Tuesday, October 17, 2006

He calls me

samsonite, yes that is what I was on the luggage rack. Master had me lay over it face down with my tits falling down between the straps. He then attached the leash to my collar and pulled it tight into the x of the legs of the rack and wrapped it tight. there was no way my head could move.

next a rope was wrapped around each of my spread legs at the knees to the legs of the rack. then two ropes over my back to hold me down to the rack. i could not move a inch and with my hands cuffed behind me there was no getting out of this. my tits & ass were all his to do as he pleased. the tit clamps with weights were added to my hard nipples as my tits were very exposed. the crop the cane and a flogger all came down hard on my naked ass.

that was the pain part but the pleasure part was when Master laid down on the floor and licked my hood ring very shiny with His tongue. i came more times then i can remember. He loves my pussy pie and i think all He needed was some ice cream to go with it. although if He would have had ice cream i might still be tied to that rack. He worked me over pretty good as it was.

after many photos of His luggage it was time for tender love in the bed. i was untied and uncuffed. it was time to pleasure Master with my fingers, hands, mouth and my very wet pussy. what a great time it is for me to pleasure Him as we both enjoy what cums.

so next time you are in a hotel with a luggage rack remember what you can do with it besides set a suitcase on it.

slrn# 638-487-072


His fucktoy said...


Seems i have also experienced this.


kk said...

well toy then you know 1st hand how much i had. Master always finds new ways to hold me in place for His pleasure.

kk said...

much fun i had.