Tuesday, December 28, 2010

open 4 use

on a table lay a small sample of the items Master plans on using on His slut. as i entered the room naked from the hotel hallway i see them along with the many whips hanging on the dresser handle. yes i took off my skirt and blouse in hallway before i knocked on the door. standing naked in my collar and heels for anyone to see was the order for forgetting to wear my collar in the 1st time.

i was so happy to be with Master and know that this was a day of s&m for us that i spaced putting on my collar. i was sent back to the car to get it and told to be wearing nothing but it and heels when i knocked on the door. and it is not like i can cover up if someone from another room opens door as my clothes must be folded and laying on floor not in my hands.

once inside the door it is down to my knees face on floor arms out over my head and my ass held high with legs spread wide for slave inspection. i do this in front of where Master sits so He can put His feet up on my ass as He enjoys His morning coffee. as he drinks His coffee He will warm my ass with the crop and ask if i am enjoying who & what i am? the answer is always same yes Master i do.

when He is finishs drinking His coffee He will get up and stand over me and whip my ass hard with the crop as His legs squeeze against my hips to hold my ass in place. He then looks at my cunt hole for a wetness check. only on this day He does something new. He gets out a roll of duct tape from the bag and tapes one end to my cunt lip and pulls the tape across my ass cheek. He does the same to the other lip. then He does the same with my ass cheeks.

so here i am on my knees on the floor with my cunt and ass held spread wide open for His view and use. He puts His finger deep inside me and tell me what a cunt i am to Him. next He takes photos of what i look like spread wide open. i have never seen my cunt or ass so close up or so open as i have in these pics.

a flogger is then used to touch places it never has before. this is just what happen in the 1st hour of play. a lot more was done to this slave this day and this is just how it was started. i was used like a $2 whore on a saturday night and went home exuasted and well used. i loved it

yes the rectal speculum you see on the table was also used to look deeper inside His whore. i have nothing to hide now from this man He has seen it all inside and out. after all He does own this whore :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

yes i am a ho but that you already know! Master and i want to wish all you kinksters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Spanking New Year.

we hope all the Dom's got new whips & chains and all the subbies received red asses from their kinky santas.

love and peace to all,

Friday, December 03, 2010

one hour

or sixty minutes it is all the same amount of time. now that amount of time can go very fast or very slow depending on what you doing. i am sure you all have heard of the cocktail hour right?

well my Master has come up with what He calls the cock hour. what happens doing cock hour is i must have either my mouth or my hand on His cock at all times during that hour. if He is sitting or laying down my mouth must be on it. if He stands up to walk somewhere my hand must be on it.

at no time during the hour is His cock not to have one or the other on it. if He gets up to pee than i must hold it and aim it for Him as well. i must also shake it for Him as well when He is done peeing.

once He is finished peeing and sits back down i must put it back in my mouth and clean it for Him. i love having it in my mouth. i guess i am like a baby with a bottle only i have a cock to suckle on. i guess you could say this sixty minutes go very fast for me.

i just love it when He tells me we are going to have the cock hour now. yes you can call me one happy cocksucker ; )

oh yes and if i don't keep hold of it for some reason i am to be spanked hard. i have not let go of it yet, but i might one day just so i do get spanked hard : )