Sunday, October 22, 2006

is it me

or the change in the weather? i am just so horny lately and wanting Master to do more with me. i want to serve Him more then ever in anyway He desires me.

i just can not get enough of His pain/love these days. i fingered myself many times yesterday as i worked around the house thinking about Him. it was easy to do as i am always naked at home. just writing this has my pussy wet & wanting something in it.

hard to type with just one hand i guess i will have to stop typing. see what i mean.

slrn# 638-487-072

P.S. update on "The Pet" movie release. Dec. 5 is what there site is saying.

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Sheen V said...

I find that I get hornier as her period approaches. Must be the pheremones. The tough part of it is getting some sex in before it does start. Sometimes I don't realize it until its too late. Argh!