Friday, December 03, 2010

one hour

or sixty minutes it is all the same amount of time. now that amount of time can go very fast or very slow depending on what you doing. i am sure you all have heard of the cocktail hour right?

well my Master has come up with what He calls the cock hour. what happens doing cock hour is i must have either my mouth or my hand on His cock at all times during that hour. if He is sitting or laying down my mouth must be on it. if He stands up to walk somewhere my hand must be on it.

at no time during the hour is His cock not to have one or the other on it. if He gets up to pee than i must hold it and aim it for Him as well. i must also shake it for Him as well when He is done peeing.

once He is finished peeing and sits back down i must put it back in my mouth and clean it for Him. i love having it in my mouth. i guess i am like a baby with a bottle only i have a cock to suckle on. i guess you could say this sixty minutes go very fast for me.

i just love it when He tells me we are going to have the cock hour now. yes you can call me one happy cocksucker ; )

oh yes and if i don't keep hold of it for some reason i am to be spanked hard. i have not let go of it yet, but i might one day just so i do get spanked hard : )


Anonymous said...

O, that's so nice. I'd like that too.


Anonymous said...

well slave kk, we think it's a great idea of your MASTER and we understand you love these precious hours. we also love that you as a good slave have to clean HIS cock after peeing....awesome.

we also want to add a little extra to the cock hour. on top of keeping HIS cock in your mouth or hands, we suggest to add your pussy and ass too.....HE might like to switch holes during the happy/cock hour.

hope you keep up the posting, we love to read your adventures as a good, obedient slave, love mike & eva xx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! i so need my Master to see this.