Friday, May 29, 2009

when Master is away

puppy will play. yes i know my slave name is kk and that is short for kinky kitten, but i am more of a puppy than a kitten. with my collars, leash and bones i think that makes more puppy like.

Master has been out of town on business and i always get lonely when He is gone. He knows this so He always comes up with ways to dom me from afar. well this one is the best one so far as He is concerned.

He knew that i was at home and ask if i was naked as required. i was and told Him so. He than told me to grab the camera and my white dog bone. yes it is a real dog bone. i did as i was told, He than told me to go out in the backyard and play with your bone for a while puppy and film it for me.

so here i go out the back door bare ass naked with my bone and camera in hand. i sit the camera down and turned it on. i then put the bone in my mouth and got down on all fours and crawled around the yard in front of the camera. i then lifted my leg and peed right there in the backyard in broad daylight. now i know female dogs squat to pee, but it felt more doggy like to lift my leg.

Master came home and ask if i did as i was told and i said and you got a puppy bonus too. that was the pee shot. He loved it and played it over and over. He said next time i will be on my leash with Him walking me and i better pee for Him as well.

i never in my life thought i would or could do such things as i have done as His slave. oh the fun we have doing crazy things like this. i would not trade it for the world. it sure beats my old vanilla life.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mr. crop

pays a visit to Master's naked ass slave. well as you all well know it has been a while since i have posted anything about my punishment. well that is not because i have been the perfect slave. it is because there has not been too much time for it.
Master and i have been very busy at work and very tired when we get home. well things have calmed down a little on the work front and Master said i was way over due on my spankings.

so the other day i was told Mr. crop would be coming to vist my ass and to be ready for him when he arrives. that means i am to be naked and in position. so i did as i was told as always, but being it had been so long between visits i was a lot on the jumpy side when Mr. crop landed on my naked ass.

now the more i jump around the harder Master swings. i was told over and over not to move slave, but could not help myself. i received 50 very nice hard ones on the on the 1st night. Master said i needed to do better with the jumping around so the very next night i was in position for another 75.

i made my Master very proud this night as i held my position for all 75 without jumping around. He can always tie me down in place, but He likes to make me hold position without His bonds. it is part of my being a well trained slave for Him.

the pics posted above are when He was done with His naked ass slave. i just love that color on my ass.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

new skirt for slut

yes Master took His cunt to the mall today to shop for a new mini skirt. the plan was for me to try them on in the store and model them for Him and anyone else in the store.

He picked out three of them for me to try on two were denim one was white with ruffules. i put on the white one first and came out of the dressing room for Master to see it and anyone one else as well. Master had me turn around for Him and He liked it. i was told to go put on the denim one now.

the first denim one i put on i knew Master would love as it was right at the bottom of my ass cheeks. i was nervous to open the door and walk out in it for Him, but like a good slut i did it. i knew when i saw Master's face that He loved it. again i turned around for Him and others than i was told to bend over a little for Him. He loved it so much He said get both of them slave.

it was back to the dressing room to put on my short black skirt i wore there on. Master said no need to put on the third skirt as it was the same as the other one only in a smaller size. now i had to go pay for them.

i was told that when i checked out i was to put on my collar that reads "shaved" on it around my neck. so i put on the collar and walked out to the checkout. there was a girl standing behind the counter folding a shirt when i walked up. she ask me if i was ready to checkout and i said yes. she said i will get someone for you as she could not do it.

this young guy walks up to check me out. he was nice and all, but i think he really checked me out once he saw what i was buying and was wearing around my neck. i was hoping he would not ask me if i was shaved, but if he did i was ready to tell yes and very smooth too. i know i was some what red faced as i stood there, but i would have died if he would have ask.

Master made me put it on in the mall parking lot and had me get out to take the picture you see posted. i hope you like it as much as my Master does. He said now we need to go get some shoes for it. and yes i am to wear it shoe shopping.

He is always wanting to show off His cunt. oh and i forgot to tell you that on the way out of the mall i was made to sit down and spread my legs and show my bald cunt off to Him and anyone else looking my way. i just love what He makes me do.