Saturday, October 21, 2006

no weights

but i felt the pain. fucktoy has some great pictures of her beautiful breasts with weights hanging from her nipple rings on her blog. she is a very brave slave in my book.

Master attached my leash to my hood ring the other day to lead me around with it. i will tell you i did follow Him without fail and did not let Him get to far away. just the weight of the leash hanging on it was painful. i was scared to death He was going rip it right out of me. i begged and pleaded for mercy.

i was granted mercy only after Master took many photos and had me follow Him around. maybe it was 5 mins tops, but long enough for me to know how painful it can be to have a pierced item pulled on.

so i am very impressed by fucktoy and her tolerance for doing it. i would never want anything to happen to my Master's mark as i am very proud i have it. He did say He will be hanging items from it and to get my mind ready for that. i do know it will have a xmas tree bulbs hanging from it when the season comes.

that should make for a good xmas card picture don't you think?

slrn# 638-487-072

1 comment:

His fucktoy said...

Funny, honey.

Sometimes i shock myself (and my Owner too!) with what i do for Him to honor orders.

And would you believe that i'm already thinking seasonal things for the tits and cunt too? lol

Something other than a can of cherry coke.

Looking forward to more of what your Master does with this-
and thank you...