Sunday, October 28, 2007

a nice lunch

it does not happen very often, but every once in a while Master & i get to go to lunch together from work. well this past week we got to go out alone just the two of us. this is rare as we always have someone going along with us.

it has been cool here as of late and i had a lite jacket on when we got into Masters truck. well the sun was shinning bright and the truck was very nice and warm inside. as we pulled out of the parking lot i said i need to start stripping meaning i was taking off my jacket.

Master said that was a great idea and told me to drop my pants and finger my cunt on the way to the restaurant. i smiled as i unbuttoned my pants and stuck my hand down the front of them. He looked over and said I can not see your pussy, pull them down cunt.

i pulled them down to my knees and was back at my pussy when Master looked over and said take them down to your ankles and spread your legs wide, cunt. i did as i was told and went back to work on my now very wet pussy with one finger buried deep inside it.

Master looked over at me when we stopped at a red light and said I want two fingers in that cunt NOW!

so here i sit on a busy city street with my pants down at my ankles and my two fingers deep inside my own pussy with the hot sun shining in on my bald hot wet pussy. oh how great it felt to be doing this, i was in 7th heaven.

we even drove through the strip center parking lot with people walking all around us with two fingers up my naked pussy. what a rush this was for me. made my whole day better.

on the return trip i was to expose my tits to Him and play with my hard nipples as we drove back down the same city streets. i am not sure how many saw me doing this, but i know it does not matter because it put me on top of the world for the rest of the day.

can't wait to go to lunch again with Master. the fun is getting there.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

just a slut

that is all i am a slut. i am nothing more and i proved that today. Master was walking me in the park today on my leash with my little cock pacifer in my mouth.

He had unbuttoned my white blouse and rolled it up to just under my naked tits and tied it off. my short pink skirt did not cover much of my naked ass, but none of the above was a problem as no one was at the park at the time.

that changed fast as i was being lead around by the leash when a young 20+ something woman walked in coming right at us. i am sure she saw us before we saw her. she walked up to a bench close to us and sat down. Master kept walking like it was ok to walk His slave on a leash in a park.

He did take off my leash as we came closer to her, but He wanted me to keep my pacifer in place as we got even closer to her. i begged for Him to let me remove it. He did let me take it out, but now He wanted to walk right in front of her so she could see my collar and naked tits.

as we walked up closer to her i could feel the heat in my face as my blood rushed to it in embarrassment. it was a very long walk past her dressed as i was. walking past her Master said hello as she looked right at us. i held my my head down and did not say a word or even look her way.

Master and i sat down on a bench not far from her and almost right in front of her. Master was telling me He wanted me to kneel down on my knees in front her with my hands on my head as He took pictures with her in the back round. i will only tell you that i worked out an agreement with His hard cock not to do that. more proof that i am just His slut/cunt.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

ever caught naked

in a public place? well i was not caught, but it was damm close call. Master and i have a nice little park close to the house that we like to go to walk around & play puppy games.

last Sunday i was wearing another new very short dress. it feels like a t-shirt with straps and ends at my ass cheeks. Master was feeling me up in it and exposing my ass at times as we walked. i always get worked up when He does these things to me in public. He even had me get down on my knees and pull my dress up to my neck so He could get picture of His naked slave in the park.

we had made our way around the park and back to the parking lot and like two teenages we where kissing and playing with each other. He leaned His back against the truck and had me lean in against Him with my back to Him.

as He played with my tits with His hands and kissed the back of my neck i melted into a sexual daze. He pushed my dress straps down my arms along with the front of my dress. He rubbed both naked nipples real lite with His fingers. as He did this i was melting like ice cream on a hot day into His body.

He then pushed my dress down past my ass as i now stood naked before Him as a cool breeze blew across my nakedness. with His fingers still rubbing my nipples i was lost in heaven and lost all thoughts of where we were with not a care in the world. i was just getting ready to let my dress fall to the ground when Master started looking around.

He looked out past the front of the truck than He looked to the back, and right at the back of the truck on the other side from us was a woman walking her dog. He pushed me away Him and said get dressed someone is coming. just as she came into view of us she looked right at us. she might have seen me adjusting my straps, but i don't think see saw anything else.

and to think if Master would have not started looking around she would have seen it all because my dress would have on the ground by then.

has anyone else ever been caught naked or almost naked?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

office slut

that is what i was today. i work with about 10 women and about 50 guys. all the women i work with all wear bras and panties everyday, i look for them. i on the other hand do not even own panties and Master has me go braless about two days a week to show off my nips.

yesterday Master made me keep my small butt plug in after my morning worship time. He also told me to wear the very tight thong that He calls my bondage thong to help hold in my plug. well i did not know all this was going to happen and i was running short on time.

i did have a very light pink thong that i was just allowed to wear last week that was just washed and not yet given back to Master. i put it on and was off to work with my plug in it's place. i was so scared the plug would slip past the string and fall out that i was scared to get up from my desk.

i told Master i could not find my bondage thong being i was running short on time. it is the only panty i am allowed to have on my own and i did not know where it was. i had a lot of work to do that needed me to be up and walking, butt i stayed seated and begged to take out the plug.

He told me i could take it out at 10 am, but that i was to find the bondage thong and wear it tomorrow all day long with it on backwards. yes that's right backwards with the string part going up between my cunt lips. well ladies i did it for a full 12 hours today and it was not fun time.

i know for a fact that i was the office slut yesterday and today. no other woman in my office would even think about wearing a butt plug to work one day and a thong on backwards the next day. hell i don't think they would even wear a thong period.

if they only knew what a sex slut i am they would not even talk to me. and to find out i am also a slave would really push them over the edge. i do know one thing, i will know where that damm bondage thong is next time i am told to use it for a plugged day at the office.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

crop damage

and i am not talking about a field of wheat. i am talking about Masters favorite riding crop. Friday night i was in my naked slave punishment position as Master with His crop in hand was laying some nice leather on my ass.

well He did not swing the crop like would always would do, but He was bending it back by the end and letting go. it really had more sting to it like that, but the crop could not take it like my ass could. it snapped in half in Masters hands after about the 8th one.

i thought it was funny, but Master was sadden that His favorite crop was no longer going to mark His owned ass. i always hated the crop anyway as it stings my ass the most.

well guess who got to go shopping for a new crop? if you guessed the slave you are correct. Saturday found me going to the local ranch and tack store to find a new crop. they are much better crops and a lot cheaper in price than the ones at the adult stores.

i walked all over the store looking for them and could not find them. so i had to ask a sales lady where they kept there riding crops. she pointed them out to me and i walked over and picked out one that looked close to Master's old one. i swang in the air a few times and got wet just thinking how great it would feel on my naked ass.

as i carried it around the store i felt proud being a slave that picked out her Master's crop. i know that all the people that saw me with it knew it would not be used on no horse. i just knew the cashier was going to ask me about my horse that i didn't have. if she would have ask i was ready to tell her it is a gift for my Master, He broke his last night.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

wearing my stripes

with pride. as you all know my boys are winning and in the last two games they have gave me over 104 points. well i am happy to say i am enjoying there wins, but most of all i enjoy getting my points.

Master has been working on my ass with the crop for the past two days just catch up as He missed doing it last week. i am sitting here with a nice freshly cropped naked red ass and i love it. it just brings me alive when i feel the sting on my ass.

how can you not enjoy a good spanking on a naked ass?

How about them Cowboys!