Saturday, August 13, 2005

my Saturday

i had to work this morning for 4 hours but it was okay since i normally don't do anything saturday mornings anyway.
i missed my Master a lot all morning and all i wanted was to hear from him. so i went home after stopping to get some movies for later and tried to take
a nap but the phone kept waking me. and since it was everyone but my Master i decided to leave and do some shopping and like always my Master was there for me.
he called to see how i was and like always we had a very hot sexual conversation on the phone. i love my Master so much that all i want and think of is him. he is like a drug addiction to me and i need him so much.
i am looking forward to tomorrow when we get to meet at the park and i get to be walked on my leash like the slut puppy i am.
we both enjoy the public displays of me being submissive and of my near naked body. Master has had me standing in nothing but a collar in the parking lot and bent over being spanked and i love every minute of it as he also enjoys it.
i am sure more pictures will be taken and maybe i can share some here if he will allow it.

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Bud of "Us" said...

One thing "The Wife" and I love about your posts is that they're from the heart. We've linked your blog to ours and will be visiting quite often.

Although we're not into the bondage, s/m to this degree (not my choice--- :-( )it's exciting and very erotic to read of others experiences.

Thanks for sharing!

Bud of "Us"