Friday, March 28, 2008

on my way

back to the red room for a real punishment. this trip is needed to punish a slave that has a big mouth that said the word NO to her Master. i can tell you this will not be a fun day for this slave.

a few drinks & not eating on a night out with Master & friends and i made a ass of myself. now the ass will suffer for it. i not only told Master NO to His face, i almost screamed it at Him. He took it very well, but i knew with the look in His stare i fucked up big time. sometimes the brain does not know what the mouth is saying. and this night they both let me down.

many of people there that did not know about my being a slave to Master. so He could not control me there as He would have liked to. Master was very mad that night and He would not punish me until later. He will not punish me when He is mad.

the next day He said we needed some time in the red room. i said oh that will be fun as He knows i like to be tied to the cross. He said not fun for you this time slave. this time it will be for real punishment. in other words He is going to whip me like a slave that was caught running from the plantation. there will be no mercy and the ball gag will be used so the safeword can't.

He told me that in all the time i have been His slave He has never had a really solid reason to punish me, but this time He does and He will. i will learn the painful way as i can not learn any other way. i will be begging for mercy long before i am gagged & tied tight on that cross. i know once i am there it will be to late for begging.

in some ways i am looking forward to it as it will test me and show us both what this slave can take. i am sure once it is over i will enjoy looking at my marks and smile with pride of being His.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

your sex life

is the headline news tonight, film at 6. now i know i am not going to be on the 6 clock news like the NY governor was this past week. i do know that it would shock to a lot of family and friends if they read this blog and put two & two together and came up with me.

i see a lot of blogs with pictures on them showing their faces on the blog. i want to know if anyone has been discovered by someone that did not know you liked your sex kinky until they came across your blog? how did they take it? did they tell others about you? did it cause you to lose or leave a job?

i would love to tell everyone i know that i love to be tied up and spanked hard and give my Master blowjobs among the many other things i do. if they read this blog they would know all about me and the real sex whore i am. telling them and being accepted is a big roll of the dice.

but i also know that i will not be posting my face here anytime soon. i will show you the rest of my body as you all ready know. i often wonder how many people have read this blog that really do know me, but did not know it was me they were reading about.

why is the land of the free and home of the brave so uptight on nudity, sex and most of all s&m? tell us what happen when your kinky sex life became front page news in the friends gazette. or better yet you are exposed on the front page of your hometown newspaper for all to see and read about.

talk about exposed Master said He wants me to do more of that this year. so we are going shopping for some shorter skirts and see thru clothes. and if you do know or see me please don't tell the friends gazette;)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

slave survivor

Master would like to put this slave on a island naked for one month. He would like to tie me to a tree and whip me hard just to hear me scream and know no one will hear me. put me in a dog crate and watch as heavy rains pour down on my naked body. how long would i last? put me on a wood pony as it gets raised higher every 30 mins. watch me crawl on my belly through mud to reach my next meal and than watch as the mud dries on my naked body. the mud would stay on until rain came or it fell off.

that is just a few of the ideas He has for His slave survivor show. He has a lot more ideas, but you get the idea. i am sure we would have a great time playing games and being naked for a month would make for a great tan.

have you ever watched some of the things they do on the show and think how great it would be if they were all slaves with their Masters? we need to get together all of the slaves that blog onto a island. so grab your Master/Mistress or both and let's go live a dream for a month. what do you think?

and feel free to share your ideas on what games to play.