am. the day will come when Master will post my naked body in bondage with my face showing here and i will be very proud to be exposed. there are times i just want to scream out that i am this mans slave i love it so much. i feel i was born to submit to this man.

i enjoy being a slave, cunt, whore, cum slut, slut puppy, cock hound, and any other name Master might cum up with. that is my submission for today.

i know there is one slave out there in blog land that did not really enjoy what she was told to do, but she did it to please her Master as part of her submission to Him. she did have one nice big orgasm in the end though ;)that is why i ask the question.

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His pet said...

Have i mentioned lately that i think you totally rock???

No?? Gasp!

Hey everyone, KK ROCKS!!!

Thanks girl. i loved the post. You're the best.