Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ass after 24

i love to win and you can tell by the look on my ass in the profile pic. since my boys won this weekend that meant that i got double the amount of swats
on my ass. there were "24" hard swats placed on my ass and this is only pre-season.

what a long and painful season this will be for my ass especially if my boys win a lot of games. i really love this time of the year. with football games every week that will decide how many swats my ass will get weekly. that means i will have a post ass game report every week.

Master said he will update my profile pic at the first of each month so you can view what we say we do together on the blog.

this pic is a day early do to my big win. i just love the red ass.

P.S. legs are spread wide as is required by Master this time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

shoe shopping

well I did not tell you about looking for a shoe store. well Sunday before meeting Master at the park i walked the mall from one end to the other hoping to find the right shoe store to try on shoes in a very short dress.

that did not go very well as i have yet to find one that i think i could walk into sit down and show my naked bald pussy in and feel good about doing it. i did ask Master what the punishment might be if i did not do it and he said see the tube dress you are wearing now well you can wear that to the shoe store instead.

ha ha he is very funny sometimes as that tube dress fits like a second skin and is very see thru i might as well walk in the store butt naked as save the dress for a night out to a dark club.

the white dress is very short but it at least covers me up more then the tube dress. so i guess i will keep looking for a store and hope Master does not get in a hurry to buy shoes. i will keep you updated on how this turns out. i wish he would just tie me to a whipping post instead and let me take the pain but he knows i would enjoy it to much.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

the things we do

I met my Master in the park today for our Sunday walk. I never know what we will be doing because
my Master is always doing something different and exciting. When he got to the park a few minutes after
I did he had me change into a tube dress he had brought along for me. He always likes to change things
at the last minute so I never know what to expect next from him. Since this dress was not made for park
walking, we just sat and enjoyed each other for the day with very little walking. Before we had our short
walk he put some anal beads up my butt for some added pleasure. When we got back from the walk he
pulled them out and OH what pleasure that was for me. Since he was giving me all this attention I felt
that I should give my Master some too. So I started stroking his cock and balls for awhile. Before i knew
it i had his swollen cock in my mouth licking and sucking it. Oh how bad i wanted him to cum in my mouth
so i could taste him. But instead we thought that it would be fun if he would cum all over my titties. That was
a wonderful way to end our day in the park.

Master did not forget

well i thought as time went by Master would forget about having me buy shoes in my very short white dress. i was told that i was to locate at least two shoe stores where they still assist you in trying on shoes. now days most are self serve like gas stations.

Master likes to show me off to others as it gives us both a thrill to know someone saw something they should not have. i can tell you that wearing that white dress without undies to try on shoes will be showing more to someone then i have ever showed that up close to a stranger. i know i will be very nervous and red faced if i do it. i might just see what the punishment is and take it instead for not doing it.

oh well off the shoe stores i go just to look for one now at least i will have done that for Master.

Friday, August 19, 2005

tied down

i am so glad it is Friday. when i think that it has been the craziest work week ever the very next week is even crazier. well anyway i am just glad that this week is over.
to start my weekend off with a bang my Master had me meet him in a deserted parking
lot. i had a feeling that he was going to do something that we had never done before, but i had no clue what. i got to the parking lot a couple of minutes before he did. then when he drove up in his suv i knew he had playing on his mind. he told me to get in the back seat. which already had the seats pulled down flat.
he then told me take off all my clothes and put on what he had in his black bag. the only thing in his bag was a blindfold, wrists and ankle cuffs. after putting these on my Master went to my hands and hooked them on to the rods of the head rests then my legs were spread and hooked onto built in cargo hooks at the rear. now i was bound naked spread eagle and blindfolded for the world to see. glad the windows were tinted.
Master then took out the riding crop out that i love and swated at my naked body.
this made my pussy very wet as each swat brought me the pain/pleasure i enjoy so very much. he would stop very often to kiss me and/or suck and bite on my nipples. this was the greatest feeling ever. he could get to any side of me he wanted by opening a door or the back gate.
while he was having his way with me i could hear the traffic on the street next to the parking lot. i just
hoped that no one would come into the parking lot to see what was going on. but then with the fun i was having i really didn't care either. before i knew it my Master had started the car and was driving
away with me tied up in the back. i could not see where we were going and kept opening the windows for anyone to see.
he told me we were going to drive through a stores parking lot so people could see his beautiful slave in the back. i was very nervous and excited at the same time. this is 5 oclock traffic we are talking about here.
but before i knew it we were back in parking lot where we started from. we never did make it to the store parking lot since a long train was going through and there was a huge traffic jam. even so i had one of the best times ever and i hope to do this again very soon with my Master.
just my Master's way of making another great start to the weekend.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

a note by Master

I do not post on here as a rule this blog is for kk to tell her stories on of what we do together. We enjoy playing games very much with each other and I thought I would explain why she rode home with her shirt open and a naked ass.

