Sunday, October 29, 2006

the mirror

last night i had just went to bed when Master told me to get up and go kneel in front of the large mirror that is on the back of the door. as you know i kneel naked each morning in the living room for 10 mins before leaving for the office. this past week Master had me kneel with my finger inside my pussy. so i finger myself for 10 mins every morning now while i kneel.

what a great way to start a day. well i was not expecting to have to kneel last night right at my bedtime but i did as told. as i kneeled i was to finger myself until i came as i watched myself in the mirror. Master ask me if i enjoyed watching a slut play with herself and i replyed yes. with that statement i started to cum. Master told me to keep playing even after i came.

i think in total i was in front of the mirror 20 mins all the while watching my hand playing in my wetness. than Master told me to get up and go send a email to Mistress telling her what i had just done. below is what i sent to her.


Tonight Master had me kneel naked in front of a long mirror on the door. While I was kneeling I was to have my finger in my pussy til I cum. Well that didn't not take very long before I had a very wet n throbbing pussy. I can still feel the wetness as I am sitting here naked sending this email to you. I love the way Master always makes me cum.


Master also told me on our next play day with Mistress i will be doing this in front of the three of them. they will watch while dressed as i will be the only naked one, as i bring myself to a orgasm in front of them. i know it won't take long for me to cum that day. hope i don't pass out from the excitement of it all. i have never masturbated in front of anyone but my Master.

but that is why i love Him, He makes me do fun things i would have never done in the past BM. (before Master)

slrn# 638-487-072

Sunday, October 22, 2006

is it me

or the change in the weather? i am just so horny lately and wanting Master to do more with me. i want to serve Him more then ever in anyway He desires me.

i just can not get enough of His pain/love these days. i fingered myself many times yesterday as i worked around the house thinking about Him. it was easy to do as i am always naked at home. just writing this has my pussy wet & wanting something in it.

hard to type with just one hand i guess i will have to stop typing. see what i mean.

slrn# 638-487-072

P.S. update on "The Pet" movie release. Dec. 5 is what there site is saying.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

no weights

but i felt the pain. fucktoy has some great pictures of her beautiful breasts with weights hanging from her nipple rings on her blog. she is a very brave slave in my book.

Master attached my leash to my hood ring the other day to lead me around with it. i will tell you i did follow Him without fail and did not let Him get to far away. just the weight of the leash hanging on it was painful. i was scared to death He was going rip it right out of me. i begged and pleaded for mercy.

i was granted mercy only after Master took many photos and had me follow Him around. maybe it was 5 mins tops, but long enough for me to know how painful it can be to have a pierced item pulled on.

so i am very impressed by fucktoy and her tolerance for doing it. i would never want anything to happen to my Master's mark as i am very proud i have it. He did say He will be hanging items from it and to get my mind ready for that. i do know it will have a xmas tree bulbs hanging from it when the season comes.

that should make for a good xmas card picture don't you think?

slrn# 638-487-072

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

He calls me

samsonite, yes that is what I was on the luggage rack. Master had me lay over it face down with my tits falling down between the straps. He then attached the leash to my collar and pulled it tight into the x of the legs of the rack and wrapped it tight. there was no way my head could move.

next a rope was wrapped around each of my spread legs at the knees to the legs of the rack. then two ropes over my back to hold me down to the rack. i could not move a inch and with my hands cuffed behind me there was no getting out of this. my tits & ass were all his to do as he pleased. the tit clamps with weights were added to my hard nipples as my tits were very exposed. the crop the cane and a flogger all came down hard on my naked ass.

that was the pain part but the pleasure part was when Master laid down on the floor and licked my hood ring very shiny with His tongue. i came more times then i can remember. He loves my pussy pie and i think all He needed was some ice cream to go with it. although if He would have had ice cream i might still be tied to that rack. He worked me over pretty good as it was.

after many photos of His luggage it was time for tender love in the bed. i was untied and uncuffed. it was time to pleasure Master with my fingers, hands, mouth and my very wet pussy. what a great time it is for me to pleasure Him as we both enjoy what cums.

so next time you are in a hotel with a luggage rack remember what you can do with it besides set a suitcase on it.

