Tuesday, April 10, 2007


the month of May is on the way and know what that means to me if you have been reading this blog for a while. i am so looking forward to having my pussy naked again. i really hate looking at all of the hair that has grown there in the last six months.

every morning i must sit on a chair in front of the mirror naked with my legs spread wide with my hands on my head for 10 mins and stare at my hairy pussy. Master has me do this for several reasons but the main one is to accept my naked body and look at my very hairy pussy. it also reminds me i am a slave to His wishes.

before Master i was not naked very much at all and if i was i was told to cover up. well those days are long gone now i am naked most of the time at home even now as i sit here and write this post. yes i love my body now. my tits are not to small as i always thought they were and my ass is just fine for a good spanking. most of all i have a man that loves to have it naked for His viewing pleasure and other pleasures.

yes i will one happy slave on that day in May when Master & Mistress and wax me bare there. and to think before Master came along there was always some hair there it was never bald. funny how the right person in your life can change your way of thinking. Master has made a lot of changes in my life and i love everyone of them.

once i am bald there Master is going to have me go get my toes painted in my short white dress. i have been getting a pedicure at the same place for a long time. the girl that does them is cool. Master will call me on the phone when i am there and make me say things like yes Master or what color do you want them Master to Him so she hears it. she will laugh and say is that your boyfriend again. i think she knows i am a slave from some of our talks. i am not looking forward to showing off to her but if i tell her Master sent me in this she will understand.

i want to say a BIG thank you to toy and DL for adding me to the beautiful soles sidebar project on her mmft blog. she did a outstanding job with all of the beautiful souls posted.


Anonymous said...

You must be so anxious. My Sir has also made many changes in my life, all of which I adore. I not only do things I would never have thought possible for me,but I find them extremely erotic! Take care! I would love to see the results of the waxing..teeheee
~martha fit2btied.soulfully-spoken.com

Mark Donahue said...

What a wonderful site. I love your story, and your Master's taste. Nicely done. I am linking to you, on my Quips & Chains Fetish Blog. Perhaps you , and Master, can look at my site, and see if you want to add it to yours. Well done!