Saturday, October 23, 2010

i don't think about it

i just do it. the other day i was asked by another slave how i was kept? she said she was very strictly kept in many manners. now i am not sure just what she means by that because she has not answered me yet.

i got to thinking about her question and it came to me that i do things everyday that i never even think about doing and just do it for Master. it was in my slave contract i signed six years ago. now today it is just part of my everyday living and i do it without even knowing i am doing it.

some of what i do for Him i would never do with or for anyone else. when i say i am a owned slave i am owned in ways i never thought i would or could be by another person.

Master can just look at me in a certain way and make shake and shiver with pleasure. you know that feeling you get when you are cumming or just after? that is the same one i get. Master not only owns my body for His pleasure He owns my sexual mind as well.

many people will not understand what owned means until they are or ever are. i am and i am damm happy about it too. i gave myself to Master a long time ago and i have no regrets at all about it. i think being owned is way stronger bond than just being loved by someone.

here are a few things i do that i don't even think about and just do everyday since Master.

i worship Master naked on my knees every morning for 10 mins to start my day.
i shave my cunt smooth everyday for Him.
i wear His mark in my cunt 24/7/ 365 days a year.
i wear a slave O ring on my finger 24/7 /365 for all to see.
i wear His ownership chain locked on my ankle at all times except in the shower.
i am naked at all times when possible for Him with or without Him around.
i show my naked body to anyone i am told to in person or via picture.
i always keep my finger nails and toes painted in colors Master approves of.
i ride with a naked ass and spread wide open legs when riding with Master.
i always ask permission to sit down when out in public places for drinks or dinner.
i never wear panties as i am not allowed to own them.
i wear my collar into public places when with Master.
i show my tits or cunt off for Him when told in public.
i keep my hair cut just as Master wants it and with His permission.

yes i am sure there are more things i do to list, but you get the idea. i do these things everyday for Him without fail just as you might drink a cup of coffee in the mornings. it is all just normal for me now. i am His owned slave and will be until i am called to house above.

i think i will change the name of this blog to owned slavekk now.

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