Friday, August 12, 2005


I am so glad that Friday has finally made it. The week has been good though since my Master is back in town. I love the all the little things he does to me throughout each day.
It makes work a lot easier and I look forward to the end of each day when I get to be with him.
Since today was Friday I gave my Master that extra TLC that he needed and wanted badly from me.

I did not know that my need to be spanked would also be taken care of by Master's whipping stick. He has a oak board that is 2 inches wide and about 18" long that he calls his whipping stick.
When he got out of his truck he had in his hand and the next thing I know I am in position and being spanked.
I was spanked 25 times with the last 15 very hard just to see if he could make me say our safeword but he has not heard that word from me yet. It is our little game we like to play so far I am winning but so is he. A good hot spanking is a great way to start off my weekend.

I am always so happy to please my Master's needs. There is no better way
to end the work week than with some gooooooooooood loving and a spanking. I wish every day was Friday!!!!!!

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Bud of "Us" said...

You have a very HOT blog going here kk. Nice.

Bud of "Us"