slrn# 638-487-072

Sunday, October 15, 2006

hotel whore

is what i looked like walking into the hotel and down it's long halls to our room. Master even told me i looked like a hooker as we walked. i wore a very shear see thru black blouse with a very thin black bra, slave collar, very short skirt with no panties, thigh highs & heels. the guys painting the outside of the hotel about fell of there ladders watching me walk by.

my heart was pounding 100 mph as i walked by them and then down the inside hallways. i could not wait to get into our room on the 2nd floor. it gave me a huge rush and a very wet pussy. Master loves it when i show my body off to others.

once in the room it was down on my knees to strip naked for Master. i was told to leave the thigh highs & heels on as Master likes to see me in them. next i was to undress Master starting with his shoes working my way up. once he was naked and me being on my knees i you should know what i did next.

He took photos of His slave as she worked on His member. He then had me crawl on on my hands and knees to the middle of the large room so he would have room to swing His whip. with no bondage to hold me and still on my hands and knees He started off with the new single tail whip. there was no holding back as He knew i needed it bad. i craved it, i had to have it hard. i was flogged & caned as well.

i did really well staying in position and not crying out. Master then had me get up and walk over to a wall so i could do my tt&n. that is tits, toes & nose touching the wall and only those three things. hands are placed on top of my head and legs are spread wide. i stand there until told other wise. i am whipped and played with but i must not let any of the three leave the wall for any reason.

it was about 30 mins on the wall before He placed my hands behind my back and locked on the handcuffs. still standing against wall only hands were moved.
He played with my wetness kissed my neck (that drives crazy) and took photos as i held my position.

Master then opened the closet only to find the luggage rack in there. you that thing you fold open to set a suitcase on that has black nylon straps on it? well He did not have a suitcase to put on it but He did have a slave.

more on that to cum.

slrn# 638-487-072

Saturday, October 14, 2006

wow time flys

if you are having fun or not. i have not been having much fun in my life lately. it has nothing to do with Master as He is my rock. without Him it would be very bad. not going into details but everyone knows about family problems as we all have some in our life.

Master and i are going to have a play day today at a hotel. He said i need to get away for a while and enjoy some good bondage and and nice hard ass whipping. He knows just what to do to cheer me up, that is just the ticket.

i really enjoy serving Him it brings me a pleasure that i can not put into words. not long ago He made me kneel naked for Him 20 mins a day as a punishment. my punishment was up weeks ago, but i still kneel naked for Him everyday on my own. it is only for 10 mins now as i do it every morning before i leave for the office. Master said there is no better way to start off a day for a slave then on her knees.

if you have never served someone then you might not understand why i still do it. i feel very much closer to Him and very calm with myself when i kneel. it brings peace to my life for 10 mins a day as i kneel there naked for the world to see. i think of only Him and the love He has for me and how warm inside it makes me feel when i am kneeling.

all of my problems and worries go away for 10 mins everyday as i worship Master. what a great way to start off another day in a crazy world.

slrn# 638-487-072

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

thanks Titans

well if you follow this blog than you know what that title means. yes it is true my team won by 31 points and that is 62 swats to my ass.

i just received all 62. i was told to get naked and assume the position. i did as i was told, ass relaxed & not tensed up. the first ones where the worse, as it has been a long time since the wood paddle with the holes was used on my ass.

Master does not like to see me tense up my cheeks for my next swat. i did that a lot at the beginning. my ass needs to be relaxed to enjoy the pleasure of a good spanking. i was relaxed after the first few swats but not at first. they hurt like hell when he first started out but then i got into it and enjoyed each one more as it came. it really makes me wet to be punished hard.

He really knows now to paint my ass red. i just looked at it and it is shinning bright red and i am sure it will be black & blue in the morning. as long as i have color there i am a happy camper. i know that those are more marks of my Master and i love each one i get.

i never dreamed i would enjoy any of this as much as i do. i am a pain slut and very proud to admit it, not just on here but to others in person. Master might be telling someone about me and i will tell them yes i enjoy all that He does.

i just love a red ass.

slrn# 638-487-072