Friday, February 20, 2009

Master may i

sit with you? this is not a easy thing for me to remember to ask. Master enjoys taking me out for lunch or dinner. and one of my new rules is to stand beside the table with my hands behind my back as if i was cuffed and ask Him permission to sit down.

i must say (Master may i sit with you today?) loud enough so anyone may hear. even if there is someone standing there seating us. let me just say i am not very good at this new rule yet. and today at lunch i was so excited at where we went i forgot to ask.

He did not make me get back up and ask today, as it was just a lunch, but i will be made to suffer for it. i have forgot to ask before and made to get right back up and stand there until permission was granted to sit.

but He did make me unbutton my blouse two more buttons and put my arms behind me as my meal was being served so my tits where exposed for all to see.

i am just a slave after all that needs more training.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

hot red ass day

what says love better than a nice hot red ass on this day? everything is red this day everywhere you look. my Valentine told me that being today is a day of love and red seems to be the color of love my naked ass should match the day.

i just love it when He talks so sweet to me. i have been naked for most of the day and not sure how many total swats i have got so far. when the color fades and Master sees no red i am made to bend over and get back my color. i spread my legs grab my ankles and enjoy the coloring as He whips me red again.

oh what better way to spend a day of love.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

my naked ass

now weights in at a whopping 13* lbs today Master.

every Sunday this slave must without fail stand naked on a scale and record her weight in a email to her Master. the email reads just as you see it above everytime. the only thing that changes is the number.

the reason for email is so Master can have it on record as He has a file there for it. He has it recorded back to 05. i know that most women won't tell a soul about there weight, but i can have no secrets with my Master.

He knows all of the details of my body. every now & then He will have me stand naked before Him as He takes a measuring tape and measures me from top to bottom. He has no problem with my weight, He just likes to know all He can about His naked ass slave.

i was not wild about telling Him every week at first and i did cheat a little in the beginning, but when He found out He had me step on a scale in a public place for all to see. that ended all of my cheating on the numbers.

i was told to post it on my blog so all my fans would know also. well i did i just hit the shift key on that last number by mistake ; - )

Sunday, February 01, 2009

c & c = p

i like to start my mornings off with a good hot cup of coffee and most weekend mornings mean 3 or 4 cups as i have the time for it. yesterday was no different and once i get out and get going i might grab a large coke to suck on. i like to suck on things u know;)

as i was out running my errands i felt a light urge to pee. i thought i will go at my next stop being there was not a restroom in the small store i was in. well off i go in my car still sucking on my big coke. so now as i drive down the road to the next stop i see a lot of traffic piled up at the light. so it takes longer for me to get to my store.

now after all of my coffee / coke drinking and sitting at a long stop light i need to pee really bad by now. as i pull into the parking lot i am telling myself i won't make it to the restroom in the back of the store. i need relief right now.

as you well know i have spread my legs wide & peed in public parking lots before for my Master, but this was way to public to do that in. so i looked at my big coke cup and said give it a try. i opened the window & dumped out the ice, dropped my shorts to the floor raised my naked ass up off of the seat spread my legs and shot for the cup.

WOW! did that feel great to let it go and i did not miss a drop. all of it made it in the cup. now i did park out away from the store, but anyone could have drove by or parked next to me and they would have seen it all. i would have let them watch as there was no stopping the flow once i let it go.

i told Master what i done later and He said good girl, but now we need to take some pictures of you doing it. so now i have to do it for Him as He films it. He has many photos of me doing it in bathtubs, toilets, parks, parking lots and even on Him as we both enjoy a warm golden shower now and then.