Sunday, April 29, 2007

tits in public

this past week Master and stopped at a very large event after work. there were thousands of people there and all the free drinks and food you could eat. there were bands of all kinds playing everywhere and everyone was having a great time.

Master and i stayed almost till the end of it. we were parked in the back of a large parking lot and there where still a few people parked around us coming to there cars. well we both were feeling good with me feeling the best if you know what i mean.

Master was kissing on me beside his truck and as He did He unbuttoned my blouse all the way open. i did not wear a bra this day so my naked breasts where His to pinch & play with as we kissed and talked. two guys were walking by and Master pulled my blouse closed but then though different and opened it up wide pulling the sides of it behind my back.

there i stood with my naked tits out for all to see as Master stepped back away from me holding my shirt open. the two guys laughed and got in there truck drove right up past us looking and laughing at us. next was a young couple getting in there truck and when the girl saw me she told her man i have to pee and so she did. we could not see her doing it but did see the wet spot when they left.

they could have pulled out of there parking spot and drove off but they backed up and drove right past us looking right at my naked tits. i know there were a few more people who seen me but these two saw me up close and personal.

the parking lot had good lighting so it was not like we where in the dark. they could see my tits very easy. everyone enjoyed the show and my pussy was soaked. i love what my Master does to me and how it makes me feel. can not wait for the next time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

exposed again

last Sunday Master had slave dress in a pair of His very sheer red boxer shorts. they were not only sheer but split up both sides almost to the waist band. i was walked around the park for all to see and many did from a distance.
yes that is me acting like a slave tied to a tree and wanting to be. if i lived in slaveville usa i would be, only without the blouse and shorts. how fun would that be to go out to a public park and be tied to a tree naked and whipped for all to watch?
i am just dreaming of the perfect place for me to live.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

slaveville usa

i was thinking the other day how great it would be if i could live in a town called slaveville. it would be a great place for Master & i to live. how great would it be to go shopping at the mall and see other slaves being lead around by there leashes as i would be.

slaves could be tied to anything or any place in public in many states of dress or undress. yes i would be dressed only in a collar and a dress up day would be in my 4 cuffs.

there would be less stress as we would not worry about what to wear or who might find out that we enjoy being whipped. everyone one would understand it and accept it as normal. just think what would happen now if your boss found out how much you liked to be whipped?

i could be lead into any store or restaurant naked in my collar & leash on my hands and knees and it be as normal as walking into one as you do now dressed. how great it would be to live as a slave and everyone in town know it that is just what you are.

public beatings on Friday nights in the town square for the really bad slaves that week and a Master's party afterwards for all to attend. dancing, drinking and whippings and just plain good s&m fun.

call your realtor now homes going fast.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


the month of May is on the way and know what that means to me if you have been reading this blog for a while. i am so looking forward to having my pussy naked again. i really hate looking at all of the hair that has grown there in the last six months.

every morning i must sit on a chair in front of the mirror naked with my legs spread wide with my hands on my head for 10 mins and stare at my hairy pussy. Master has me do this for several reasons but the main one is to accept my naked body and look at my very hairy pussy. it also reminds me i am a slave to His wishes.

before Master i was not naked very much at all and if i was i was told to cover up. well those days are long gone now i am naked most of the time at home even now as i sit here and write this post. yes i love my body now. my tits are not to small as i always thought they were and my ass is just fine for a good spanking. most of all i have a man that loves to have it naked for His viewing pleasure and other pleasures.

yes i will one happy slave on that day in May when Master & Mistress and wax me bare there. and to think before Master came along there was always some hair there it was never bald. funny how the right person in your life can change your way of thinking. Master has made a lot of changes in my life and i love everyone of them.

once i am bald there Master is going to have me go get my toes painted in my short white dress. i have been getting a pedicure at the same place for a long time. the girl that does them is cool. Master will call me on the phone when i am there and make me say things like yes Master or what color do you want them Master to Him so she hears it. she will laugh and say is that your boyfriend again. i think she knows i am a slave from some of our talks. i am not looking forward to showing off to her but if i tell her Master sent me in this she will understand.

i want to say a BIG thank you to toy and DL for adding me to the beautiful soles sidebar project on her mmft blog. she did a outstanding job with all of the beautiful souls posted.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

strip club

last night Master took me to a strip club for the 1st time in my life. we sat down next to the stage and watched the girls dance. He would give me dollar bills and tell me to tip the ladies. i was very embarrassed to have to do this as the girls danced in front of me. the guys would hoot and holler everytime i stood up.

one of the ladies came and sat down with us and talked to Master for a while. than she got up and did a table dance for me. oh this had the place going crazy watching her move in front of me. when she was done she sat down and ask me if i would like to give her a table dance i said no way.

it was getting close to closing time and i had more than one or two drinks. the girl that was sitting with us got up and left the table. when she came back she had a leash in her hand. she clipped it on my collar that i was wearing and pulled me up to my feet and started pulling me backstage. there was a loud roar from the guys as i looked back at Master He just smiled.

backstage i was stripped of my clothes by several of the girls. next they dressed me in some very sheer materials & heels than my hands were cuffed behind my back and blindfolded. i was than pulled along by my leash and as the music ended i heard the dj say next up is Mistress anne and her slave kk. i wanted to die. i was just shaking with fear as i was pulled out onto stage by my leash i heard the crowd roar.

i was pulled around the stage and stopped i guessed in the middle of it. next someone behind mee pushed my head down telling me to bend over. a crop hit my ass as the crowd yelled for more. not sure how many i got but it was more than i wanted standing on a stage. the music stopped as did the crop. i was pulled back up by my hair and i heard anne say over the sound system now slave will you dance and strip for us now. i felt the mic at my lips as i said yes Mistress. the crowd went wild and my pussy was soaked.

the music started again as i was uncuffed and the blindfold removed i started to dance to the music. there was not much to take off before i was dancing naked before all the guys & Master. dollar bills came from everyone as moved my naked ass.

oh yes just another dream cum true.

p.s. you do know what today is? ;)