Sunday, October 07, 2007

crop damage

and i am not talking about a field of wheat. i am talking about Masters favorite riding crop. Friday night i was in my naked slave punishment position as Master with His crop in hand was laying some nice leather on my ass.

well He did not swing the crop like would always would do, but He was bending it back by the end and letting go. it really had more sting to it like that, but the crop could not take it like my ass could. it snapped in half in Masters hands after about the 8th one.

i thought it was funny, but Master was sadden that His favorite crop was no longer going to mark His owned ass. i always hated the crop anyway as it stings my ass the most.

well guess who got to go shopping for a new crop? if you guessed the slave you are correct. Saturday found me going to the local ranch and tack store to find a new crop. they are much better crops and a lot cheaper in price than the ones at the adult stores.

i walked all over the store looking for them and could not find them. so i had to ask a sales lady where they kept there riding crops. she pointed them out to me and i walked over and picked out one that looked close to Master's old one. i swang in the air a few times and got wet just thinking how great it would feel on my naked ass.

as i carried it around the store i felt proud being a slave that picked out her Master's crop. i know that all the people that saw me with it knew it would not be used on no horse. i just knew the cashier was going to ask me about my horse that i didn't have. if she would have ask i was ready to tell her it is a gift for my Master, He broke his last night.


His pet said...

You are SO cool! i would have been blushing...worried someone would see right through me. Yet here you are proud as pie that you were buying the crop for your Master. i want to be like you when i grow up!!!


Kinky Aoefe said...

I could have done that for sure. (If it were in another City!!) You ARE cool like brooke says. I wished she would have asked you.


Joe said...

I wish she would have asked you about your horse, so you could have said what you wanted to say--it was for your Master and it broke last night. But what would have been funnier was to say that your ass broke the last one, so you had to get a new one... :)