Sunday, July 22, 2007

the face

Master & i have been talking about posting pics with my hair color and face showing. tell us if you have done this and what has happened after. i don't think anyone reads my blog that knows me beside my Mistress & her hubby that i work with everyday.

but than again who knows what people read when alone at a computer?


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and am trying to get wife interested in it, there was a time she seemed to want to go this way but has backed off a bit and I would like to see her interested in this lifestyle again she bears our mark a tattoo and enjoys watersports but we should b going forward instead of stopping at this point thank you for your blog I hope she enjoys it as much as I do

Kinky Aoefe said...

I feel somewhat exposed showing the lower half of my face. I got looks (they seemed like the knowing-look kind - can you say paranoia?) from a few men yesterday and I was a litle paranoid about them knowing me from my blog. Which is ridiculous as it hasn't been read by many and hey it's only the lower half.

I'm thinking the odds of real life recognition are slim to none if you show your whole face kk. (imho)

Plus if they recognize you they are already reading your blog!


His cunt said...

I was also a bit worried about it at one point. Right now, my face is not shown often, and when it is I soften it a bit. I am not totally convinced that makes any difference, but it makes me feel better on the surface. For the moment. lol need to worry.


Anonymous said...

What about posting for a limited amount of time? You get the satisfaction of sharing and getting a response but less likely that someone you are worried about "seeing" you and if they do and you have a time limit such as a day or two less likely they can "expose" you as I assume it's what you are worried after. I have also seen other bloggers "hide" the pictures behind a signature not highlighted etc so only those familiar with the blog know where to look for pictures.

His pet said...

Master won't let me share pics, but then my career would be harmed if i was discovered. i do want to share them though...soooo bad. He won't even let me show a pic without my face (on the puppytail pic i even had to crop out the back of my head!!! He said every man who has ever met me would remember my One cool thing to me is that people read my blog even without the pictures (i have no idea why). It's nice though because all my life attention has been centered around my looks and now i feel like people are hanging around because they find something else of value to offer.

Sorry, went off on a brooke babble. My point was supposed to be, if it won't harm your career and your Master feels it is a safe thing to do, why not? It's kinda hot. However, if you worry about your job or your reputation, it's not worth it (just my opinion).


Sheen V said...

Nope, I don't do face pictures, even in my flickr account. One needs to be very comfortable about one's blog to show thier face. I mean, if I were blogging about something ordinary, or I was more open about the things I blog aobut in real life, then probably no problem. But my blog has more of the stuff from the shadows of my life.

kk said...

thanks to you all for stopping by to comment on my face being posted here.

i really want it posted some days and would die a thousand deaths if was posted on other days.

i guess that why i need a Master in my life.


petra said...

I have enjoyed reading your blogs since I have recently found them.
To answer your question is a difficult quandry.
It depends on where you work or if you wish your friends or family to know, that is if they read your blog.
You could always do what many subs do that is wear something that hides the face, or just the eyes