Sunday, August 21, 2005

the things we do

I met my Master in the park today for our Sunday walk. I never know what we will be doing because
my Master is always doing something different and exciting. When he got to the park a few minutes after
I did he had me change into a tube dress he had brought along for me. He always likes to change things
at the last minute so I never know what to expect next from him. Since this dress was not made for park
walking, we just sat and enjoyed each other for the day with very little walking. Before we had our short
walk he put some anal beads up my butt for some added pleasure. When we got back from the walk he
pulled them out and OH what pleasure that was for me. Since he was giving me all this attention I felt
that I should give my Master some too. So I started stroking his cock and balls for awhile. Before i knew
it i had his swollen cock in my mouth licking and sucking it. Oh how bad i wanted him to cum in my mouth
so i could taste him. But instead we thought that it would be fun if he would cum all over my titties. That was
a wonderful way to end our day in the park.


hbspanker said...

great blog!!!!

we would love to hear more about the spankings you receive and any pictures you may take as part of your play.

I have added you as a link our our blog as a spanko friend.


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