When we first started playing with each other I would ask her what color underware she was wearing and she would tell me or have me guess. Well that led me to telling her to go remove her panties and bring them to me. Now this is all being done while at the office. She enjoyed those days so much when I would tell to remove her undies that today she does not wear any.

She would not leave the house without panties on back then. She was then told to start wearing thongs to work and that is another good story that she will tell sometime. Driving home half nude is a very common thing for her to do. She just enjoys it more when I tell her to do it. She is very submissive to me and enjoys being so. She does things that only a real submissive slave would for her Master.

She is a beautiful woman that I am very proud of and also love very much. I enjoy her showing her body as much as possible without her going to jail. She also enjoys being exposed. A long ride home playing with ones self half naked is a lot more fun then going home dressed and hot.

What I have is a want to be naked all the time monster on my hands here and I love every minute of it.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

my ride home

it has been a very crazy day at work and i am very happy to be out of there until tomorrow.
Master helped me get my mind off of work and on to much better things. for one he said that
i was to drive home with only my shirt on. i was to have it buttoned only halfway so i would be
exposed for anyone to see. things like this gets me very excited so i end up playing with myself
on the way home too. most of the time traffic is very light and i am not stopped by anyone long
enough to notice. but there are the times when i do get a few glances and that makes it even more
enjoyable. sometimes my Master will call me before i get home just to see how my ride home is
going. for me this is a great way to unwind after a wild and crazy day at work. it leaves me totally

Sunday, August 14, 2005

my sunday walk in the park

today was a very special day for my Master n me. 15 months ago to the day i gave my Master his first
kiss from me and WOW how thing have change since then for us. it has taken a long time for the both
of us to find our perfect match. but our dreams have come true.
so we met in the park (our favorite place on a hot Sunday afternoon). After some huggin n muggin my Master
took me for a walk through the park on my leash. we would stop often to hug and kiss each other. the only
problem was that i never wanted to let him go so we could walk more. once my Master had me get on all
fours and pant like his slut puppy while he took my photo. yes he took a lot of photos of me today, but then he
always does take my pics when I am being his slut puppy.
today was a nice day on the weather side. it usually is around 100 degrees but today there was a very nice
sort of cool breeze with a light rain. my Master had me go out in the light rain so he could take more photos
of me. He has almost 200 photos of me in these the best ever 15 months of my life. today he took some
of me in my short white dress and some in a very short skirt and tube top. he did not miss taking any of my bald pussy (that he loves so much) as I set there with my legs spread wide for him and his camera.
i never thought that it was possible not to get enough of someone. but now i know that it is possible. God i
love my Master so much that i just cannot get enough of him.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

my Saturday

i had to work this morning for 4 hours but it was okay since i normally don't do anything saturday mornings anyway.
i missed my Master a lot all morning and all i wanted was to hear from him. so i went home after stopping to get some movies for later and tried to take
a nap but the phone kept waking me. and since it was everyone but my Master i decided to leave and do some shopping and like always my Master was there for me.
he called to see how i was and like always we had a very hot sexual conversation on the phone. i love my Master so much that all i want and think of is him. he is like a drug addiction to me and i need him so much.
i am looking forward to tomorrow when we get to meet at the park and i get to be walked on my leash like the slut puppy i am.
we both enjoy the public displays of me being submissive and of my near naked body. Master has had me standing in nothing but a collar in the parking lot and bent over being spanked and i love every minute of it as he also enjoys it.
i am sure more pictures will be taken and maybe i can share some here if he will allow it.

Friday, August 12, 2005


I am so glad that Friday has finally made it. The week has been good though since my Master is back in town. I love the all the little things he does to me throughout each day.
It makes work a lot easier and I look forward to the end of each day when I get to be with him.
Since today was Friday I gave my Master that extra TLC that he needed and wanted badly from me.

