Friday, August 05, 2005

a day on my own

Since my Master was out of town today and today was Friday I decided to be a little slutty
at work with a man that loves the kinky lifestlye. He is always telling me that he would love
to see me with his wife. She is very bi and wants me to play with her.
Well I have never done anything slutty with him but he doesn't know
that I love watching him. So I go to work with no bra on today as told to by Master and with the
top I am wearing you really cannot tell unless you get a close-up view. That is what I made sure
I did in front of him every chance I had today. There were times he could see just the cleavage
and then there were times when he could see all the way to the nipple. I know that I was turning
him on each time because he would turn red and he would keep talking to me. Knowing what I
was doing was making my pussy very wet and hot too. There were times that I wanted to just
put my hand in my pants and play with my pussy. I think that turning him on was actually turning
me on at the same time.
I cannot wait until my Master return because he will be in for the time of his life as turned on as I am.

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