I did not know that my need to be spanked would also be taken care of by Master's whipping stick. He has a oak board that is 2 inches wide and about 18" long that he calls his whipping stick.
When he got out of his truck he had in his hand and the next thing I know I am in position and being spanked.
I was spanked 25 times with the last 15 very hard just to see if he could make me say our safeword but he has not heard that word from me yet. It is our little game we like to play so far I am winning but so is he. A good hot spanking is a great way to start off my weekend.

I am always so happy to please my Master's needs. There is no better way
to end the work week than with some gooooooooooood loving and a spanking. I wish every day was Friday!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

my new dress length

The photo in profile is the length of my new white dress. I was told to put my hands on the rail & step back & bend over and spread them (better known as assume the position slave) by Master @ the park. He just loves me in this position.
Well I got half of it right I just forgot to spread my legs wide enough for Master and that is why I was spanked for not paying attention to what I was told.
That dress is way shorter then I thought it would be and Master said I will by hiheels wearing it to the store. I hope he forgets about the shoe shopping trip but I know he won't.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

my walk in the park

oh what a wonderful day this has been. My Master got home today from a week away on
business. I had just bought a new very very short white dress especially for my Master. And
being that he loves to see me in public, I told him to meet me at the park at a certain time. With
my short white dress on I walked over to him and gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever. Oh
how I missed him so. And I know that he felt the same too. I felt like a kid in a candy store, I just
could not get enough of him. As we walked through the park he took a lot of different pictures of
me. Some of the pictures were of my bald naked pussy, the way we both like it. Then there were
the ones of my tits and my ass the way would could see them with my new dress on. Now it was
time for my spanking that I was longing for too. Master had me bend over the seat of the truck.
and started swating my ass until it was a nice shade of red. He swated me seventeen times and
each one was filled with so much of his love for me. Then I turned over and laid on my back
while he licked my pussy until I came. Then he put his fingers in my pussy and that made me
cum more. When he took his fingers out we licked all of my pussy cum off them.


Saturday, August 06, 2005

Master is back

Master is back in town and ready to take control of his slut/slave. I am to meet him in my white dress that I just bought from VS wearing nothing under it at all. It almost covers my ass cheeks as it is so short.
I am told I will have to find some nice heels to wear with it but that will be done at the local mall. I must wear nothing but the dress this shopping day and I must spread my legs when the heels are put on my foot.
Master enjoys others seeing my nakedness and I like to show it for him as it is a great turn on for us both.

Friday, August 05, 2005

a day on my own

Since my Master was out of town today and today was Friday I decided to be a little slutty
at work with a man that loves the kinky lifestlye. He is always telling me that he would love
to see me with his wife. She is very bi and wants me to play with her.
Well I have never done anything slutty with him but he doesn't know
that I love watching him. So I go to work with no bra on today as told to by Master and with the
top I am wearing you really cannot tell unless you get a close-up view. That is what I made sure
I did in front of him every chance I had today. There were times he could see just the cleavage
and then there were times when he could see all the way to the nipple. I know that I was turning
him on each time because he would turn red and he would keep talking to me. Knowing what I
was doing was making my pussy very wet and hot too. There were times that I wanted to just
put my hand in my pants and play with my pussy. I think that turning him on was actually turning
me on at the same time.
I cannot wait until my Master return because he will be in for the time of his life as turned on as I am.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


What a week this has been. I am so glad that tomorrow is TGIF!!!!!!!!!! My Master has been out
of town all week on business and I am about to go out of my mind being alone. He is always on
my mind so I tried to stay busy. But that is hard to do all day long, every day. I did get messages
and phone calls from my Master every day so that helped a lot. I just miss feeling his body, his
touch next to mine. I will be so gald when this week is over. And now I know for sure that I need and
want my Master forever in my life. I could not even imagine of not ever being with him. Because I
know that without him I am nothing.

If you read or see this Blog

Please say hi in the comments just so I see someone besides Master and I are enjoying it. I have no way of knowing if this is being seen by anyone and would like your help in knowing someone is looking in.
Thanks for your help and if you can give me any pointers of doing things to improve my blog please let me know as I am new to this.